The Beauty of Being Wanted

By February 24, 2012Get Inspired

This week, I went on a 4th grade field trip because daughter wanted me to be there.

She wanted me there.

Going to Austin for an entire day wouldn’t be easy. I had responsibilities and two other children to take care of.

But she wanted me there.

And sitting in a car full of giddy 9 year olds for 2 hours? Not exactly my idea of a relaxing road trip.

But she wanted me there.

So, I emailed 718 friends. I begged and borrowed and bribed in order to make arrangements for my other children.

Because in a few short years, my daughter will be a teenager. (Breathe, Kat. Breeeeathe.)

I need to be there for her now so that she’ll want me to be there for her then.

We had a special day together. She had all of my attention. We shared lunch, held hands, took silly pictures and made memories.

So, when your child wants you to play Candy Land again, or they want you to read that book one more time…say yes and embrace the beauty of being wanted.

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