Inspiration for Your Weekend: Crafts, Comparison, Raising Boys, Cleaning, Honesty About Motherhood and a Game

By March 16, 2012General

Here are a few wonderful words to inspire you through the weekend:

And if that doesn’t inspire you as a mom, here’s some quality wisdom:
“When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.” -Erma Bombeck

A Little Get To Know You Game

I thought it might be fun to play a little game today. Here’s how it works.

1. I’m going to ask a question, then the first person to comment answers it.

2. Then THEY ask a new question and the next person to comment answers THAT question and asks a new one.

3. And so on. So all you do is answer the question before you and ask a fun/simple question for the person behind you. 

4. Of course, you can also feel free to answer previous questions just for kicks. I can’t wait to read about all of YOU today!

Ready? Go:

QUESTION: If you could fly anywhere today, where would you go and why? Click here to comment and join the fun!

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  • Italy – Never been there and I am intrigued by the culture and country.

    My question: Favorite high school teacher and why?

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    Mrs. G, my sewing teacher. She was such a calming presence amid the academic day. She aloud us a bit of freedom and encouraged our creativity in choosing our projects and let us talk with our classmates…something that was rarely permitted in Catholic school!

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    Whoops….looks like my question didn’t pop up? If you could have any breakfast prepared for you tomorrow , what would it be?

  • Avatar Allison says:

    Stuffed french toast- the more berries and syrup the better! 🙂

    As moms, it’s hard to remember to take time for ourselves. What is one thing that you do every day just for you?

    • Avatar Janice says:

      Coffee time is a must for me. I like to have my morning cup with my husband….Coffee and our French vanilla creamer 🙂 It’s a great start to my day.

      Spring is almost here…what is your favorite activity in spring?

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    My favorite activity in spring is being able to walk around with a smile on my face because I don’t have to be bundled and zipped and covered from all sorts of chilly weather. My ultimate weather day is a day where I can flap my arms and not feel cold or hot-sounds bizarre, but it is an accurate description!

    If you could do a complete 180 degree turn in your life’s daily activities what would you do right now?

  • Avatar kimmomofboys says:

    If I could do a 180 in the way my activities read out…Get back to the basics in my homeschooling,, (without the resistance would be idea) travel more as a way of incorporating real life into the lessons we are learning, less book time, more impromptu dates with my wonderful man, be more creative with the meals I cook, they always love it when I do and most importantly, stop and smell the roses more with my family, not just by myself. I love my family and the time is moving so fast.

    When stressed, worried, anxious, or even terrified, if any, what song do you sing to bring you back to your senses, to feel the presence of the Lord, once again?

  • I usually sing (or hum) His Eye is On The Sparrow. The first line of the song is a question that asks “Why should I feel discouraged?”. that is usually a good starting point for me.

    What do you do in everyday life to help your children learn about God?

  • Avatar Linda says:

    I show my children God’s unconditional love. God showed me a long time ago when I get angry with my children to give them a long hug before doing or saying anything…it really helps! 🙂

  • Avatar Amber Dalton says:

    Talk about what God is doing in our lives and theirs, read devotionals, read the bible, and watch Bible story movies at night.

    Question: What is one area in your life you would most like help with and why?

  • Avatar Linda says:

    Ooops, forgot the question! :p If you could change one thing about your character, what would it be?

  • Avatar Laura says:

    I read the bible and we watch veggietales.

    What is your favorite bible study?

    • Avatar Karin says:

      Beth Moore, “Daniel.” (cool DVD segments and Beth always rocks) 🙂

      If you had to choose between an all new stylish wardrobe or a month of having an in-home chef, which would you choose?

  • Avatar Amy says:

    That is easy… Sydney, Australia, as the Hillsong Colour Your World conference is going on. A big dream in my heart… still working towards it, but see myself there one day. So it has to happen!

  • Avatar Amy says:

    Forgot question.. and didn’t answer next question… YIKES!

    Favorite bible study thus far… Breaking Free, Beth Moore

    What is your favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings?

  • Avatar Emily says:

    Okay, two questions to answer.
    1. Wardrobe or chef: it would have to be the clothes. I like my own cooking too much to submit to that, and I’m too picky! (Skip the kids – they’d eventually try it, I think. But I might not…)
    2. Fave thing on Saturday morning: watching cartoons with the kids. 🙂 Call me a child at heart!

    Going with the season, here’s my question: what are you doing that’s fun and intentional for spring break?

  • For spring break, I’m taking my son to the beach for a day and teaching him what an awesome creator our God is.

    Question: If you had a day all to yourself (with no pressing responsibilities) what would you do?

