My Daughters Favorite New Song…And One of Mine Too

By April 6, 2012General

I seriously love this song from Britt Nicole. She’s my daughters’ favorite singer and I’m just so thankful that there is an artist out there so talented and so in love with Jesus that can inspire and be a role model for my girls.

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This is a stripped down acoustic version. The regular version is my favorite, but this really showcases her natural talent.

And the lyrics? Beautiful and fist pumping. I especially like the way she sings the line: “…and every. single. moment. between…” and also “I know You’re for me / And You’re restoring / Every heartache and failure / Every broken dream…

Album: Gold
I remember the moment
I remember the pain
I was only a girl
But I grew up that day
Tears were falling
I know You saw me

Hiding there in my bedroom
So alone
I was doing my best
Trying to be strong
No one to turn to
That’s when I met You

All this time
From the first tear cry
To today’s sunrise
And every single moment between
You were there
You were always there
It was You and I
You’ve been walking with me all this time

Ever since that day
it’s been clear to me
That no matter what comes
You will never leave
I know You’re for me
And You’re restoring

Every heartache and failure
Every broken dream
You’re the God who sees
The God who rescued me
This is my story
This is my story

I hear these people asking me
How do I know what I believe?
Well I’m not the same me
And I saw the proof I need
I felt Love I felt Your grace
You stole my heart that day

Here is the album version, if you want to hear it.

And You?

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  • Avatar Kim says:

    God used this song to minister to my heart and I have always loved Britt Nicole but after this song I knew why, we had the same story! Well close. My parents divorced with I was 7 and I remember the day it happened…though I did not find the Lord completely until I was in my 20’s. I know my life would have been different though if I had found Him then. He is redeeming it all though. She is a great girl for our daughters to look up to!! She has another great song I want to set the world on fire…. this is her acoustic version on k-love, amazing!!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Isn’t it wonderful how she shares her story behind the song. I know it must be ministering to so many. And I LOVE “Set The World On Fire” and that KLOVE version is saved in my youtube favorites!

  • Avatar Brittany says:

    Wow! I hadn’t heard this song yet, but it’s amazing and so moving! I love the lines, “I hear these people asking me how do I know what I believe? Well I’m not the same me. That’s all the proof I need!” That’s something I’ve really been trying to take in and believe lately. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Oh, you’ll love another song on her new album too, then. It’s called “Look Like Love” and part of it says, “I want to look like love, not just be in love…” So good.

  • Avatar libby says:

    This is one of my favorites, too! My little girl is just 7 mos..I didn’t even think about it in terms of something I can be exposing her to. Gonna go play my Britt Nicole CD now for her! Never too young:)

  • My daughter really likes Britt Nicole, Mandisa and Zoe Girl. I’ve been enjoying music by Josh Garrels, Dara Maclean and NeedToBreathe.

  • Avatar Brittany says:

    It’s like this song was written for me…. I found God when my brother’s friend left me pregnant after I had been his mistress on and off again for 6 years. That was when I found Him and changed completely. THAT is how I know He’s real… Nothing could change me like this other than Him. Even better? After praying for reconciliation between the guy and myself for a year… God answered my prayer, and now we’re building a friendship based on God. He heard my prayer, and He responded, and I heard Him. It’s not the best way to find God, and I know it’s not the most “conservative Christian-friendly” story, but that’s what happened. And that’s how I know what I knw now.

  • I LOVE Britt Nicole. Other favorites include Bethany Dillon, Rebecca St. James and Natalie Grant.

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    Awesome song! Thanks for posting this. I’ve never heard of Britt Nicole but I’ll be looking for her music now 🙂