Sharing Our Love Stories: How We Dated and Got Engaged

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(Click here to read Part 1: How We Met. And in the comments today, I hope you’ll share your story too!)

Jimmy: She told me that after her recent breakup, she had decided to not date for ONE YEAR!

I was heartbroken, but didn’t show it. I had tried to do everything the right way and liked my chances…and then she dropped the ONE YEAR bomb.

Kat: As if this situation weren’t awkward enough, several of my roommates happened to be standing right outside our apartment chatting with our neighbors. One of our neighbors who was a like a little brother too us (he was a mere sophomore) thought he’d be helpful, so he yelled, “Just kiss her!!”


Jimmy: The next weekend was Thanksgiving. I was in San Antonio visiting my grandmother and remember being upset about the whole deal, when it occurred to me…she didn’t say ONE YEAR…she said FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. It was already almost December…that’s not long.

Hope springs eternal.

Kat: When we came back from the break someone asked Jimmy what he did over the holidays and he mentioned that he had gone swing dancing with his grandma and mom.

Oh. my. goodness. Could he be anymore perfect?

I’d never looked forward to the end of the year more than that year…

Jimmy: So January rolls around…how to bring something like that up?

…hey, it’s a new year…you and me, me and you, wink wink…

Not sure I remember exactly how it all played out, but we spent more and more time together, and had a few interesting “Define The Relationship” talks, and the next thing you know we were a couple.

At the local airport they have a spot where you can park your car and watch the planes come in. So for our first official date we grabbed some burgers and fries from a place called “The Health Camp” and drove out there.

I did not realize, however, that in our small city at that time only one plane flew in every hour. So we saw one plane…but the conversation was nice.

Kat: I’ll never forget one of those pre-dating “Define The Relationship” talks. I’d been a little flakey about the whole thing because I really didn’t want to get into a “rebound” relationship. That wouldn’t have been healthy for either of us.

We were sitting in his car talking and he said that a girl had invited him to her sorority function.

I thought he was about to tell me he’d had enough and he thought we should go our separate ways. I mean, who would turn down a Baylor sorority girl? In my mind, that was pretty much synonomous with “stunningly beautiful, rich and stylish.”

I had a hard time believing what Jimmy said next.

He said, “I told her no. There’s no other girl on this campus that I want to be with but you and I’m going to wait for you until you tell me no.”

So many of my insecurities faded away in that moment. Here was this handsome, wonderful, smart guy who wanted…me?

This time I said yes.

How We Got Engaged

Jimmy: Since our first date at the airport was such as success, why not get engaged there?

A family friend worked at the airport and agreed to let us into the top floor conference room, where they had floor to ceiling windows by which we could sit and watch the planes as they came (hypothetically)…or at least have diner illuminated by runway lights.

I made some food, I think it was stir fry, and we had a little table with two chairs. It was her birthday so she didn’t necessarily know that this was coming.

At some point I pointed to the runway suggesting that a plane was coming in. She looked…no plane.

When she turned back around I was beside her on my knee. I proposed, not sure what I said…something close to, I love you, will you marry me (no eye twitching this time). She said yes.

We spent the rest of the evening finding every friend we could so that we could tell them about our engagement and so that she could show them the ring. It was a very modest ring.

I spent all summer after my senior year prior to grad school working for the Parks and Recreations department, weed eating and cleaning bathrooms and trash cans, getting poison ivy multiple times…all so I could afford a little $740 ring that she treasures to this day.

Kat: I love my ring. I remember how much he suffered from that poison ivy and it makes me adore my ring even more…knowing how hard he worked for it.

How We Got Married

Jimmy: We were married at Miller Chapel on the Baylor campus.

We had a nice rehearsal dinner at a local Mexican food place that no longer exists. It is now the Law offices of Someone & Someone Else.

Afterwards, the men in my wedding party went to play basketball at a High School gym, which ended at the emergency room since two of then smashed heads going for a loose ball. We all thought that was a suitable end to the evening.

