The Beauty of Being Wanted

By February 24, 2012Get Inspired

This week, I went on a 4th grade field trip because daughter wanted me to be there.

She wanted me there.

Going to Austin for an entire day wouldn’t be easy. I had responsibilities and two other children to take care of.

But she wanted me there.

And sitting in a car full of giddy 9 year olds for 2 hours? Not exactly my idea of a relaxing road trip.

But she wanted me there.

So, I emailed 718 friends. I begged and borrowed and bribed in order to make arrangements for my other children.

Because in a few short years, my daughter will be a teenager. (Breathe, Kat. Breeeeathe.)

I need to be there for her now so that she’ll want me to be there for her then.

We had a special day together. She had all of my attention. We shared lunch, held hands, took silly pictures and made memories.

So, when your child wants you to play Candy Land again, or they want you to read that book one more time…say yes and embrace the beauty of being wanted.

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  • Archer says:

    I like this, saying yes to our kids’ invitation to be in their life. My kids are still really little, but my toddler, she likes to say no to me on the weekends when my husband is around… so when she says “yes” to me then, its an extra special time to respond to read another book…

  • Kris says:

    Thanks for this, Kat. Beautiful, wise woman you are. Your children are blessed by you, as I know they bless you daily! ((hugs))

  • Sharon O says:

    So beautiful, yes they will grow up and they sometimes stop asking. My own daughter almost 34 my son is almost 37, time moves forward and grand children arrive and they are the ones asking now. Keep making the time for it is all we have other than ‘each others’ love.

  • Dionna says:

    I’m so glad you went. Because the time does come far too quickly when you say you will go on a field trip and your child would rather you didn’t. 🙁

  • Kari says:

    Thanks, I needed this today. It’s too easy for me to keep telling them I’ll do something with them once I’m finished with _______ (whatever) and pretty soon I’ve moved to something else and they have to wait again. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Natasha d says:

      Me too! I’m really working and praying on this this week — to be intentional with my children! Thanks Kat! This was the simple reminder I needed today!

  • Kim S says:

    As I read your words I thought- Oh how I desire to be wanted. Isn’t is a shame how often I miss the fact that I am wanted? Everyday! I have 4 children under 7 and they ALWAYS need something. What a blessing it would be to me to realize that I am truly wanted and not be annoyed that he wants a cup of milk. Again.
    Thanks for a good word, Kat!

  • Wow Kat this is such an inspiring post. I needed this reminder.

  • Tara says:

    I try to remember this every day as my 4-year-old says (for the seventy-eighth time), “let’s play Mary and Laura! You be Pa, okay? And…” It gets so tiring, but she won’t want to do it forever, and someday, I’ll long for the annoyances.

    • Myra says:

      What I wouldn’t give for my girl to want to play that with me! I always loved Little House, and still do, but my kids don’t enjoy it much. Enjoy this precious time you have with your child! Lucky you!

  • Having a 24 and 28 yrs. daughters, i’ve been there and you are so right to go now, there will come another day. Having lived through that time, i encourage you to know later even when they say they don’t want you there — deep down they do. And when you don’t think they are listening THEY ARE!! peace.

  • melanie says:

    Great encouragement. And I have to say how much I appreciate your ability to inspire us with very few words. I’m subscribed to (too?) many great mom blogs out there, but sometimes they can get a little wordy… Just sayin’.

    Also, I wanted to pass on an encouragement that my former pastor’s wife (whose sixth child is now graduating from college) shared with me. She said that we should be careful not to speak negatively about the impending teenage years. It’s such a cultural expectation that they’re going to be all dramatic and morose, but observing her family and knowing that Christ is in the bizness of surprising us with joy, they don’t have to be.

    She recommended (and I have put it on my Amazon wishlist for when my oldest daughter reaches that age oh-too-soon) Eugene Peterson’s very positive book about the teenage years: Like Dew Your Youth.

    Let’s believe and set the bar high for the teenage years and not join in the worldly choir of bemoaning them. Again, just sayin’. 😉

    Appreciate you, Kat.

    =), melanie

  • Joyce says:

    I need to remind myself sometimes that our kiddos aren’t always going to want us to do things with them (yes, those teenage years!), so instead of worrying about getting that last thing done on the to-do list, we should accept the invitation to play. We actually have tons of board games, but not Candy Land. =p We play that at my parents’ house after our Sunday family dinners. Not a huge fan of Chutes and Ladders though, and the usually want to play that one because it is the Disney Princess edition that we had gotten for the older one’s birthday. I guess I will have to be Belle from time to time. =p Thanks for your encouraging words, Kat!

  • Shelly W. says:

    So true, Kat. It’s hard to be intentional about field trips, but there are some days you just gotta do it. Good for you for being that mom!

  • Lisa M says:

    Thanks for this. I just took a field trip with my 6th grader yesterday from Houston to New Braunfels and she wanted me there too. She even came to sit with me on the last leg of the trip, because at the end of the day when she’s tired and ready to be in her own bed, I’m home to her. I’ll be taking a field trip with my 1st grader on Tuesday, one with my 3rd grader in March and my 8th grader actually wants ME to go with him on his big trip in April. He wants me to experience some Mid-Evil restaurant in Dallas; how sweet is that for him to be thinking of me while planning his big 8th grade trip. I’m not good with teenagers and I’ve suggested his dad go with him, but maybe I should reconsider, endure the teens and enjoy that he still wants me around . . .

  • Myra says:

    This is so true! Thanks Kat, for the great reminder to count our blessings! It is so nice to be wanted by our kids, isn’t it?

  • Domoina says:

    I knew it but I must have discipline to focus my energy to do this as priority in my life. Our kids should be near our heart.

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