7 Words To Kickstart Your Week

By March 5, 2012Get Inspired



  • victoria says:

    I am just about to publicly post on my blog my list of goals to accomplish this month, and some of them are going to push me. One is joining Project Simplify on simple mom which is going to stretch my clutter loving self to the max. I have decided to make my attic the bonus week project. Right now I can’t even step into it.

    • Kat says:

      Publicly posting goals is a great way to stick to them. And I love that you’re joining Tsh’s challenge. Be sure to link back here with your follow up post. I love seeing before and after pictures!

  • Michelle says:

    I’m going to ask two people if they would be willing to mentor me. It’s not the asking that’s out of my comfort zone, it’s more the having to open up if they say yes… 🙂

  • Jenni says:

    My husband and I are hosting a pastor from Trinidad that is speaking at our church. I love being able to use my home as a ministry, but am nervous as this is the first time for hosting someone we haven’t met. I am looking forward to being stretched and learning to cultivate a spirit of hospitality. 🙂

    • Kat says:

      Jenni – that’s so gracious of you to open your home. I can only imagine the fascinating conversations that will take place!

  • Heather says:

    This is my first wk home alone with all 4 kids. Feels way outside my comfort zone. Hoping to not just get through it but stay connected to their hearts and love them well…letting all other expectations go.

    • Kat says:

      Heather – that’s so brilliant of you to let go of other expectations. Praying for strength and patience for you today!

  • Kim S says:

    I am working on a blog where women can come, encourage each other and join together to pray for their failed/failing marriages or other storms in life. It has been a huge leap of faith. I find myself not comfortable in any part of this, but I KNOW that God is using it to bless so many.

  • I’m having a major flair up of my health issues. It will take a great effort to stay on top of my diet and take every supplement this week – something that’s hard to do when I’m feeling well! At the same time I am wrestling with some emotional pains too, and ome educating our two kids, and cleaning the whole entire house (fell behind). But my God is made strong in my weakness, nothing overwhelms Him. And He is here. I usually just give up and do nothing when I am overwhelmed. Today I’m going to get up, get going, and lean into Him.

  • Rhonda says:

    Very, very true. Thank you for this. When we step out of our comfort zones, we are depending on God’s grace (or should be) to use us in our weakness, just as we are to do.

  • Laura says:

    I have been putting off taking care of me. I’m going to go back to yoga. I am afraid of it – afraid of the pain, but I know in the long run, I will love it and I will feel so much better.

    • Joyce says:

      Laura, I’m in the same place. Right now we are looking at the foods that come into our home and trying to make wiser choices in what we eat. Next up is getting back into shape.

  • This week I have started showing my husband my to-do list/goals for the next day and then reviewing what I’ve actually accomplished when we sit down to supper. I find I am much more motivated to actually do the hard things (exercise anyone?) when I know my super-disciplined husband is aware of my actions.

    In addition to adding regular exercise I am at beginning of a major overhaul of our diet in an attempt to feed my family a mostly whole-foods diet.

  • This week I’m trusting my body to tell me what it needs and having faith in the very thing that God created (my body). I know it knows what it needs to be healthy and vibrant so I am letting it lead me instead of me telling it what I think healthy is for it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Amy Nap says:

    Inspiring post today Kat, thanks. Just so happens that I was outside my comfort zone most of last night. You see I am an ICU nurse and was floated to the ER last night. What a crazy time! Ive been a nurse for over 15yrs yet every time I turned around I was asking for help and unsure of what I was to do. Very humbling I must say. As frustrated as I was, I thought to myself..”this is really good for me” i have a very bad habit of settling into my routines and loving life feeling comfortable. But i’ll have to admit last night was a huge learning experience for me. While I’m quite certain I won’t be transferring to the chaos of the ER anytime soon. I have a new appreciation for those nurses. And I realize how much growth and excitement we miss when we dont step outside our comfort zones. Change can be difficult..but it can also be rewarding and fun. I’m going to try and be less ‘boring’ or maybe predictable is a better word. I dont want to miss an opportunity because im afraid of change. Thanks again Kat

  • Amber Dalton says:

    This week I am getting actively involved in the fight against sex trafficking. I’ve been comfortable with praying but have decided to help more. I am now one of many women searching the slimy websites on the Internet looking for specific missing girls. I don’t like the idea of visiting pornographic sites, but seeing how many girls have been rescued after volunteers have done just that inspires me. Looking to God for the eyes to see these girls as who they are and a heart that will not be desensitized by over exposure to the terrible things I am about to witness.