After the ceremony we had a reception and someone stuck Oreos all over the 4Runner I was driving. They stick great but when you drive down the highway at 70 miles an hour they start flying off. They also tied a balloon to my antenna…which caused the antenna to break in half as soon as I got up to 50 miles and hour…guess I should have taken that off. No big deal.

We were married, and happy, and exhausted and were driving to Dallas en route to Banff, Canada to start our new life.

And You…?

So I told the rest of my story…your turn! I *loved* reading everyone’s stories yesterday. Click here to tell us yours.

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  • Avatar Heather says:

    Love to read these stories. Love how God weaves paths to cross for that perfect someone to be a permanent part of your life! I met my hubby in college as well…but at Taylor (emphasis on the “T”) not Baylor. Technically we first met at Wheaton (another Christian university)…at that time he gave me the advice that Freshman shouldn’t date (he was a Senior…i was a freshman). Little did I know that a few months later I would be dating that man! I asked him out first…for a concert at the Indianapolis Symphony. We dated for 3 years before getting married. He proposed on Taylor’s campus…on my 21st bday (which was also my golden bday…march21st). We married in Indy in a BEAUTIFUL church.My husband’s grandfather turned 95 on our wedding day. Prayed at the ceremony (known in the family as a man of prayer…there was not a dry eye!) The reception was a super big BLAST…lots of dancing. I don’t remember talking to many of the guests, unless they were on the dance floor. It was snowing great big snowflakes as we drove away from the reception.
    Thanks Kat for letting me take a little walk down memory lane!

  • Avatar Jen says:

    Continued from yesterday… Like I said, crazy God story!
    We were long-distance friends for 4 1/2 years. In the summer of 2011 I had gone through some interesting times for a girl who was 29 and had never dated anyone. I had a bit of a rebellious summer. At the end of the summer (oh, I didn’t mention that now I’ve moved from Houston to Cairo, Egypt) I traveled to volunteer in an orphanage in Kenya. While there I had what I can only describe as the Lord speaking to me. He said, “You need to calm down and be patient. Your husband is in Cuba.” Chile’s face immediately flashed through my mind. I thought it was weird! Over the years many had suggested that we should be together, but he was just like a brother to me. That was it. But I still thought that it would be awesome if I could marry someone as amazing as him. I went back to Cairo to begin a new school year and started dating someone almost immediately. Just ignored that whole, “Your husband is in Cuba. Love, God” thing and went for it. I fell into a relationship that after 6 weeks I knew I was not supposed to be in. The last week, when I was debating whether I told him to slow it down or I broke it off, I kept comparing this guy and Chile. And in the end, I knew if someone like Chile existed, it was a waste of time to settle for who I was dating. I emailed Chile for some godly wisdom free of judgement, and set my mind on breaking up with the other guy. Chile responded to my email exactly as I would have expected, full of grace and wisdom. One unexpected line was there though. He said, “Sometimes you’re so special to me I wonder if you aren’t the woman God has for me.” My mouth DROPPED. I promptly broke up with the guy and emailed him back. In this email I got up the gumption (don’t ask me HOW!!) and told him about what I’d experienced in Kenya. He responded 9 days later (what’s weird is I didn’t even realize it took that long, I was at such peace) and asked if I’d like to pursue this with him. I said yes and we begin the “fun” times of dating a continent apart (and all through email).

    This summer we were both pretty sure that we were getting married, but obviously wanted to see one another first. I graduated with my M Ed in Spain and then headed to Cuba for the month of August. Immediately when I saw him I was sure this was it. He was too, but was more cautious. We spent the month doing ministry, meeting family, and enjoying being face to face. At the end of the month we took a week and went to the beach together. On the last Friday evening I was in the country he took me out onto a bluff overlooking the ocean. The Sabbath is very important to him, so this time was really meaningful. He told me that the Sabbath isn’t just for rest, but also to look back upon your week and see what you’d like to change for the next week. He told me he’d like to make a change. Then he talked about lots of other amazing and sweet things for almost an HOUR (he was so nervous!). I had already responded yes, but he didn’t even hear so I had to answer again several minutes later. Then we got to enjoy being together for a few days engaged, and I headed back overseas. πŸ™

    We are now in the middle of the waiting for the fiance visa. I will be heading back to the US when I finish teaching this school year in June. He will be there as soon as the visa goes through and we will get married. God is good.

