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By December 2, 2011Create A Morning Routine

The other night the HelloMornings Challenge team met via Skype to discuss plans for the next session. It is such an honor to work with Katie, Lara, Michelle and my blogless friend Kellye. We have some great plans in store for you, but we also need your input.

The last session, the Challenge grew to about 2,000 participants – 3.5 times as big as the previous session! That was awesome. But as a result, we had a few growing pains. Not so awesome. So we are working to adjust things to make this Challenge as helpful to you as possible.


Registration for the next session of the Challenge will start December 15. The Challenge itself will run from Jan 15 through April 15.

Help Us Help You

Would you take a minute to answer one or more of the following questions to help us make the HelloMornings Challenge even better?

And to make it a bit more fun, one commenter will win a little prize (most likely music or a book) for taking the time to share her thoughts.

1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise?

2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.)

3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning?

4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better?

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  • 1. Planning.
    2. Encouragement.
    3. Staying up too late.
    4. Encouragement!

  • Avatar Sheila says:

    1. Exercise
    2. Workout ideas, reminders that it’s worth it & that it will give me more energy
    3. Baby not sleeping through the night
    4. Encouragement.

  • I need to work on consistency in all the areas you mentioned. However, HelloMornings has definitely helped in that I receive encouragement and prayer from gals I have never met! It certainly jump starts my day πŸ™‚ So thankful for this challenge.

  • Avatar Holli T. says:

    1. Planning
    2. Planning help and encouragement
    3. Not getting enough rest
    4. Like others have said, I just need encouragement! πŸ™‚

    And, I really want to be involved in the next session. πŸ™‚


  • Avatar Brandi says:

    1. All of the above in the AM
    2. Not sure.
    3. I have struggled with getting up for some time. I have started the challenge before but never completed it. The main reason that I stay up late is because of my husbands work schedule. He gets home late and isnt ready to go to sleep 10 minutes after he walks in the door. So then, I stay up with him and then I dont get up in the AM. It is something I have tried dealing with but I am not really sure how to do it.
    4. Make it a little more personal.

  • Avatar Margaret says:

    1. Quiet time. I get a little exercise each morning (not necessarily enough) walking the dog!

    2. I have all the resources I need. It’s the implementation that’s hard, and no one can do that for me.

    3. Getting to bed too late the night before, or getting poor sleep due to sick kids, racing mind, worries that I can’t turn off…

    4. I can’t think of anything more that any person could do and you all give so much of yourselves as it is. It’s a lack of discipline in my own life. You all do a fabulous job! But at some point I (all participants) have to just get on with it and get it done.

  • Avatar Kristin says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Exercise.

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? I feel like I have the resources, but am lacking in one key area (see #3).

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? Getting my child to sleep through the night. At 15 months, she’s still not consistent and we’ve tried everything! She’s just not a sleeper, but this Mama is. It’s hard getting up when I either I’ve just gotten her to bed or as soon as I make a move, she’ll be up.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? Loved the email group option. It really worked well for me.

  • Avatar Pam Gordon says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise? Quiet time – I usually am able to get my exercise done

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.) Hmmm….that’s a good question

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? I don’t get enough sleep and want to stay in bed and get that last minute of sleep πŸ™

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? It is a great challenge πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Jaime says:

    1. Exercise
    2. I’d love ideas for exercises that can be pretty quickly and in my home-I don’t live in and area where running or walking near home is an option. Also ideas for planning and quiet times are great too! I need all the help I can get!
    3. My biggest challenge is that I live with a night owl, and the best time to hang out with my hubbie is late at night. That makes getting up early challenging.
    4. It’s a great challenge, but I think more support and contact from the group leaders would be helpful.

  • Avatar Bridget K says:

    1. Following through with all of them for me – my intentions are really golden, it’s the umph behind it that I lack!
    2.Straight up encouragement.
    3. Removing the covers – it’s cold these winter mornings.
    4. Maybe a mid-week hoorah? Not sure what form this would take, and it probably would mean more work for someone.=(

  • 1. Exercise is the hardest for me. Although that does not mean I have the other 2 down that well, either.
    2. Probably workout ideas, particularly for Colorado winters. It’s in the 20s (or colder this morning), which is only conducive to curling up in a blanket.
    3. My biggest chsllenge to getting up in the morning is that I don’t go to sleep on time. And this time of year, it’s cold, so I want to stay warm and go back to sleep.
    4. Hmmm…I can’t think of anything at the moment. I’m looking forward to participating in the challenge, though.

