Sharing Our Love Stories: How We Met

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One of the most important ways I can be a good mom to my kids is to love their daddy well.

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d share the story of how we met, and in the comments at the end of the post, I’d love for you to share your story of how you met your spouse.

The format of this post is conversational. Jimmy wrote half and I wrote the other half…

How Did You Meet?

Kat: Jimmy and I met when we were in college (Baylor University) in the Spring of ’96. He visited the church small group that I led with a few other people.

At the time, I was dating someone else so there were no immediate sparks but I do remember commenting to my roommates what a strikingly nice guy he was.

Jimmy: I was in Saudi Arabia visiting my dad who was stationed there the summer before my senior year in college. I remember thinking that when I got back to school I would like to date someone like Kat.

Now, Kat had been dating her current boyfriend for a year and a half by this time, so she was out of the picture as far as I knew, but I held her in my mind as being “my type”.

Kat: That was the summer that my boyfriend and I broke up. I was pretty upset about it at the time.

I remember driving 10 hours from Dallas to my hometown in the Rio Grande Valley and listening to one song almost the whole way. (Yes, I am a bit overdramatic and have repeat button issues.) It was an old song by Amy Grant called “So Glad”.

Little did I know what a blessing that broken heart was and what a treasure I had in store for me.

Jimmy: When school started, I volunteered to co-lead one of our college small groups and she and I were randomly put together with another girl to lead one of the groups.

It always amazes me to think about it because Kat only decided to lead one of the groups at the last second, and out of thirty or forty different groups she could have been placed in, she was paired with me.

Kat: Even though I was in no mindset to start dating any time soon, I do remember that I was rather excited about leading with Jimmy.

Jimmy: I soon found out that she and her boyfriend had broken up over the summer, which was quite an encouraging moment.

While I was interested in her from the start, it was a touchy thing at our church for small group co-leaders to date each other for a number of good reasons. So I kept those thoughts to myself for a while, which turned out great because we built a really solid friendship over time.

Kat:As I got to know him, I realized how incredible he was. He loved God, he was an amazingly steady, solid, genuine person, he sang well, he was a great tennis player and he was really smart (he earned a double major in economics and political science and went on to get a Masters.) And I thought he was very handsome too.

But I wasn’t ready to date again. At least that’s what I kept telling myself and all our friends who kept trying to put us together.

After months of denying it, I finally confessed to my friends that, yes I did in fact *like* him.

Jimmy: Finally, I got to the point where I was ready to let her know how I felt about her, after lots of encouragement from friends saying that I was moving to slow.

Kat: I believe the phrase from one friend was, “slower than molasses going uphill in the winter”

Jimmy: As I was saying – I remember the moment in the parking lot when I told her that I thought she was terrific and that I wanted to spend more time with her one on one.

I remember my eye started twitching in a weird way, which had never happened before or since. I am not sure what that was, but I was sure she noticed and thought I was weird.

When I finally said what I wanted to say, I thought I had tried to do everything the right way and liked my chances…

Kat: …and I said no.

And You?

Obviously, you know how it ultimately turns out, but check back tomorrow for the rest of the story. But now, I want to hear your story!

How did you meet your spouse? And feel free to completely leave me hanging… as long as you share the rest of your story tomorrow too! Click here to tell us your story.

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  • Avatar Momma Jen says:

    Oh! I just started writing about how Dear Husband & I met… 11years ago… Neither of us took it slow. We were married 6.5 months after meeting (and that was with 275 guests 10 hours from where we were living)! I love LOVE STORIES!!!

  • Avatar Becca says:

    Here is ours: Or at least the first half of the story too.

