Jamie Ivey’s Year of Motherhood

A note from Kat: As weird as it sounds, even though we’ve never met, I’ve “known” Jamie Ivey for many years. We’ve read each other’s blogs for quite awhile and I have always admired her vulnerability, tenacity and willingness to follow Jesus outside of her comfort zone.

Jamie is a mother of 4 from Austin. Two of her children are from Haiti. I remember when the Haiti earthquake hit, my first thought was for Jamie and her family. They were still in the process of the adoption and half of her heart was in Haiti. Here is what happened. This will be the best few minutes you spend in front of your computer today.

The Ivey Story – Jamie Ivey from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

And this post right here is why I love Jamie so much. Try not to be challenged and inspired after reading that!

Well, Jamie is going to be doing a new series here at Inspired to Action. She has been on a journey she calls The Year of Motherhood. She is focusing each month on a new challenge to be the best mom she can be for her kids. And she has agreed to share her journey here and invite us along.

There is so much more I could tell you about Jamie, but for now, go check out her blog, enjoy today’s post, watch the video and stay tuned each month for the update on her challenge. Without further ado, here’s Jamie:

When 2011 was coming to a close and 2012 was in my sight I started to think about how I was as a mom for the past year. There were certain thoughts of joy and happiness, but there were also thoughts of feeling as though I wasn’t giving it my all, and that there were some areas in my life that could use a slight kick in the pants!

I decided that I was going to dedicate 2012 to working on ways that I could improve as a mom. This would be the year I would tackle a challenge each month that would spur me on to being a better mom. It’s not that I feel like a bad mom, but sometimes I just need a little wake up to the fact that this time is fleeting and my babies will one day be gone and I want to make the best use of the time I have with them.

I developed a plan of action. For each month in 2012 I will dedicate that month to improving on one thing I feel as a mom could be improved upon. Basically I made 12 New Year’s Resolutions!

I also knew that these 12 months are not what define me as a mom or a person. I had to have a big heart-to-heart with Jesus and know that the term “good mom” is not what I’m striving to be.

I’m not striving to earn the approval of my other mom friends.

I’m striving to be all that I can be for my kids, knowing that I am already approved by God who loves me deeply no matter how many mornings I do get up before my kids, or snooze and make us all late to school. I am loved and accepted already. This challenge is not about living up to some “good mom” standard.

So with that understanding I went out deciding all the things that I wanted to improve on. It was fun to actually sit down and dream about what I could do each month to make our house more peaceful, calm, and point us all to Jesus more.

The January Challenge

For January I decided that I would start with one that I knew would make an immediate change in our home, and that was me getting up before my kids each day. Like you guys, I have read Kat’s inspiring “hello morning” posts and honestly always thought it wasn’t that big of a deal. I mean I’m a night owl, you can’t expect me to get up early.

I’m happy to say that January’s challenge was a game changer in our home. This was something that changed our home so much, that I still try my hardest 6 days a week to greet my children with a smile as I wake them up, and not have our home be in chaos as we run around because we all over-slept!

The February Challenge

I had no idea that the February challenge would be so hard, but I would say this has been harder for me than getting up early and that is saying a lot because this momma loves to sleep in every day.

I challenged myself to not be on my computer when my kids were home and awake. A few months ago, my kids were getting ready for bed and I had my computer sitting on the couch and I was on it, probably wasting time on facebook, or checking emails. My kids were doing their thing and one of my sons, Deacon, was waiting on me to read with him.

He was getting a little annoyed and impatient when he looked at me and said “Fine Mom don’t read with me, I’ll just tell my teacher you couldn’t put down your computer to read with me and that’s why I don’t have my work done.”

After I pulled the arrow out of my heart, I slowly closed my computer because there is nothing that I could have been working on that would have been more important in that moment than reading with my son.

I had completely ignored him and although to me it was just a simple check of email, or a quick look at facebook, to him I was saying that he was not as important as whatever was on my computer. I picked him up and held him and apologized for not reading with him.

It was at that moment that I knew I needed to be careful with my computer time.

The March Challenge

Next month I’m challenging myself to spend one on one time with each kid each week. This will be a challenge for our family logistically, since we have four kids and busy schedules.

My husband, Aaron, and I greatly desire quality time one on one with our kids, but in this busy life that we lead sometimes that is a great challenge and we want to overcome that this month. It will take planning ahead and making exceptions for certain things and giving and taking on our part, but this month I plan to get great quality time with each of my kids each week.

