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By March 31, 2012General

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You are incredible. Really. I’ve loved the discussion and ideas you have shared in the comments the past few weeks….so I had an idea.

I want you all to be able to ask each other questions and get feedback on the issues *you* are facing.

So, every weekday, at 1pm CST I’m going to post one of your questions on the Inspired To Action Facebook page. I’ll share my thoughts in the comments, but most importantly, I want you to share your ideas too.

All of you have so much wisdom to share, so this is my way of getting us all connected and answering one another’s questions.

Sound good?

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  • Avatar Natalie says:

    How do you handle bickering and antagonizing among the kids? How do you help them work out some of their differences on their own?

  • Avatar Rochelle says:

    My almost 5 yr old is terribly shy. He is loud, playful, talkative at home and mute, afraid, and prone to fits in public. We cannot figure out how to nurture and encourage him to not be so afraid. At this point, kids and parents seem to shy away from HIM. My heart is breaking.

  • Avatar Amber Dalton says:

    No one in my family seems to like the same food. I end up making three separate dinners each night just so no one goes hungry. How do I get around this so I don’t have to be in the kitchen cooking an hour each night?

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    How do we handle other children bossing or bullying our children during the early years (under Kindergarten age)? This happened to a friend’s son and if I saw this happening to my girls, I wouldn’t know what to do, esp if the other kid’s parent(s) were around and not doing anything about it.

  • Avatar Faith says:

    How can I help my 5 year old son gain more self-control when he gets angry? As of right not he throws things, stomps off, and hits every wall on his way to the other room. We’ve given him other ideas on how to let out his anger but he never uses them. Unfortunately, I must admitt I’m not always the best example and I’m worried he may have gotten it from me.

  • Avatar Lauren says:

    Do you have a good response for strangers or acquaintances when they call your child shy? I do not like other people (especially ones that hardly know my son) to be labeling him with such words and would love a friendly but firm response to give them when they do.

  • Avatar Julie says:

    Please help with potty training! I have a nearly six year old boy and a nearly five year old girl still in night nappies (very heavy, never dry, and my daughter frequently wets herself despite having been potty trained for nearly two years) and am just starting potty training with my three year old boy who shows no interest and doesn’t care if he’s wet or dirty. Any helpful ideas most appreciated!

  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    How do you combat mommy-guilt? I’m sure it’s the kind that comes from Satan. The kind that tells you you’re not good enough, that you’re doing nearly everything wrong, the kind that wants you to give up and just not care (if only you COULD do that). I feel like this is an ongoing spiritual battle for me, and I’d love some tips. I didn’t used to have this problem at all (b.c.= before children). But five children later, and I seem to have lost my optimistic edge.

  • Avatar Cara says:

    I recently gave birth to my second child. Now I’ve got a 3 month old and a 4 1/2 year old. How do you moms with more than one kid handle the bath time and bed time routine? How do you juggle the kids….especially when they aren’t that close in age?