  • Avatar Allison says:

    I was dating a guy and had been feeling for a while that it was time to end it. I was planning on breaking it off the following weekend, but I woke up on the Tuesday morning before with an unbelievable pull to hop in my car and drive the two hours to where he was living to break it off that night. There was no talking me out of it. I can’t explain it, but it was something knew I HAD TO DO. So I listen to my gut did it. When the weekend came, I ended up driving from Indianapolis to Chicago to a friend’s Christmas party. Guess who was there? Yep, my future hubby! We hit it off, started dating, and fell in love. I am truly blessed to be his wife; he is amazing! So glad I listened to God’s prompting and trusted His lead. His timing is perfect!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Well, that was a whirlwind week for you, wasn’t it?! It’s amazing what a blessing the end of one relationship can be, when “the” relationship is right around the corner.

  • I just wrote about our love story a couple of weeks ago! And Valentine’s Day just happens to be our ‘half-anniversary!’ 🙂

  • Avatar coleen says:

    My husband and I went to the same (large) church. I’d heard his name (and thought he was Japanese–turns out he’s blond/blue eyed and Polish–ahem!) but didn’t meet him until we both randomly showed up for a running group on a Thursday night. Well, it was a random visit for me; he was a regular. We ran down the fire connector together, chatted…and then walked away. No impression. Nada.

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    I haven’t blogged our story yet, too busy being newlyweds I think! But I was in a tough spot, the guy I had been one-sidedly in love with had started dating another girl so we weren’t even able to be friends (and I was slowly letting go of that relationship and those emotions entirely) and my best friend & roommate had gotten engaged to a wonderful guy and was busy planning her wedding. This meant my two best friends were not available to me in the way they had been for the past year. I needed new friends. I started attending young adult groups/church services around the area. Most places I stopped at had great services but not a single person spoke to me. Finally I went to a group I had heard about where immediately several people came up, introduced themselves, and invited me to happy hour afterwards with them. I entered the bar, saw one person whose face I remembered from the service and sat by her. She was busy in her own conversation but luckily Robert and his friend Uli chatted me up. They seemed to like me well enough and made sure to invite me to a game night at Robert’s house that next weekend. I got there a few minutes late and was really embarrassed till I realized no one else was there…they only started showing up an hour later. I was worried our time alone would be awkward but it turned out to be awesome as I explored his downstairs, got to know his dog, and learned a lot about him. By the time everyone arrived and we started playing board games, we both couldn’t help but smiling and catching each other’s eyes over and over. That was January 8th, by November 5th we were married and that home is my home-that dog is my dog-that man is my man! I love him so much. God has been very good to us.

  • Avatar Emily says:

    My hubby worked at the store I got a job in – the Disney Store in the mall – while I was in college. (He being 4 years older was already out of school, but lived with his folks.) The day he met me and my fellow co-worker, he followed me down the mall at lunch break and said hello, but he called me by the wrong name. 🙂 He was embarrassed, but we stared dating and got married within the year – it was love for sure! 🙂 Great story, and lots of fun to read everyone else’s as well. Thanks for asking!!!

  • Avatar Allie says:

    I’ve written two posts about how we met. It was all a very mixed up mess from the beginning, but it’s turned out really well. Not a mess at all.
    Here’s how we met the very first time. I didn’t see him again for probably another four years. A lot changes in four years.
    And then here’s a little bit about when we started dating. I must warn you, I threw up on him. It was our second date and we lived 527 miles apart.

  • Avatar jennifer says:

    Michael and I met at Pilgrim Camp in upstate NY 18 years ago. It is a Christian camp that we both attended each summer since we were kids. However, we had never met because the girls attended in July and the boys in August. Once you turned 16, you were allowed to volunteer there as a worker. Naturally, I volunteered to work in August. Michael was a dishwasher and I was a waitress.

    At the time, we were polar opposites. Nerdy, quiet white guy from the suburbs and a loud, outgoing Hispanic from Queens. Not surprisingly, many people said, “No way!” when they knew that we liked each other. But nothing happened–Michael was too shy to ask me out and we went our separate ways.

    A few weeks later, I received a letter from Michael (who lived 3 hours away) telling me how his life was going, school, how nice I was, blah, blah, blah. He finally said he’d like to get to know me “more than a typical friend.” It seems so funny now, but at the time I thought it was the most beautiful poetry.