That’s four kids each getting alone time with mom. My kids are going to love this! Wanna join me?

And You?

What is one thing you’re working on this year to be the best mom you can be?

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  • Avatar Doreen says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this woman. My children are grown and in various degrees of starting their own families now, but this looks like something I can still apply to my life that will make such a difference – to me, my husband, my family, my church, my friends and neighbors…. and most importantly to my God. Looking forward to her next challenge.

  • Avatar Mela Kamin says:

    beautiful challenges! I don’t know the Iveys either, but I feel like I do. In 2010, twitter friends introduced me to them & I followed their adoption. I was allowed to peek into their lives through twitter & blogs & then as I’m reading about the adoption, one of our mutual friends was staying with their little guy in Haiti before he came home to them. It was a very cool moment of getting to see God moving in and through lives and that I was given that opportunity still gives me chills. The story is here: http://www.melakamin.com/2010/01/small-world/

    • Avatar Jamie Ivey says:

      Mela – Love when I hear that people followed us bring home our kids. I truly believe that God used our journey and all that it was – pain, joy, suffering, happiness, sadness – to bring him glory and to bring people’s hearts closer to the world of adoption.
      Nice to see you on here!

  • I love this! Her monthly goals are some of the same ones I’ve been working on this year! In fact, February was my month for working on relationships and that one on one time was on my list! Good luck to Jamie and thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar Shonda says:

    Those are goals that I have too. It’s no problem for me to get up early! If I don’t, my day goes bad! I am really working on not being on the computer during my kids’ awake time too. And I really need to spend time with each of my kids (ages 3 year and 9 months) one on one! I’m going to love this series!

  • Avatar Tara says:

    I’ve made a priority to stay off the computer and phone when my kids are home and awake, too. It’s made such a huge difference in my parenting and my stress level throughout the day. When I was trying to work during the day, I was stressed, and my girls were needy. Now, I focus on them, and they are much happier and easier to deal with.

    I work from home in the evenings, and my husband takes care of our kids. I do get on the computer at that point, but I would be completely away if I had to go out to work. It’s still much better than the alternative.

  • Avatar Kim says:

    What a challenging post! I just had our third child (born on Valentine’s day!) and am feeling pretty overwhelmed with life. I know for a fact that setting some goals will give me vision for the days and weeks and months to come. My goal for March in regard to motherhood is actually related to my marriage. I realize that one of the best things I can do as a mother is to honor and love my husband well. I don’t always feel like I do that. Especially when I’m sleep-deprived and fairly stressed out. While I love my husband dearly, I know I can do better at being patient, gracious and just flat out kind. I know that my behavior is seen by little eyes in my home, not to mention my heavenly Father. May my words, actions and attitudes bless my husband and give honor and glory to God. Thank you for this post!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Frankly, you have a ton on your plate right now and have had a super emotional couple of weeks, so I think it’s pretty incredible you even have a goal for March, you know, aside from just surviving! Then again, you’re kind of awesome like that. Great goal with deep and lasting benefits!

  • Avatar Natasha d says:

    Love this! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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  • I am working through a bunch of goals for the year but one really important one is going away a couple times/year with just my husband. We need this time away and believe it is so important to model, to our kids, the importance of a strong marriage/friendship. Plus, as our kids get older life gets even busier and this devoted time feels crucial for us to stay connected. Love your idea of one new parenting goal/month (reminds me of the Happiness Project).

    • Avatar Jamie Ivey says:

      Kika – Oh I love this goal! My husband and I do this as well and we are much better partners, friends, parents and lovers because of getting away alone a few times a year!

      Good luck with this one! Now I’m off to plan a get away ….

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    This is great! I love that it’s not a huge checklist of things to do, but just focusing on one thing that we can work on. I’m all about taking baby steps to reach our goals. I think I will definitely be working on the computer/checking my email thing.

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  • Avatar Angie Benjamin says:

    I became a mom 10 weeks ago to a beautiful baby girl 🙂 I live in Botswana (Southern Africa) and since my mom and sister are very far away from me (Mexico) to share the mootherhood experience with me, I’ve been looking for material on motherhood.
    I found the challenge (though quite late) very interesting and I’m really looking forward to trying it! but we’re about to begin July…where can I find the whole challenge…I mean the whole year? Haven’t found it…can u give me the link?
    May God continue blessing your ministry!

  • There is certainly a great deal to learn about this topic.
    I like all of the points you made.

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