This Blog Post Is Really Short Because…

…I won’t always be the only girl he sings his songs to.

The dishes, laundry and crushed up Cheerios will always be around.

Let’s go enjoy our kids today.
(Need some ideas? Try these.)


  1. Oh my goodness, this is incredibly sweet!

  2. Definitely enjoy those moments!!

  3. how very sweet…..enjoy your little guy

  4. Thanks for making me feel better for ignoring the pile of laundry I should have done a couple days ago. My kids won’t be this small forever. I will enjoy them now, and deal with housework another day. Happy New Year!

  5. Oh my! The photo plus your words gave me chills. As a mom of three young boys, I remind myself of this everyday. It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday tasks of keeping a home and lose sight of what truly makes a home a home…the people and relationships within it! Keep loving your kids, and I will do the same. :)

  6. oh my good gracious. i only wish i was as awesome as my cousins. and as adorable.
    because, let’s be real. your kids are adorable.

    and awesome.
    and so are you.

  7. …off to kiss my little boy…thanks for this


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