    Eighteen years later, we are in Maine raising our 3 boys!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      There really is something to the old phrase “opposites attract” – my husband and are really very different too, but we compliment each other so well.

      I love that you met at summer camp. That’s so classic!

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    My story is very similar to yours in that we met in college and I was dating someone else for most of our college years. When that relationship ended I was sick to my stomach (literally) and so very heart broken. I remember talking to my dad on the phone (in between sobs) and saying, “What if no one ever loves me” and my dad said “Well then God’s plan will be for you to not marry”! LOL not at all what I wanted to hear – thanks Dad! I’m so thankful God’s plan involved something very different from that! Instead I have the privilege of being married to one of my closest college friends – the man I now call husband 🙂

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Ha! You gotta love Dad advice. It’s so fun to read everyone’s stories because we all remember the agony of the uncertainty but we get to read the end of the story.

  • Avatar Sharon says:

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of your story, Kat!

    I met my husband on eHarmony. I never thought I’d join an online dating service, but once I was out of college, there weren’t a lot of opportunities to meet quality guys. And my church didn’t have much to offer in that arena. I was on eHarmony for a month and I had met a couple of real duds on there and was about to throw the towel in, but thankfully I pressed on! My (now) husband and I lived about an hour from one another. After emailing for a few weeks and talking on the phone once, we met in person. I was immediately taken with him. I walked into the coffee shop and saw that he was tall (like me) and I just liked the way he held himself. Confident, comfortable, relaxed. I had a fantastic time and was very hopeful. For a long time, I had been settling when it came to guys I was spending my time with, but I knew that my (now) husband was the right type of guy for me. (And thankfully, he was the right ONE for me!!) We saw each other every Saturday after that and got married 9 months after meeting in person. If it were up to my husband, we would have gotten married even sooner, but I injured my knee early in the relationship and was hoping for a full recovery before our wedding. I wanted to be able to dance at our wedding! My knee didn’t end up fully healing up until months after our wedding, but we both were just too impatient to wait. When you know you’ve met the one, why wait??? We were 29 when we got married and I had certainly dated enough of the wrong guys to know the right one when I saw him!!!

  • How to Marry the Boy Next Door

    A friend at church wanted me to start going with her to a singles group at another church. I didn’t like the idea at all but she didn’t want to go alone so I finally gave in and went – once. It seemed like a bar scene without alcohol – a bunch of rats, looking for the right rat to be with and I hated it. So I set about seeking the Lord. I didn’t want to let my friend down but I just couldn’t see continuing to go. In my prayer time I reminded the Lord that I was 34 – not getting any younger – my heart’s desire was to be a wife and mother – biological clock ticking and all that. My answer from Him was, “If you are busy doing what I’ve given you to do, when you are ready for marriage I’ll bring your husband to you.” OK – I told my friend no more singles group for me. I was busy – involved in several ministries – to single mothers, women’s prison – happy and growing. I worked fulltime too so I really didn’t have a lot of time to spare.

    For about a year I had been praying with a Christian woman who had had a nervous breakdown. When she was ready to go home her husband told her he didn’t want her back. A friend introduced us and she rented the apartment next door to me in the 500 unit apartment complex that I managed. We prayed often that the Lord would change her dh heart and take her back. One day she came to my office and told me that she her dh called and asked her to come home. We were delighted – but she still had about 6 months left on her apartment lease. I assured her that if the Lord was going to put her marriage back together he certainly had someone to finish the lease on her apartment.

    The next day – yes, the very next day – two young men walked into my office looking for an apartment. A friend of mine had told them he knew a Christian woman who managed apartments and they should check it out. The only one I had available was right next door to me – where the Lord had healed a marriage the day before!

    Long story short – they rented the apartment. Our mutual friend had told them they really should hear my testimony so a few weeks later Dan (my dh) asked me out for coffee and asked to hear my testimony. For the next year we were just friends – we spent evenings sharing our favorite Scriptures and why they were special to us. He read books to me. He was a poor student and so cute – he would ask me to go along to wash his car or to watch him mud a ceiling. Neither of us went into this thinking it would ever be anything but friendship – especially me since Dan is 10 years younger than I am. After about a year he asked me out for breakfast and told me that he thought he felt more than just friendship toward me and wanted to know what I thought of that. Well, I had been talking with our mutual friend for several weeks and praying that I wouldn’t be a foolish old woman – with the emphasis on foolish and old! Ross, our friend just kept telling me to wait and see what the Lord was going to do.

