You Are A Gold Medal Mom…

By April 20, 2012Get Inspired

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If you’ve read Inspired To Action for any length of time, you might know that I’m a sports nut. And as excited as I get about college basketball, Baylor football or tennis of any kind, nothing compares to the greatest sporting event of all:

The Olympics.

Seriously. I adore the Olympics. The amazing stories, the inspiring sacrifice, the heartbreaking losses, the beautiful victories – I pretty much love everything about the Olympics.

I also love motherhood, so the videos I’m sharing today are in the running to be my favorite commercials of all time. Ever. Times ten. Plus infinity.

You? You are a mom. You have a story, you have sacrificed, you have lost, but your victory awaits. You are a gold medal mom.

My sporty mom self totally got misty eyed at this one:

And I like this video just because it’s about Moms and the Olympics and it’s really cute.

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I hope these inspire you as you finish out the week strong.

Anyone else excited the Olympics are coming this summer?! Do you have a favorite Olympic moment? Click here to join the discussion!

I thought perhaps I should note that I have zero affiliation with the company that created these videos. I’m just a sucker for anything that manages to combine motherhood and sports.

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