  • Avatar Beth says:

    I would climb up a mountain overlooking a lake and read and spend time with the Lord all morning. Then I would go shopping and try on lots of clothes without having to chase after any little ones!
    Question: if you were given an extra $200 , what would you do with it?

  • Avatar Andie says:

    Oh my goodness. I’m not even sure. It’s been so long since I’ve had a day to myself, I’ve stopped imagining. I’d probably just read or take a really long nap.

    What is the funniest thing your child has ever said?

  • Avatar Laura says:

    If I was given an extra $200, I would take some of it to spend on my sponsor child. Some of it I would take my children somewhere to have fun and the rest, I’d take my husband to a nice dinner. Oh, 15% would go to the church.

    Question – If you had an opportunity to change careers, what would you pick?

  • Avatar Kate says:

    If I could change careers: I am currently a SAHM, but I am hoping to pick up my writing career, which I put on hold when I had kids.
    If I could change careers completely, I would be in the Hospitality field. I LOVE hotels and seeing all the different travelers from around the world.
    Question: What is your favorite book?

  • Avatar Laura says:

    Funniest thing my child said: “Daddy tooted.”

    Question: What’s your best potty training advice (for a boy)? 🙂

  • Avatar Darcey says:

    Best potty training advice for a boy… hit the water.

    What do you love most about spring?

  • Avatar Chey says:

    The best potty training advice for a boy … a steady supply of cleaner and a lot of patience for years to come! :p

    Ok, seriously …. once their basically trained continue to teach them to go tinkle SITTING instead of standing!

    Question: ( along the same lines) What’s your best advice for UNDERWEAR training a 2 year old girl??

    • Avatar Sophie says:

      Best advice for underwear training a 2 year old girl? Buy really, really pretty ones so she WANTS to wear them.

      Question: What’s your favourite book to read to small girls?

  • Avatar Julie Reynolds says:

    If I could change careers, many years ago I would have said SAHM but now that my kids are grown, I would be a SAHWife and concentrate on the ministry to women at our church and bible study writing, research.

    My favorite book? A toss up between Israel My Beloved by Kay Arthur and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

    What is the best gift you have recieved from a sister in Christ?

  • Avatar Brandi says:

    My best advice for underwear training is to let your little girl pick the underwear out. Then whatever she picks, tell her that the character on them doesn’t like to get wet. This worked with my little boy and hopefully will work soon with my two year old daughter. 🙂

    Question: What is your favorite spring time food?

  • Avatar Phyllis says:

    Salads. I live in MN and eating a cold salad when its 10 degrees below zero just doesn’t work for me, so we’re moving from soup weather to salad weather.

    What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

  • Avatar Trisha says:

    If I knew I couldn’t fail, I’d would write and publish an awesome children’s book. Maybe a novel.

    What is your favorite dessert to make right now?

  • Avatar Kacey says:

    Fav dessert to make — chocolate chip cookies. It’s funny because I was just thinking how it’s the best recipe ever.

    If you could have any talent, what would it be?

  • Avatar Kacey says:

    By the way, fun comment idea. I might have to use this for my blog.

  • Avatar angel says:

    If I could have any talent it would beto sing. I love all kinds of music and I would love to be able to belt out a tune.

    If you could go back what would you tell your 18 yr old self?

  • Avatar Debbie says:

    I would tell my 18 year old self, ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” You could not pay me enough to be 18 again. I love being 54!!!

    What made you laugh out loud today?

  • Avatar Amy says:

    I laughed out loud at myself for not reading through the instructions all the way when programming a new light switch timer. It’s the little things you’ve got to laugh at.

    What are your plans for the weekend?

    • Avatar Kari C. says:

      This is fun!

      My neighbor promised our four-year old boy that they will build boats out of corks and toothpicks and race them down the hill in the water that runs down when it’s raining hard, which it is supposed to. That and we’ll go puddle jumping for sure. We don’t get much rain so it’s a novelty.

      What new recipe do you and your family like?

  • Avatar Lindsey says:

    I haven’t tried a new recipe in a while…I love to cook desserts but it’s hard to be motivated to try something new when Blue Bell out of the carton tastes so good!

    What book influenced you most in your childhood/young adult years?

  • Avatar Andie says:

    I love new recipes. My current favorite is homemade chewy oatmeal bars.

    My favorite books were the Mandie Books by Lois Gladys Leppord (sp?). Oh, and Anne of Green Gables. (My daughter ‘s middle name is Anne 🙂 )

    What was your best trick for getting baby to sleep all night?

  • Avatar sandi says:

    a full belly?!? our first two slept very well (or maybe i just don’t remember at this point) and we followed a flexible schedule with babywise books. baby three liked to be held and rocked to sleep but missed the warmth once put into her crib. i would wake all three up during the day from naps for feedings or playtime. maybe they take after my husband who is a very good sleeper.

    if you could be any character on a tv show, who would you be?