    We took two years and sought much council – mostly because of the age difference, but we did get married 3 years after we met. Most important to me is that Dan is above reproach in every respect. If anything he is overly conscientious. I never have to question his faithfulness or character.

    So how’s that for the Lord fulfilling his word to me: “If you are busy doing what I’ve given you to do, when you are ready for marriage I’ll bring your husband to you.”

    Not only did he bring him right into my office but he put another Christian’s marriage back together so we could meet and live next door to each other for several years.

  • Avatar Amy says:

    My husband was my “go-to” guy while I was dating other people. We met in the singles group at our church and were pretty good friends. So I would go to him for advice about different dating situations. Then one of our friends schemed to get us together and at first neither one of us was interested in the other. But slowly we both started looking at each other romantically and the rest is history! Plus, he used bleach to clean the bathroom – very attractive to me that a guy would even clean his bathroom, let alone with bleach!

  • Avatar Berny says:

    My husband and I met when we were 13yrs old. One Sunday after church my
    girlfriend said she had someone I just had to meet. So we went to her house and I met him.Boy was she RIGHT!! 31yrs later and two beautiful daughters
    later “GOD is still writing our LOVE story. All GLORY to HIM!

  • Avatar Nancy says:

    This shy and quiet girl who did not date much saw a tall, dark and handsome guy visiting our church. Our church was small (around 200 people) and we had visitors stand up and introduce themselves. He lived in the area but had attended Moody Bible Institute and was back home and looking for a new church. When he stood up to introduce himself I whispered to my girlfriend “that is the guy I’m going to marry.” A year later I asked him out on our first date to my work’s Christmas Party and four months later we were engaged and 13 months later we were married. God has blessed us with a wonderful 33 1/2 year marriage and two awesome children who are both getting married this year 8 weeks apart.

  • Well . . . I haven’t read through the comments, so I might be the first on here, but . . . we met five years ago – (a little later in life – in our 30’s) on! Yes, I’m a living commercial!!

    We met, married within the year, moved from GA to NC, and then John had a heart transplant two years later. Today he is doing wonderfully, and we can’t believe God’s perfect timing! He knew the exact moment John needed a wife to help with what was coming!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      I think you’re the first but there’s also an so I think we have all the big dating sites covered. 🙂

      How perfect…did you know he had heart trouble when you got married or what that a surprise? I’m so glad he’s doing well now!

      • He had Cardiomyopathy, and got it when he was 30. He got it before we met, but he told me about as soon as we met, so I knew. 🙂 And today is National Organ Donor Day, so please become an organ donor!! 🙂

  • Avatar Allison says:

    I met my awesome husband at college. We had a class together our sophomore year, but I didn’t know it. I was going through a horrible break up and it was the worst semester of my life. We then met, “again” at work in the computer lab. We talked the entire time, and it was so easy and so fun. I walked away thinking this is the kind of guy I want to marry, but I had vowed to myself to take a break from guys and focus on me and the Lord. So I went away that summer and worked in Texas and came back and got our semester’s schedule for work and saw where I was working three days a week with David…I really couldn’t wait. I remember him being so kind, so funny and also very smart (he also doubled majored in accounting and computer information systems)…but you will have to wait for the rest tomorrow! haha! Can’t wait to hear yours!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Our stories are very, very similar!

      I love how God puts people together. I can just imagine Him rearranging the computer lab work schedules to get you two there at the same time…

      Can’t wait to read your follow up!

  • Mine wasn’t really love at first site but we did meet when we were in University together. I wrote about him on my blog for one of the writer’s workshop prompts last yr.