  • Avatar Kelly says:

    On Sunday, he was late to church. As I was waiting for him in the lobby, a friend of ours handed me a gift bag and said, “John asked me to give this to you and tell you he’s thinking about you and he cares for you deeply.” Inside the bag was a coffee mug and some Starbucks coffee.

    On Monday, I was finishing up a meeting at work when my coworker handed me another gift bag and said, “John asked me to give this to you and tell you he’s thinking about you and cares for you deeply.” Inside was a box of Godiva chocolates.

    On Tuesday, I was at BSF (Bible Study Felllowship). At the end of our discussion group time, a friend handed me another gift bag and said the same thing. Inside the gift bag was a teddy bear.

    On Wednesday, my mom came over to my apartment so that we could go out to dinner together. When she got there, she had a gift bag too! She said the same line, and inside were some wind chimes.

    On Thursday, the ladies in my small group Bible study through our church came over for our usual Thursday night meeting. Before the end of the evening, one of the girls handed me a gift bag and said what John told her to say. Inside was a framed picture of the two of us.

    Needless to say, I was suspicious when John suggested we go out to eat on Friday night. I told my coworkers that I needed to go home early because I was getting engaged that evening! We had a new patient admitted to the rehab unit that afternoon, and my colleague insisted that we go and see the new patient. I was upset, but I followed her lead and met our patient. Before we could begin our full evaluation, though, John showed up at the hospital with a dozen roses! Apparently, he was running late and called my coworker to stall and keep me at work.

    That night, in a private dining room in the Petroleum Club in downtown Houston, John pulled out his guitar and sang, “I Will Be Here” and then asked me to marry him. I cried as I said yes.

    Thanks, Kat, for the trip down memory lane. Can’t wait to read everyone else’s stories too.

  • Avatar Sarah Chia says:

    I love how proud you are of your ring. I feel the same way. My husband couldn’t afford a big, flashy ring, so he stayed within his means and looked and looked and looked and then bought me a beautiful, simple ring. I have noticed recently that I have the smallest ring of any married woman that I know. But I would never trade mine for something bigger. My ring is exactly what I would have picked out, but he chose it all on his own.

    Oh, and we met on eHarmony. (I still don’t like that part, but God used the internet to bring me my Prince Charming.) We e-mailed daily for 3 months before taking the next step of talking on the phone, but from there, things went quick.

    He lived 10 hours away in Michigan, and I was in southern Indiana. But his good friend up there was from my town! So, he hitched a ride with him for a holiday trip to visit me. And my good friend’s husband was living in Ann Arbor while my friend stayed in Indiana to sell their house. So, I hitched a ride with her for a couple of visits.

    By November (6 months after our first e-mail), Billy moved to Indiana to court me. On December 11, we got engaged, with my father’s blessing. And on March 11, 2006, we were married.

    • Avatar Sharon says:


      I met my husband on eHarmony, too. And, we got married less than a year after we starting emailing. As I said in my comment yesterday, when you know, you know!

      • Avatar Sarah Chia says:

        yep… we were married 11 months after we met! Then we had a baby 10 months after we got married. It’s been a whirlwind.

  • Avatar Allie says:

    Here’s the rest of the story. I must warn you it’s a little long, but it took a long time for us to get married since it started as a long distance relationship that no one thought would ever work.

  • Avatar Laura says:

    30 years ago this June I married my husband. He brought me roses as he always liked to do. As I read the card – will you marry me? I turned around and he had the ring in his hand. He has always been a romantic. We knew each other in high school, but I never dated him. We dated after high school and became great friends and still are.

