Four Essentials to a Stress-Free Bedtime

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(Note from Kat: This is a guest post from the always amazing Katie Orr.)

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Stick to It

Consistency is key! We can tell our kids what the plan is all we want, but if we don’t follow through kids drift towards chaos. I often find myself getting distracted with checking email or working on something other than keeping them on task. It usually ends with my kids, half dressed, making big messes in their room—or worse—half naked in the bathroom and toothpaste all over the mirror! Kids know when mom means business, and when I’m off trying to multi-task while they brush their teeth, it does not usually end well.

Shannon tells:


Determine What Each Child Needs

Most of the getting up out of bed is not complete disobedience. Like their mommy, they forget to do things once they have laid in bed; they have a hard time falling asleep when there is something on their mind; they can be really sleepy, but hunger or thirst distracts. Doing a bit of thinking ahead can keep everyone on track for bedtime.

I like what Tricia shared:


Keep the End in Mind

Bedtime can be a pleasant end to our days, with one last chance to connect with the hearts of our children. As we provide a routine for our children, we must also expect and encourage obedience. Not just to produce kids who go to bed without creating stress to momma. The ultimate goal is to train these precious heart to submit to God.

I love how Rebecca puts it:

There is so much greatness here, so if you didn’t get a chance be sure to read through the comments!

Did you try any of these tips? How did it go?

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