Sharing Our Love Stories: How We Met

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One of the most important ways I can be a good mom to my kids is to love their daddy well.

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d share the story of how we met, and in the comments at the end of the post, I’d love for you to share your story of how you met your spouse.

The format of this post is conversational. Jimmy wrote half and I wrote the other half…

How Did You Meet?

Kat: Jimmy and I met when we were in college (Baylor University) in the Spring of ’96. He visited the church small group that I led with a few other people.

At the time, I was dating someone else so there were no immediate sparks but I do remember commenting to my roommates what a strikingly nice guy he was.

Jimmy: I was in Saudi Arabia visiting my dad who was stationed there the summer before my senior year in college. I remember thinking that when I got back to school I would like to date someone like Kat.

Now, Kat had been dating her current boyfriend for a year and a half by this time, so she was out of the picture as far as I knew, but I held her in my mind as being “my type”.

Kat: That was the summer that my boyfriend and I broke up. I was pretty upset about it at the time.

I remember driving 10 hours from Dallas to my hometown in the Rio Grande Valley and listening to one song almost the whole way. (Yes, I am a bit overdramatic and have repeat button issues.) It was an old song by Amy Grant called “So Glad”.

Little did I know what a blessing that broken heart was and what a treasure I had in store for me.

Jimmy: When school started, I volunteered to co-lead one of our college small groups and she and I were randomly put together with another girl to lead one of the groups.

It always amazes me to think about it because Kat only decided to lead one of the groups at the last second, and out of thirty or forty different groups she could have been placed in, she was paired with me.

Kat: Even though I was in no mindset to start dating any time soon, I do remember that I was rather excited about leading with Jimmy.

Jimmy: I soon found out that she and her boyfriend had broken up over the summer, which was quite an encouraging moment.

While I was interested in her from the start, it was a touchy thing at our church for small group co-leaders to date each other for a number of good reasons. So I kept those thoughts to myself for a while, which turned out great because we built a really solid friendship over time.

Kat:As I got to know him, I realized how incredible he was. He loved God, he was an amazingly steady, solid, genuine person, he sang well, he was a great tennis player and he was really smart (he earned a double major in economics and political science and went on to get a Masters.) And I thought he was very handsome too.

But I wasn’t ready to date again. At least that’s what I kept telling myself and all our friends who kept trying to put us together.

After months of denying it, I finally confessed to my friends that, yes I did in fact *like* him.

Jimmy: Finally, I got to the point where I was ready to let her know how I felt about her, after lots of encouragement from friends saying that I was moving to slow.

Kat: I believe the phrase from one friend was, “slower than molasses going uphill in the winter”

Jimmy: As I was saying – I remember the moment in the parking lot when I told her that I thought she was terrific and that I wanted to spend more time with her one on one.

I remember my eye started twitching in a weird way, which had never happened before or since. I am not sure what that was, but I was sure she noticed and thought I was weird.

When I finally said what I wanted to say, I thought I had tried to do everything the right way and liked my chances…

Kat: …and I said no.

And You?

Obviously, you know how it ultimately turns out, but check back tomorrow for the rest of the story. But now, I want to hear your story!

How did you meet your spouse? And feel free to completely leave me hanging… as long as you share the rest of your story tomorrow too! Click here to tell us your story.

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