  • Avatar Melina Bryan says:
    — that is where I wrote how God used a bad memory to lead me to my husband πŸ™‚
    (how we met πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Amy says:

    I love these stories too! You guys have a great one. My husband proposed on April Fool’s Day! So . . . for a minute I was wondering if it was a joke, but the ring made it real. He basically said, “So, there’s a lot of rumors going around that we’re engaged . . . you wanna make it true?” Such the romantic!

  • Avatar Allison says:

    What a wonderful story!! Ahhhh…Isn’t God awesome! I mean He directed your paths and his paths so that they intersect in His timing to meet the love of your life!
    I am the one who left off where we met, but I needed some time, and we started working together in college. Well after working together for about a month and me having the summer and the first part of my junior year just soaking in God’s love and devotion to me, I decided I liked David, a lot and wanted to be more than friends. I only told a couple of people, I was afraid to say it to too many people and ruin it. We spent many evenings in the lab laughing and flirting really obviously, but not really doing anything about it! πŸ™‚ Except one night, I was talking about how I wanted to go home and he mentioned how he was going home and since our homes were only thirty minutes away, he took me home! He has always said God Himself came down and invaded his body for him to get the courage up! πŸ™‚ We ended up going to his brother’s band contest that night and he held my hand for the first time…and the next day when he came to pick me up, he gave me a big hug that I wanted to last a life-time! We spent the next almost three years dating, taking some “time off” while I worked for a summer back in Texas, and then realizing that we were met for each other! Then one Saturday night on the steps of OBU’s chapel, he proposed with flowers, we were married nine months later. It has now been 15 years since we started dating and we have three beautiful children and every day I reminded how much I love him and how there is no one else I want to spend every day with!

    Also, this Valentine’s Day I have started Love Dare. I have done it before..but felt convicted to do it again. Thank you for giving me a chance to share, and thank you for your website, it is an answer to prayer for many reasons!

  • Avatar katie says:

    aw…yay. =)

    when we’d been dating for about 2.5 years, i knew a proposal was imminent (entering the range of how long we wanted for an engagement and when we wanted to get married). i ruined one, maybe two nice evenings by expecting it and being all pout-y when it didn’t happen…shame on me. =/

    he staked claim on a friday night in early january — literally, “i’m taking your friday” — and so i *knew* that this was it. (i said as much it to my roommate the night before, but apparently she was in on it and told him, and just to tease he considered postponing his proposal.) he took me out to the restaurant we had eaten at the night we decided we were dating — which i was surprised he remembered! — and then we went ice skating on a frozen pond. (wintertime in madison, wisconsin)

    after skating, we wandered out onto the big lake, which was also frozen. after roughhousing a bit and playing on the snow-covered ice, he grabbed my mittens and dropped them on the snow and held my hands…

    now, one would think i’d see what this was, since i’d known it was coming, right? mostly, though, i was irritated that he threw my wool mittens, which were all warm from my body heat, into the snow, where they’d melt the snow and get soggy and then i’d have soggy mittens and…OH. =)

    he said some wonderful things and asked me to marry him and i practically tackled him onto the ice for yes. =) on the way back to shore, he pulled out a ring — we’d talked about *not* having one, so it was totally a surprise. also very modest, and not a conventional engagement ring (features a pearl). LOVE it. (i texted my mum a picture of the ring, but my phone didn’t take very good pictures…her response was “what am i looking at?” =)

    my roommate, who was in on it, put flowers (from the mister) in my room while i was sleeping that night, so i woke up to them the next day, with a fortune-cookie fortune (which i kept, and hang on our christmas tree each year) saying “now is the time to share your good news with loved ones.”

    my best friend and MOH took our engagement photos on the same still-frozen lake that he proposed. we were married in august in a beautiful ceremony in a lovely little church and celebrated with a party in a lovely victorian barn at a madison park. like our relationship, the ceremony centered around our faith and our mutual service and edification, and the party centered around good food and swing dancing. =)

    also, he planned the honeymoon — i had nothing to do with it, and didn’t know where we were going. ended up in the apostle islands in lake superior, which was amazingly beautiful in lake august.