  • Avatar Darcey says:

    1. All of the above. I have a 6 month old.
    2. Easy ways to plan when you don’t have the time and resources to do that.
    3. Lack of sleep.
    4. Encouragement also.

  • Avatar Leslie says:

    1. Exercise
    2. No or low cost @ home exercise ideas and workouts
    3. Lack of restful sleep
    4. Having not yet had the opportunity to participate in a challenge, I’m not sure what to expect but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prayer calendars! They really keep me focused and on track. I would love to see more calendars that deal with all aspects of the challenge (ie: Quiet time, planning, and exercise).

  • Avatar Jenn M says:

    1. Quiet Time
    2. I guess, to really convince me it’s as important as everything else I have to do! (even though I do know this…)
    3. Going to be early enough
    4. No, you all are doing a great job! Thank you!!

  • Avatar Jessica says:

    1. Exercise
    2. Help fitting it into my day!
    3. My alone time in the mornings seems so short w/having to get everyone around and 1/2 the kids out the door for school. Not enough time!
    4. Motivation

  • Avatar Elise says:

    1. Quiet Time
    2. Planning
    3. Getting to bed on time so I can get up early
    4. Motivation

  • Avatar Anita727 says:

    1. exercise
    2. workout ideas, reminders that itÒ€ℒs worth it & that it will give me more energy (from Sheila)
    3. going to bed too late. Agree with Margaret above that it is my own discipline that is lacking, not the ‘system’.
    4a. My particular group did not check in at the same time (facebook), so the incentive to get up to connect died down. While I understand the ‘why’ of that and enjoyed getting to know everyone around our time zone, it was less effective in that regard.
    4b. I appreciate your opening the challenge to folks not on twitter, however, think that using twitter group might be better because of the limitation of words. Some posts got long and it was a challenge to read and comment in a reasonable time frame.
    4b. A deterrant to me was also needing to get on computer to check in…. because distraction of email, other FB posts … just took too much time. Considering a Twitter acct just to participate in challenge.

    Thanks so much for your prayerful efforts to help us make this vital connection with God in the mornings!


  • Avatar Kristin M says:

    1. Exercise
    2. Planning help and workout ideas.
    3. Oversleeping because of lack of a good night sleep.
    4. Keep the encouraging emails going. I love to read them!

  • Avatar Kim says:

    1. planning
    2. a variety of ideas, maybe personal testimonies of what people do
    3. Just getting up, but also using my time wisely
    4. Our email group kind of fizzled out. Maybe make some definite goals, like email 2-3 times a week. Maybe have a Friday wrap-up, where everyone says how they did for the week. Possibly give the group leaders a few ideas on what they could say, rather than everyone just emailing saying I am up.
    That being said, this has been a real help to me, even though our group didn’t email. I am consistently getting up early and having my quiet time each morning.

  • Avatar Amy says:

    1. All areas
    2. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful
    3. Lack of sleep, not able to rest.
    4. Keep emails coming, always need encouragement

  • Avatar Heather says:

    I have LOVED being accountable to my twitter group and leading my email group. I have made great improvements in EACH of those areas, not mention making life long friends. However, I am still struggling with consistance in schedule so I can get up in the mornings…so that means I have to go to bed at night!! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Penny says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise? Exercise

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.) A Workout plan could be fun maybe.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? Getting Up! because I Dont go to Bed!!

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? A Nightly ‘Go To Bed’ would be great. I may not listen but it would remind me to make an effort.

  • Avatar Crystal Ashworth says:

    This is my second time participating in the Challenge – during the Summer session I was very consistent – but this time around has been more difficult and I was a Group leader! I think as Kat has mentioned in some of her blog posts, we go through seasons. But to answer the questions:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Exercise

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? You know, I really think it’s just going to be my own motivation to find time and do it.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? Right now it’s not going to bed on time (in the summer I made myself go to bed at least by 9:30pm) — and for this session it’s still dark outside at 5am! πŸ™‚

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? Coming from a Group Leader standpoint, it might be helpful to have a little guide that we can use through the challenge for posting thoughts/scriptures, etc… But, I’ve had such a great time in my past two FB groups – became “real life” buddies with one of my group mates – and love the power of prayer and togetherness I feel from women trying to achieve the same things as me. I really appreciate all the effort you all put into MYM.