    • Joyce says:

      Wow! That’s definitely out of anyone’s comfort zone. What a great thing you are doing, Amber. How did you hear about doing this?

      • Amber Dalton says:

        Initially I got involved in the fight against sex trafficking after hearing about A21. Last night my church, Antioch Community Church, held a conference educating us on sex trafficking and ways we could help. The information I received pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and actively do something for those who can’t do anything for themselves.mince they are only calling women to peruse these sites and, as a stay at home mom, I have lots of free time, I felt I could help most as a researcher.

  • Julie says:

    Tomorrow I am going to the hospital to visit someone who needs encouragement. this is outside of my comfort zone a little

  • Sheila says:

    I’m participating in 40 Days for Life which is prayer and fasting to end abortion. I pray outside an abortion clinic once a week for an hour. The weather isn’t exactly balmy here and I am usually the only one there who isn’t Catholic. It is my prayerful witness against this terrible injustice to the unborn.

  • Tiana Brown says:

    I truly love nature and all it has to offer but have been afraid to try gardening. So, today, I made two terrariums…Go me!

  • Frances says:

    Being a peacemaker in my family. This is an ongoing thing as I am a sister and daughter in a broken family, and is the main thing that terrifies me and is just the hardest to continually face. Definitely out of my comfort zone and so thank you for the encouraging statement!
    This week it means talking to two of my brothers who are very hurt over several issues and a big break in communication has come between them.. trying to hear out both sides and pray and hope that the hurts will heal and forgiveness will come.. and that grace will become a pattern in my family.

  • reba says:

    I stopped blogging back in 2011 because I just felt I wasn’t being honest enough about my faith in my writing. I’m pregnant with our fifth child, which was totally God’s idea, not mine. As I’m getting closer to her arrival, I feel like God is asking me to start the blog again and to just really share what I think, feel, about Him. Our extended family is not Christian so this is a big thing for me. For us really, as my husband will have to answer for it too. I’m going to do it, but in God’s timing and way. Praying for wisdom.

  • Hilary says:

    I am doing the mom challenge from last week, but I’m a bit behind, so I am not being constantly on the computer- way out of my comfort zone.
    I’m also going to invite another mom to the park and call at least two other moms this week, also out of my comfort zone. Sounds small, but big for me.

    • Joyce says:

      Hilary, this doesn’t sound small at all. It would be a big thing for me as well. I’m on the introverted side, so it’s not like me to invite people to things or call people up (I hate the phone!), but I did do this last week, and it was a blast for everyone who came for lunch/playdate. I’m working on that computer thing too.

  • Elaine says:

    This sounds like such a little thing. But I’ve begun going to the gym by 8am to exercise with my 13 year old son. The plan is to join a 5K, I’m not athletic at all, unless you count chasing 3 year old’s while keeping pace with 5 other children athletic. The 5 K is in June and I’m praying I’ll be able to get all the way through it.

    • Joyce says:

      This is not a little thing at all Elaine! At the end of this you will be more fit, you will be more disciplined, and you will have developed a closer relationship with your son. You can do it! Take it one day at a time.

  • Stef Layton says:

    stand on God’s Word. I’m in the process of trying to take responsibility for my sin and ask forgiveness of people I have wronged. And my pride just wants to tell me it’s “no big deal”. But my heart wants to make it right. So – I’m stepping sorta way out there in vulnerable land to admit not only was I wrong, sorry, but asking for forgiveness.

    growing up is obviously out of my comfort zon. =)

  • Paula says:

    I am starting the couch to 5k program, and baby stepping to blog.

  • Bren says:


    I am having trouble downloading the Maximize Your Mornings E-book. I have downloaded it before, but I cannot find it on my computer. When I click on the link, I get an empty page. Am I doing something wrong?