Confessions of a Pinterest Peer Pressure Survivor

By March 30, 2012General

(When I took this pic, he said, “Mama…I’m gonna show you my muscles. Don’t be scared.)

Pinterest Birthdays

It’s my son’s birthday this week. He says he’s 5. I’m not sure how that happened since he was 18 months old yesterday, but he insists, so I’m playing along.


Last week, I started planning his party and I also started stressing out. You see, I don’t really do “cute”. Those people who pin cute party ideas on Pinterest? Not me. Those people who make awesome cakes, cupcakes and decorations? Not me. Those people who make everything look fun and cute? Not me.

As his party approached, I started to feel the Pinterest Party Peer Pressure.

Do you know what I’m talking about? I suddenly needed to buy a CriCut machine, take a cake decorating class and create a life size replica of Tow-Mater out of rice krispies and marshmallows.

My “Pinsecurities”

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of Pinterest, but I actually don’t pin much because fashion, decorating and crafting are not among the skill set God gave me.

Sometimes, even if I see an outfit or decor I like, I start second guessing myself. “Should I pin it? Is it totally last year? Maybe it’s actually an outfit that fashion police plant on Pinterest just to “catch” all the fasion-clueless people like me so they can flag my account to warn everyone to do the fashion opposite of what I pin.

Why, no. I don’t have issues…why do you ask?

Exhibit A: I was in the 8th grade, it was cool to tight roll your pants. One night at the tail end of that fashion trend, I saw someone fixing their tight roll. They sat down, pulled the bottom of their pants together, FOLDED-IT-OVER and then rolled it up. So THAT’s how they did it!

See, I always just “rolled” my pants. I somehow missed what the “tight” part meant. As a result, my pants always flopped around. I thought everyone else just had special jeans. Sigh. Webster called me when they were working on the definition of clueless.

Back to my Pinterest Party Dilemma

What was I going to do?! I don’t KNOW how to make cupcakes shaped like Lightning McQueen. What kind of long term psychological ramifications will my son endure if the theme isn’t cohesive and color coordinated…?!

Will his friends mock him if I don’t use mason jars in some way?!

Then I remembered that my son is not Martha Stewart. He’s 5. He’s a boy. He puts his shoes on backward daily and a “matching” outfit involves 3 different kinds of camo…and his blue doggy bone socks.

So I decided to step awaaay from Pinterest.

I also decided on a theme. I like to call it, “Invite his friends over to play in the backyard and eat cake.”

I think it will be a hit.

Maybe I’ll even Pin it.

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