  • Avatar Lisa Edney says:

    1) planning!!
    3) getting up early when it is dark and cold!

    Love my FB group… Thank you for this, so blessed and encouraged!

  • Avatar Christina says:

    1, Excercise
    2.planning ideas- a struggle for me in all areas-I have every plan I’ve heard of-it’s actually my follow through.
    3.Challenge-staying up too late-prep the night before
    4.I really have enjoyed all that you all are doing-I feel i’ve had more growth these last few months than i’ve had in years.
    I appreciate all the encouragement through scripture and heart felt thoughts.
    Thanks to all of you!!!!

  • Avatar Meredith says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: PLANNING. I have 3 calendars (home/family, work, personal) and wish I had one big one, but unsure of how to format it.

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? * planning help

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? Not knowing what to do first!

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? For the planning/agenda/calendars, please share examples of what you use to stay organized. And do you carry it with you everywhere?

    • Avatar Crystal Ashworth says:

      Meredith – I use a planner that was put together by a Mary Kay national sales director. I used to be a consultant many years ago – but I still purchase these planners because I absolutely love them. I tweak them a little bit for my own purposes – like I don’t really use the “Delegate” section, so I just repurpose it into my tasks that I do for different things like my Mom’s Group, Parent Teacher Organization, etc. It also comes with a little sticky pad that you use on a daily basis to map out the times you are going to do each of your tasks on your list for that day. And my big tip is USE PENCIL – that way if something changes, you can just erase, rather than cross out. πŸ™‚


      And yes, I do carry it pretty much everywhere. πŸ™‚

      I also keep my Gmail calendar pretty up to date, and I’ll create appointments for different things to remind me of tasks I need to do.

  • Avatar Melina Bryan says:

    1. Planning
    2. Resources on how to organize my schedule / planning the night before so my morning is less rushed. (I crave spontinaeouty…. my husband and kids don’t…. ; /)
    3. Mornings are cold, dark and come too soon! 5:30 was easy in the summer because my kids were still asleep. During school, I have to wake the kids up @ 5:30, so I am pushing my quiet time back to 8:30 after they’re in school. Quite often it gets pushed back to when I find the time to do it. I check in @ 5:30, but really miss my planned quiet time.
    4. Hire me nanny? lol, jk! You have been awesome, keep up the great work!

  • Avatar Joy says:

    1. All three. *sigh* Definitely need help in time management in all areas.
    2. Planning help is definitely needed.
    3. Biggest challenge? Aches and pains caused by fibromyalgia and arthritis.
    4. Ideas or suggestions? ENCOURAGEMENT! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Christina Vickers says:

    1. Planning

    2. A really good, inexpensive (aka, free) calendar, either online or even printable.

    3. How well my kids sleep through the night

    4. Drawing a blank on this one. Love the study!

  • Avatar Becky Merritt says:

    Hey ladies! Wanted to let you know I had signed up for Hello Mornings this last session and was really excited to start that journey with you! Then, I got pregnant and had horrible morning sickness and zero energy! So I slept! Ah excuses! I’m excited to start the new year with new routines with you guys!
    1. Right now I’m not excercising while pregnant… but that is a huge struggle for me post-pregnancy! And since this is my third I need to lose the weight!!
    2. Workout ideas (videos would be awesome even!), planning help would be amazing!
    3. Not hitting snooze, actually getting out of bed!
    4. None. Looking forward to Jan. 15!

    Hope you all have a blessed Christmas! :]

  • Avatar Daniell says:

    1. Exercise
    2. Accountability and planning. To exercise in the AM before work I’d need to be getting up at 4 or 4:30 instead of 5 so I need to do that or plan it better later in the day
    3. none – I’m a morning person
    4. Maybe some tips for us AC’s to engage people in our groups. I try to get my girls to participate but many of the don’t. I have a group of 15 and 3 + me post regularly. I try to post probing open ended questions about the scriptures to get responses and still get very little.