  • Thanks for inviting us to share. I was planning to write on this today anyway because it’s 20 years ago today that he asked me! Thanks for sharing all of YOUR stories!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      So I may have read nearly half your entire blog last night. Not just the blog post. The blog. I think you had me at the sidebar note about how for every sweet moment you blog about there are a 100 less than stellar moments. Loved the honesty. Also, our kids are about the same age so I enjoyed reading about your 10 year old’s birthday party. (might have to “borrow” that idea!) And, of course, the story of you meeting your husband. So sweet. It was fun to “meet” you Krista!

  • Avatar coleen says:

    we left off after running down a hill.

    So, a year later (did I say I went to a big church?) a group of people went out to dinner and to see a play. We ended up chatting at dinner. His company had just put out a movie and he asked if we all had seen it. I replied (not my best moment) that “Animated films aren’t my favorite genre.” It was a true statement, but I quickly back-pedaled. He gave me a hard time the rest of the evening. At the end I apologized if I had been offensive. He replied (not his best moment): “I probably should apologize too, but I’m not going to.” Ahem! If he were here telling the story he’d say we almost hit it off. I was wary. πŸ™‚

    A couple of months later he and another guy were leading a backpacking trip. I decided to go. A few miles into the trip folks found an injured dog. Without hesitating, Tom and another guy hid their packs and ran the dog back to civilization. The then ran back to their packs and hiked a few more miles to meet the rest of the group. By the time they reached the campsite, everyone had pitched their tents and eaten. But what I saw Tom do changed my perception of him forever. Despite his long (long!) day, he immediately went to check on everyone to make sure they were doing well. He must have been starving, but that wasn’t his overarching concern; it was for people. I got him food. We hiked out together, and have been hiking ever since, literally and figuratively. We dated for nine months, were engaged for seven, and have been married seven+ years. My only seven year itch is to know more of him! Thanks be to God.

  • Kat I LOVE your story! You guys both write very well too. I love how the Lord works His magic when it comes to that special someone He knows is just right for us. I have our story already in a post so here’s the link:

    It’s the most miraculously kismet, God-thing, serendipity, you name it – love story I have yet to encounter! We are incredibly blessed. πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for your beautiful posts and for your beautiful messages that you share with us all the time too. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Avatar Esther says:

    I liked your story, but could you please tell me (as an Afrikaans South African) what a rehearsal dinner is all about? And I think I’ll leave my story till next year Feb 13

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Great question! The night before the wedding, everyone who is participating in the wedding (bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, family, musicians, pastor etc) gets together to make sure we all know what we’re doing the next day at the wedding. Afterwards, the grooms family typically hosts a dinner for everyone and there is often a slideshow or movie of the bride and groom as children and then (at least with our group of friends) people share stories about what the bride or groom has meant to them. There are sweet tears aplenty and it’s a fun, intimate time with those closest to the bride and groom.

  • Avatar Patti says:

    It made me very happy to read your story Kat and Jimmy! True love stories are WAY better than the movies. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Angela Smith says:

    Oh, Kat, I LOVE hearing your story!! Thanks for sharing!
    I met my husband (Justin) only a few months after I had gone through a rather embarrassing broken engagement. I had moved from Lubbock TX to Lakeland FL to attend Southeastern (Bible) College where I knew only 2 people–the guy was my spiritual brother & his wife was a new friend! After watching people “find the one” only days after meeting (I was totally turned off & knew it wasn’t real), I quickly made a covenant to not date for a year–yes, a WHOLE year!

