Permission to Breathe

By December 7, 2011General, Get Inspired

Note from Kat: The following post is from monthly contributor Lara Williams.

If you resemble the majority of North American women preparing for Christmas, then your brain may be close to spinning. We have company to plan for, presents to buy, cookies to bake, and hearts to prepare. It can overwhelm even the most Martha Stewartish lady on the block.

So I’m presumptuously giving us permission to breathe. In fact let’s just make it Take-A-Breath day. That’s right. Try it with me: breathe in and breathe out. Let’s do it again, this time even more deeply. (Repeat as needed.)


Now say this out-loud, “I can’t do everything, and I’m not supposed to.” Doesn’t that feel good?

We often put things on our imaginary Christmas plate that don’t need to be there. Granted it’s a pretty plate and matches all of our decor, but it can get too full. And before we know it, we’re rushing around trying to do it all without really breathing. We’re rushing around forgetting the real Reason for this whole Christmas thing.

Let’s take some time today to just stop and breathe. Then let’s ask our Lord what exactly He has for our today. It’s possible that something can wait.

How do you pause during this busy time of year?
How do you keep Jesus the focus when there is so much we could be doing?

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  • Avatar Margaret says:

    I breathe by just not doing so much. We buy gifts for family and only close friends, not everyone we know. We have one party for the season rather than multiple guest events. I refuse to attend cookie swaps! 🙂 I make a list of our must-have sweet treats and make them during the month of December. I freeze things for our one party (and enjoy “catering” by Costco).

    Every night my family sits down and sings a Christmas hymn together and reads a short scripture passage or other advent reading.

    If women don’t have time to breathe during the Christmas season, it’s because they’ve just decided to do too much. Christmas should be a fun and blessing-filled season, not a frantic one. I want my kids to have memories of a happy Mom at Christmastime!

    • Avatar Lara says:

      Ha. “I refuse to attend cookie swaps.” That makes me laugh because I am trying to decide if I am going to attend one that I’ve been invited to. It is all about choice; we can choose to make this time of the year overwhelming or choose to pause and remember what it’s is all about. (Jesus.) Blessings to you.

  • Avatar Heather says:

    Thanks lara! Trying to rest on the “Prince of Peace” today. Soaking in that quality of Christ.

  • Avatar Melina Bryan says:

    Slowed to a crawl right now with a virus. While the kids are now fever free and bouncing off the walls. Lol. Thank you for posting. Why is it so easy to forget the real meaning of the season?

    • Avatar Lara says:

      Oh. Not much fun. Praying your kids stay healthy and you get well quickly. When mama’s sick, no one’s happy. 😉

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    We actually don’t do too much either. I’m not a big fan of clutter, and Christmas (and birthday) create a lot of it (if you’re doing presents). We actually don’t even have a tree. We do go over to my sister’s house and the girls help her and my BIL decorate their tree. We use Christmas cards that we receive to make a “tree”. (Photo should be somewhere in this post ). We enjoy time with family and friends, and checking out dozens of Christmas books from the library to read (as evidenced by some photos in the above link), and singing Christmas carols. Another favorite thing we like to do is drive around most nights after picking my husband up from the train station after work and going to a different neighborhood to look at Christmas decorations and lights. A new thing that we’re enjoying together is the Jesse Tree.

  • Avatar Stacy says:

    I have to limit what we do, or else my kids are left with a crabby, exhausted mama. It is a challenge though. Each year I get a little better at choosing wisely, but I’ve still got some growing to do!

    Thanks for the reminder Lara!

  • Avatar John Stephen says:

    I think if women don’t have time to breathe during the Christmas season, it’s because they’ve just decided to do too much. Christmas should be a fun and blessing-filled season, not a frantic one, thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.

  • Avatar Benson Rivera says:

    Yes sometimes we need to take a break from work.. It’s been a busy week for me and I wish I could have at least 3 days of Holiday.. I need to buy presents for Christmas…

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