  • Avatar JessicaD says:

    1. They were all hard. But exercise is probably my worst.
    2. Childcare from 5:30 to 7. HA yes, my kids rise that early. πŸ™ No, really, I probably just need planning helps. CleanMamaPrintables on etsy has been of help in this area…
    3. Opening my eyes and getting out of bed, followed by dh and I working out a new routine so I *could* have the quiet time I got up to have. Otherwise, I ended up caring for littles and life got in the way.
    4. I have longed for more conversation in my fb group. ???

    Overall, I used this period to just get in the routine of getting up and going. I have not well for a long time and had an ankle injury that prevented much exercise and as that time seems to be drawing to a close I must learn some new habits. This challenge has helped immensely. Next round I want to focus on Jesus and getting a bit of exercise. Sign me up! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Liberty says:

    I think Exercise seemed the insurmountable item on challenge for most of my group.

  • Avatar katitav says:

    1. ALL AREAS…
    2. Tips for waking up early,
    3. Going to bed late, too many distractions, being too busy, laziness
    4. Maybe a group chart to keep everyone accountable and see progress
    I have really enjoyed it (when i actually participate) and am signing up for the next session in hopes to actually succeed this time :).

  • Avatar Sarah Giles says:

    1. Quiet time. In fact, just getting out of bed before 7am. πŸ™‚
    2. Motivation and encouragement to get up and get going with it.
    3. Dark mornings and the fact that my husband is still sleeping!
    4. I’m newish to the blog. An explanation of how to join these Facebook/Twitter groups and receive the encouraging emails would be great. I hadn’t heard of them before today.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Camille says:

    1. Exercise! My hubby works early so I can’t get out of the house to do it.
    2. I’d love some ideas, workout DVDs, etc to use to be able to workout in my home.
    3. Going to bed too late. I’m a morning person so I like to get up, but often I just didn’t get enough sleep. So perhaps our “GoodMornings” actually need to start the night before.
    4. I found the studies to be way too short — and often had a really hard time answering the questions. Maybe more daily interaction/responses on the blog instead of just the weekly post.

  • Avatar Marillyn says:

    1. Planning & Exercise (which doesn’t happen because of lack of planning).
    2. Planning resources (calendar, schedules,etc) and examples of other people’s way of planning to get the spark to do it myself ;o)
    3. Getting out of bed on time, but my biggest challenge is getting to bed earlier… I am a night owl and like to stay up after everybody has gone to bed.
    4. I am SO grateful for this challenge because it has really got me excited about getting up in the mornings to spent time with the Lord… Just need more direction and prayer with my planning/scheduling.

    Thank you and looking forward to joining in the next challenge. I wasn’t able to join this previous challenge full on because we were on furlogn in the states and traveling to speak at churches (we are missionaries).

  • Avatar Melina Bryan says:

    To all of you who are missing exercise or struggling with it; I know so many tips and tricks to fitting exercise in over short periods of time. Maybe I can find the time (my struggle) to put them all online and send them to Kat, who could send them to you all? It seems like a mountain to climb, until you realize that truely, a gym membership is a big waste of money. There are things at home which only take minutes to do, and have great rewards.

  • Avatar Kristen says:

    1.I struggle with all three because I usually only have time for one of them.

    2. Time. Got any extra?

    3. Multiple night wakings from my little ones. I can handle two or three wakings a night, but anything beyond that and I’m trashed. That’s one thing I noticed in our HelloMornings group this last time – the participants with little ones really struggled (me included), due to teething, illnesses (the kids’ or their own), or general sleeplessness.

    4.You’re doing a great job.

  • Avatar Amy Nap says:

    1 Exercise is the hardest for me. Finding time to get everything done is hard for me, and exercise seems to be the one thing I will let go. I have signed up for a half marathon, so I will have to start running now… That is a good motivator for me.. If i spend the money to sign up for a race.. set a goal.. I am more likely to stick with the work out routine.
    2. really it comes down to me making the choice and finding time in my schedule.
    3, getting up early is hard for me because I work nights, so i don’t get the sleep I need on most nights.. i try to remind myself that my boys will only be home a few more years and it is worth being tired to get up and see them off to school. and it is good for them to see mom reading in the mornings.
    4. I have ABSOUTELY LOVED THIS GROUP!!! I hope with the next challenge our group can stay together, there are only about 5 of us that post regularly, but that has been fine and we have all gotten to know each other well. We were wondering what happens to the groups when the challenge is over? will we keep the same groups? add to them? take out those that haven’t responded? I have truly loved the format for the study and learned so much from others posts. My youngest son is now a pen pal with another’s son. we cover the globe in time zones, Pacific, Eastern, England and Australia. I have enjoyed the time zones, there is always someone posting something.. I also love the Monday DoNotDepart posts.
    Maybe to have a group captain or leader that can help keep the group motivated and on track. We have not had that, but actually functioned very well I think anyway. Mostly I want to have the same ladies in my next group if possible at all. Thanks so much. This challenge has been wonderful for me.
    Amy Nap MYM overflow room 6

