Get Your Motherhood Questions Answered: Weekdays at 1pm!

By March 31, 2012General

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You are incredible. Really. I’ve loved the discussion and ideas you have shared in the comments the past few weeks….so I had an idea.

I want you all to be able to ask each other questions and get feedback on the issues *you* are facing.

So, every weekday, at 1pm CST I’m going to post one of your questions on the Inspired To Action Facebook page. I’ll share my thoughts in the comments, but most importantly, I want you to share your ideas too.

All of you have so much wisdom to share, so this is my way of getting us all connected and answering one another’s questions.

Sound good?

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Leave your question in the comments here and I’ll post one each weekday at about 1pm CST. Be sure to check each day to share your thoughts and get fired up for the second half of your day!

Questions about motherhood? Fire away and get ideas from our community of moms!Click here to leave your question.

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