  • Avatar Harmony says:

    If I could be any character on any show, I would play Rachel on Friends. 🙂 She is the girl next door and just cracks me up. I can relate to her cause she is always optimistic and sees the good in most people or circumstances. She also gets the nerdy guy, Ross, and I also married a nerd. Lol Gotta love it!
    Ok, what is your favorite parenting book and why?

  • Avatar Brada says:

    I haven’t read very many parenting books. A Supernanny book got me through a tough temper tantrum time with my daughter. Right now my MOMS group is doig a video series from Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Based Parenting, so far it is really good, and I want to get the book to go along with it. I am hoping it will help me to be a better more consistent mom with my amazing kids.

    How do you stay motivated to get the day to day things done and stay organized?

  • Avatar Emily says:

    I honestly thought about checking back later and so I could answer an easier question. 🙂
    Yesterday for example we scrapped all the everyday things and went for a road trip and met up with some friends. So I’m definitely not an expert at the day to day things and staying organized. 🙂

    I have to make myself plan days/times to get things done. And honestly I have to invite people over, that way I know I will get things completely clean every once in awhile.

    As far as staying organized, I do try, but my current motto is that at the end of my life God is not going to say, “Well Done you kept your house spotless every day of your life.” I want Him to say, “Well Done- you loved well those that came across your path.”

    I do try to stay on top of things so that we can have little outings every now and then, but sometimes it’s not my top priority and I have to mentally not be so hard on myself.

    Question- What is your favorite time of year/season and why?

  • Avatar Rhoda says:

    Having grown up in WI–hated spring–muddy snow, puddles every where. But Fall was the best. The fall colors on the foliage, the blues, grays, and whites all mixed up in the sky, the brisk cooler feeling air that when you breathed in just invigorated. Then I moved to south GA. There Spring arrives in February and doesn’t end until May/June. Each week seemed to bring forth a new flower or tree budding, flowering, showering forth its addition to color and delight. I grew to LOVE spring. Now living in the NW, I’ve learned to appreciate each season for what it is. I’m thankful to have lived in different areas of the country, learning to appreciate the different seasons. Do I have a favorite any longer? Just the one I’m in right now!

    I also wanted to respond to Amy’s original question–if I could fly anywhere. Back to Vietnam where my two children were born and adopted from. Now that they are older (they were 3 1/2 then) we could travel a bit more, see more and experience more than we did then. The little taste we got back then has left me wanting to see and experience more.

    Question– What kind of pet do you have? (Or if you don’t have one, but could, what would it be?)

  • Avatar Angie says:

    We have Max the Wonder Dog-he’s a beagle.

    Favorite Bible Study teacher?

    • Avatar Nikki says:

      Jan was the best Bible Study Leader for me. She gave me my first adult bible and I still use it today though it is tattered and torn…. no used and loved LOL!

      hmmmm…… If tomorrow was your birthday what would you do for yourself? btw tomorrow is mine and I havent a clue!

  • Avatar DramaMama says:

    If tomorrow was my birthday, I would shop!!!! But not regular shopping, shopping at my favorite thrift and consignment shops FOR ME. Novel concept. I am constantly shopping for our kids, our foster kids and for our home, but rarely for me. I would probably go for a really long run and then ask a friend to come over and play word games w/me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI!!!! I hope you are able to do all your favorite things and more. May God bless you and keep you, may He make His face to shine upon you =)
    As for my question….if you could chose a mentor or someone to learn from, anyone from history, who would it be? I think I would pick George Washington Carver. But that’s off the top of my head…I’d come up w/some other answers if you gave me 5 minutes! I’m curious to see what other people would say, so I’ll check back soon to see someone else’s answer – thanks for this! It’s been fun reading!

  • Avatar Lauren Nicole says:

    I would choose to learn to cook from Julia Childs. I feel like I get in a lot of cooking ruts, but I’m sure Julia could get me out of them!

    My question: If you could play any sport professionally, which one would it be?

  • Avatar rachael says:

    If I could play any sport it would have to be basketball, thats the one I enjoy watching the most.
    My question:
    If your life were to be over soon – what would be the one thing you wished you still had time to do?

    • Avatar Ranjeetha says:

      If my life was to be over soon then the one thing I would want the most is to spend more time with my son n husband n let them know how much they mean to me.
      I might write letters for the two of them to be read over the years during my absence like in “p.s. I Love You”. I have a thing for writing letters so I would definitely do that to keep my presence in their lives.

      I don’t think we are still playing this game are we?

  • Avatar Sid says:

    16a13b35dbI have been absent for some time, but now I reemmber why I used to love this site. Thank you, Ic2a1c2a6ll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your website? 187