  • Avatar CatB says:

    1. I would say exercise but I think it truly boils down to planning it into my day.

    2. A buddy to go over my day with me and help me learn how to put a daily plan together and teach me how to adjust it on my own.

    3. Getting enough sleep through the night. If I get enough sleep then it isn’t hard to get up in the morning. Especially since I started consecrating my day to Jesus through Mary as soon as I roll out of bed.

    4. Not yet because I barely missed the deadline for the last time you started this. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Adrienne says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise? – Exercise is the hardest for me as I can’t get the time to do it.

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.) – For me it is timing my kids get up not too long after me no matter when I get up and how quiet I am. The only way to finish my other tasks is to give them the room and I go to the kitchen. Once done we are off for the day.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? – Summer session not a problem. This time I think it had something to do with the time change and being dark outside. I also have little ones that wake in the night still as well as getting pregnant at the beginning of the session. My group also didn’t check in like the ones of the past so it became almost uneventful to say good morning. The summer session it was more community where friendships were built we all still communicate but this time everyone seems disinterested.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? Although it is hard it seemed to make a difference having 2 AC’s in the groups that way when one was down the other was there to cover the back and at least you knew that 1 other person would be saying good morning. Several of my group didn’t have the e-book or quite understand what the challenge was about so maybe a little more education would be good for everyone about how to get the details.

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    1. Exercise
    2. Exercise – practical advice, tips, stretches/activities ‘normal’ people can do at home etc. for the ‘I have anxiety so I can’t bring myself to go walking alone even near where I live nor can I make it into a gym and I live in New England its and freezing cold and super dark now at 5am when I wake up” situation
    3. See #2 – its dark and cold where I live at 5am…I’d much rather stay in bed where its warm and cozy
    4. Making it a little more personal…I am a AC of a email group currently and its seems hard to get people to say more than 1 sentence each morning sometimes.

  • Avatar Grace says:

    My biggest struggle getting up is that my son just keeps getting up earlier and earlier and I am super quiet! I have no idea how he knows but he does. Also just getting to bed at a decent time and still have “husband time”.

  • Avatar MammaBird says:

    1. I don’t do the planning then, so exercise. I don’t get up early enough to do it.
    2. I really can’t think of anything that isn’t in the e-book. It really is brilliant Kat.
    3. Going to bed on time the night before AND just. getting. up.
    4. Our group was good. There were only four of us who ever posted anything, so that was a bit discouraging. And I honestly don’t know who the leader was, but the four of us seem to have bonded and I hope that we can stay together for the next round….. Thank you for doing this.

  • Avatar Allie says:

    I have been stalking HelloMornings for a little while now. I’m thrilled to see the challenge start again and plan to do more than be a quiet lurker.

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise? Yeah, put me down for exercise.

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.) Workout ideas would be nice, especially for moms with small children.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning?
    I used to really struggle with this. But the guilt ate away at me until I no longer could lay in bed past 5AM. Problem solved. I’m not telling anyone to feel guilty, or that Kat put a guilt trip on me. It started before I found HelloMornings. That guilt could be what made me find HelloMornings. HelloMornings made me act on this guilt. There are occasionally the mornings I don’t want to get up. And usually it’s because I’ve deviated from my routine/schedule. And looking back, I think my biggest struggles were sleeping times, worrying about things I couldn’t control, and a wandering mind. When I started fixing these things, other things fell into place.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better?
    I’ve thought about a solution to this for awhile, but I don’t have anything great. I’m in a later time zone, so frequently when everyone has already checked in on Twitter and started their day, I’m just getting up, even though it’s 5 AM for me. Maybe we could have some smaller groups by time zone or something along those lines. Or maybe I’m the only one…

    I think you girls are doing a wonderful job inspiring people to make small changes that make big differences.

