Why You Aren’t Supposed To Be Good Enough

By January 9, 2012Get Inspired

Life Lessons from a Little Boy

The other day I found my little boy in the living room with the fan on ultra-super-insane high speed. He was standing on the couch arms outstretched…waiting. Then, with all his might, he jumped.

“Mama, if I catch the wind, I can fly. Watch!”

I know what you’re thinking, “Great story Kat. What does that have to do with me?”

The Point

Are you catching the Wind?

Because Jesus didn’t die for “good enough.”

He didn’t step down from heaven to be born in a stable, grow up in anonymity, be beaten and despised just so that we could be “good enough” to get to heaven.

“Good enough” is a low goal.

He WANTS you to fly. He wants to walk with you to conquer with you. He has plans and a purpose for you.

It’s not about us just trying to be better. We can’t be better. We can’t be a great mom, wife, friend, believer apart from Him. We need the wind.

The beauty of it all is that Grace doesn’t end at the cross. It’s available to us every single day.

If you are alive it means He’s not done using you. There is more for you in this life. He has a specific purpose for you in all your uniqueness. But we can’t plan it or make it happen.

It all starts at His feet.

The more time we spend with Him, the farther we fly. His Grace lifts us and His Love propels us.

Each morning we have the choice to step into the raging wind of His Love, Grace and Will.

So, today, will you stretch out your arms and jump?

Question: What is one obstacle to spending time with God that you’ve overcome? What tips can you share with others? Tell us in the comments!

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