Maybe I’ve Ruined My Kids

(Note from Kat: This is a guest post from monthly contributor (and inspiring friend) Lara Williams. )

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve completely ruined my kids. I see them copying the sin that have tried to lay down over and over again, and I’m certain. I did it. I ruined them.


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But here’s the really amazing thing about our God. He’s bigger than our many {many} failures.

Granted He calls us as moms to train up our kids in the ways of the Lord — continually and purposefully. And our training does have an effect. But we will not do it perfectly. At times we won’t even do it well.

But our God is bigger than our failures.

If we depend upon our list of mommy-successes to change our kids, then we flirt with parental-legalism. Only One transforms hearts. And it’s not us, no matter how perfect we try to be.

Our kids growing in the knowledge and sanctifying work of our Lord comes completely by His great grace and undeserved mercy. He allows us to be a part of the seed-planting process. But we can’t save them. And our failures aren’t bigger than our God.

When we fail, we confess. We just agree with God that in our flesh we are really stinkified. (Yeah, I made that up.) Then we stand up and move on, continuing with our imperfect reflection.

He graces every moment with new mercies.

How have you struggled with thinking your failures have ruined your kids?
What truths of God can we choose to meditate upon when those despairing thoughts arise?

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