  • Avatar Janey Backer says:

    My life has been in extreme upheaval with this challenge. I thought our marriage was ending so the upheaval has been palpable to every family member. Which has meant major behavior issues, bad sleep, etc. So I have not been consistent.at.all.with.mornings!

    However I have been doing afternoon quiet times, because I desperately need Scripture, study and prayer. It is the inspiration and light to my path to keep going forward. I guess just know that I can do it even if it isn’t perfect is good enough.

    We have all been working hard towards healing so our family is knitting back together. I have great hope that my mornings can more closely resemble the challenge description.

  • Avatar Alison says:

    1. quiet time – I need a no brainer, easy to follow format (you may already have that but since I haven’t yet joined…)
    2. quiet time devotional – scripture included and questions/ thoughts/ comments all included – and perhaps a place online to comment and discuss with others doing the same hing. I often like to read while exercising.
    3. I co-sleep with my youngest and am still nursing – often he is “attached” when I am ready to get up (6-7am)! He does fall back asleep for an hour but usually by that point my other guys are up. for such a time as this…
    4. I have yet to join but each time the comments seem to get better and better. (I have not joined primarily because of #3)

  • Avatar Jen says:

    1. Exercise – although I just got an elliptical from my husband and am trying to make that part of the routine.
    2. I’ve really enjoyed the bible study from Do Not Depart and Kat’s prayer calendars – those resources are very helpful.
    3. My biggest challenge is going to bed on time. If that doesn’t happen, it is so much harder to wake up early.
    4. I enjoy being part of my facebook accountability group. It is nice to know others are like-minded.

  • Avatar Laura says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise?
    This is probably a bad answer, but it has really varied. If I had to say one, I’d say quiet time….lately anyway.
    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.)
    I’m not really sure. I think for me, in the mornings I have time to read the Bible or go to the gym before my husband goes to work. So I guess for me it’s more of finding a balance between doing the two things vs. need resources.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning?
    I am naturally a morning person, so MOST days I wake up by 5:30am without the alarm going off. But, if I have several nights of going to bed too late (which for me too late is after 10pm), then I have trouble waking up. I think the planning part of this has been helpful in allowing me to get to bed on time consistently.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better?
    I’m not really sure. This is the 1st time I’ve been involved in MYM. I think it has been a positive experience…although there are only a few of us that post now….not sure how you could fix that.

  • Avatar Larri says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise?
    Quiet Time – because my children are early-risers too.

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.)
    If you could get my kids to sleep in a bit later, then we’d be all set. *giggle*

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning?

    For me, the challenge is not getting up. The challenge is getting started and making the most of the few quiet moments that I have. I tend to piddle around in the morning…making coffee, doing the laundry, dishes, etc…1st thing instead of just cracking open my Bible first.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better?

    I just want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed these weeks. The girls I’ve met are fabulous! I look forward to tweeting with them each morning, finding encouragement and strengthening friendships every day. We all come from different paths, yet we all have the same goal…grow our relationships with Christ. Thank you for providing such an invaluable connection I would not otherwise have. Truly, I am blessed by MYM.

  • Avatar Darcia says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise? Exercise

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.) Planning

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? None – however sometimes I am not prepared for the days activities and use that time in the am instead of my QT

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? I need to be in a “chatty” group for accountability.

  • Avatar Lara says:

    1. All three. Often I feel like a chicken running with its head cut-off (going in a million different directions).
    2. I need to tell my hubby I need a night at the coffee shop to go through your Maximize Your Mornings ebook. I loved reading through it the first time, now I need to schedule time to put it into action for my life. I’m writing in my calendar now that I need to talk to my hubby tonight and schedule a time when I can do this.
    3. Going to bed by 10pm.
    4. I know one thing I’m going to do, sign up Dec 15th for the next session. I need this accountability. When I heard about Maximize your Mornings, it was a specific answer to a hearts desire I’d had for a few years. Now, I need to put it into action.