    A mutual friend introduced us at the cafeteria b/c I needed a job working on campus & he ended up being my supervisor!! We became good friends but I moved to University of Alabama at the end of the semester. We kept in touch & I would visit him when I saw my mom on holidays (she lived in Lakeland too). He strongly pursued me & tried to ignore my covenant but my response was “the last time I let a guy tell me what God’s will was for my life, I was devastated. So I will wait for God to speak to me about my future mate.” So I stayed single & didn’t even have 1 date (Aug. 1995–March 1999. In that time I graduated from Alabama w/ my degree AND started my 1st “career job”. I also had amazing experiences in both campus & church ministry. (did I mention that he is a full-time associate pastor?)
    Long story short, God release me from my “covenant to not date” at a Chi Alpha Spring Retreat in Feb. 1999. Within 1 week of the “release”, Justin called me to say “I don’t like my life without your friendship. Can we meet in Atlanta (1/2 way between our cities) and see if we can revive our friendship?” I was hesitant but while reading a TD Jakes book, I was pretty convinced that God was saying “you are going to marry this man”.

    Well, we joke around that we never actually dated. We got engaged March 21st (3 weeks later) & 5 months later we were married!! We have been married now for 12 years & have 4 wonderful kids. He is still serving at the same church (15 years) and we have been so very blessed in our marriage & ministry. He is truly my best friend and WORTH THE 4 YEAR WAIT!!

    Thanks for letting me share my story–puts a BIG smile on my face every time I tell it!

  • Avatar Stacy says:

    Such a fun story, Kat. Makes me think I should write mine down! I know the kids will love to read it in the future.

    Who knew watching planes could be so romantic? Very, very sweet.

    • Avatar Kat says:

      I never really thought about my kids reading this. Such a great idea. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it when they get older!

  • Avatar Christina says:

    Thanks for sharing your story! So wonderful to hear how the Lord brings hubbys and wives together! I felt the same way you did, “this handsome, wonderful man is choosing me!!” I still feel so blessed to be married to my husband, Tim.

    We were in college together, part of a music ministry team. Both dating other people, so we were good friends first. By the next school year, we were both unattached and I was not seeking a guy anymore. It was my Senior year of school (his Junior), and I told the Lord I was done looking and trying to figure this out – He would have to do it. πŸ˜‰ . . . and He did! We became closer friends, found ourselves catching eyes in rehearsals, talking together in the library, etc. Before Christmas break we talked about writing each other to keep in touch, so he gave me his address. By this time, I knew he was who I wanted to spend my life with, but I wanted God’s will most of all. We wrote a couple times, and when we came back to school, he asked to take me to get some coffee and talk. I was thrilled to say the least! I remember is was snowing that evening and I was so excited to be walking across campus with him. Over coffee, he told me he wanted to get to know me more and wanted to take me to the valentine’s banquet!! I said ABSOLUTELY!!! :o) So began our life together – dating, writing to each other, just being together was wonderful!

    I graduated in May, and the following summer we both worked at camp together. The next school year, he was a Senior, and I worked and lived at home. Our relationship was long distance (but only by 6 hours), so we wrote each other and still saw each other for a few events here and there.

    Before he returned for his last semester, he visited me for a week. I picked him up at the airport, and we spent a wonderful evening in Chicago! Little did I know what was coming . . . After a fabulous steak dinner at the Weber Grill, fun at the Watertower Plaza Mall, and $24 for 1 hour of parking (yikes!), we headed to Navy Pier (my favorite!). My favorite place is the Grand Ballroom at the end of the Pier, where you can stand and look back at the beautiful city. It was January and it was cold, but we still wandered outside near the ballroom. He pulled out a wrapped box with a bow – I thought it was a gift (still not realizing it was a ring!). He opened it for me, opened up the box, and pulled out the ring box. I was facing the gorgeous city during all of this. He got down on his knee (and then I realized!), and he asked me to marry him! I said Yes!!!

    I am so thankful that the Lord brought us together. We have been married 7 years now, and we have two wonderful children. The Lord has truly blessed! Thank you for letting me share my story!