  • Avatar Stacy says:

    My second semester of college I transferred into a new school. I had made plans to go to a Clay Walker concert with a friend and at the last minute my plans fell thru. Little did I know at that same time my future hubby’s plans were falling thru too. A friend from high school asked if I wanted to go with her & a group of her friends to the concert. I said of course why not I already had the ticket. She & I walked to her friends dorm. She knocked & the Best looking boy in the world answered; black cowboy hat, wranglers & his white rodeo finals t-shirt!! I remarked to my friend, he’s good looking!! Unfortunately she thought so too. Being the wall flower I was I thought oh well she can have him. Once again, little did I know he thought I was cute too & wanted to get to know ME better. After the concert we all went to some friends house & we talked until 5am. It was wonderful! He was even better looking on the inside than he was on the outside! 3 1/2 years later we were married. I know-why so long? My parents said if he married me he got the tuition bill too. We did the math & decided to wait. Now my parents tell us they were joking & would not have done that. He is an amazingly godly man, with a sensitive & compassionate heart! He is a fabulous daddy who loves his girls with all his heart & I am blessed God chose me to be his wife!! God is so good!!

  • Avatar Lauren L. says:

    Backstage at a Campus Crusade meeting, I’m approached by a stranger with, “HEY! How is your family doing?!!!” Jokester.

    Next summer, two weddings in a row, he’s a groomsman, I’m singing. A month later, we’re on a date. And that was 10 years and 3 babies ago.

  • […] (Click here to read Part 1: How We Met. And in the comments today, I hope you’ll share your story too!) […]

  • Avatar Jen says:

    A crazy God story! Almost 6 years ago my Sunday school teacher (I was in a large singles group in Houston at the time) looked at me as I was walking in and said, “You’re going to Cuba with me.” I asked him when it was, and it was conveniently over my spring break, so I went. I don’t really remember meeting him on this trip, but I do remember 3 months later. I fell in love with Cuba and I wanted to go back as soon as I could. Thankfully, our church took another trip about 3 months later just as our school year ended. I went back. This time I certainly remember spending time with him. He’s an Afro-Cubano, tall, and handsome. He and a few friends were assigned to our group, so we went around the city together. I remember laughing really hard with him, and just starting a friendship. We were just really good friends (mostly via email, though I’ve been to Cuba 8 times and spend an equivalent of about 4 months there) for 4 1/2 years! I guess I’ll post the dating and engagement on your Feb 14th post… but that’s how we met! 🙂

  • Avatar katie says:

    the mister and i met in the first month or two of my freshman year of college. he was in his second year of grad school (phd), and he was the president of the swing dancing club. after the first time i really spoke with him, i looked him up on facebook — which had only *just* started, by the way =) — and while i was snooping i heard a word from the lord saying that this was the man i was going to marry. i was 17 and hell-bent on getting into medical school (and thus uninterested in other distractions, like boys), so i laughed it off and forgot about it. i did keep dancing, though, and the swing dance scene became my core group of friends.

    by the end of the semester i was needing a new church, so i took a bus out to the one with the college ministry i’d heard the most about. i didn’t know anyone and had never been there, but i saw him sitting in the back and went over to say hi. (it was a pleasant surprise to see him there — most of the dancers weren’t the church-going type.)

    i was living in the dorms and he had both a car and a kitchen, so from about that on point he began giving me a ride to church (afternoon service) and then afterwards we’d go grocery shopping and make dinner together, occasionally joined by other friends. this went on for a couple of months — along with going swing dancing most friday nights — and then sometime in late spring, about a month after i was acknowledging to myself that i had feelings for him, we stepped back after dinner and decided that we were clearly more than friends, and we should own up to it. =)

    (interestingly, i got to hear his take on the story last week, when a friend asked how we met and i was busy in another conversation. why is it so wonderfully sweet to hear the man talk about how you met? don’t know, but it is…)

  • Avatar Morgan says:

    I blogged our story a couple years ago on our anniversary:

    And, wait…your hometown is in the Rio Grande Valley?! So is mine!! Where are you from, Kat?