  • Avatar Beth says:

    1. Hardest thing for me is planning. Probably because I homeschool three kids and have two younger ones. I haven’t made it a priority to plan in the mornings. My priorities in order for my mornings is quite time, exercise, then plan. But I feel like a lot of time I make a plan and I am not realistic about what I can really accomplish in each day with all the other tasks that I have and things that come up.
    2. Baby steps to implement each area in our morning. I think as women we tend to just want to jump into it all and accomplish it all. I think we need some realistic expectations about what we can really do and what we can build up to. Maybe a more gradual plan as well as the encouragment to slowly move back the time that you are getting up as you have done.
    3. My biggest challenges to getting up in the morning are just getting up out of that nice warm bed. Once I am out the battle is over. I have actually laid in bed arguing with myself that if I stay in bed I am really not going to get any more good sleep anyway. When I have actually slept in I don’t feel anymore rested anyway so “just move it sister!”
    4. I would love to have word studies mixed into the Bible Study. Like a word a day. Looking at the original Greek or Hebrew meaning and some cultural background.

  • Avatar Carole says:

    1. For me the struggle is that I am not willing to wake up early enough to do all 3, so I have to choose. I chose quiet time over the other 2. For those of us with nursing babes and low energy, it’d be nice to hear ideas on how to accomplish planning and exercise at other times throughout the week. πŸ™‚

    2. Quick 10 minute exercise visuals. Planning stuff. Lots of encouragement to “try, try again.”

    3. Fatigue.

    4. I really benefited from joining. (It was my first time) Things that helped me succeed: choosing my own wake up time, Kat’s encouraging posts towards the beginning of our 12 weeks, having the option to participate in the bible study (and it was simple enough to actually do). I joined an email group because I wasn’t on facebook or twitter. I can see how fb and twitter would be a better fit to just checking in, though. Our email group tended to give 3 – 4 sentences or more each time (I struggle with wordiness). I wonder if that deterred people from checking in (our group has petered out). So, for those of us unfamiliar with twitter, perhaps you could give a tutorial and explain that joining twitter could be JUST for MYM, and not an additional time suck. I am considering doing that next time around.

  • Avatar Carole says:

    Oh – one other thought: being in a group where you already know people sounds nice – I’d like to try it that way. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Carla says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I think the biggest concern for me is quiet time. Suggestions:
    1. What to read (Scripture/devotional ideas) to make the morning less stressful.
    2. Encouragment

    Another thought I have had is if you could address mothers who would like to follow the plan but also need to work. (My situation…I am a nanny but I take my kids with me. Its impossible to get up at 5 every morning if I go to bed at 10:30 so I can finish the things around my house.)

    Or maybe start a seperate thread for those who do have to work outside the home so we can encourage each other to stay focused on what is important in our lives, because work takes over quickly.

  • All of the above–when you have small children very dependent on you! (Who wake up in the middle of the night!) I also stay up way too late, but I work from home, and it seems to be the only time to work?

    I have felt like a failure at this challenge, but I have committed to starting over! Two weeks ago I found out I’ve had an undiagnosed thyroid condition for a year that has been making me extremely fatigued…so now at least I know one reason it’s been so hard to get up in the morning!

  • Avatar Rachel says:

    I’ve appreciated the accountability and encouragement of the HelloMornings group a lot!! My biggest problem with my morning time is having lights out come early enough. Maybe posting when turning in for the night would be a helpful accountability tool to get to bed. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Laura says:

    I didn’t get signed up for the last HelloMorning group, but I have been getting up anyway and reading my bible readings. I don’t exercise and I get up late so I am late for work. I think encouragement would be good. I try to make myself go to bed early so I can read, but it doesn’t always work. I love to read your posts and ideas. Thank you for all your help.

  • Avatar Kim says:

    1. Planning
    2. Planning help. Time organizing help. Being a good steward of time each day and leaving time each day for enjoyment.
    3. Hitting the snooze button. Once I’m up I’m good, but the excuses and sleepiness feeling when the alarm goes off go wild and most days I hit snooze for a good hour.
    4. Something so that the focus is still on the Lord and not checking off a list of quiet time, plan and exercise but that helps it be all about the Lord in each day. Not sure if that makes sense.

  • 1. Exercise

    2. I loved having a membership to the gym. I like “going somewhere” to exercise, but we don’t the funds right now, and my daughter is super temperamental about childcare. So, I’m not sure what I need. I guess motivation!

    3. Too tired. Don’t want to wake the kids (they sleep in our room in pack in plays)

    One thing that has really helped me with quiet times in the Audio Bible feature on Biblegateway. Then I can listen while getting breakfast and eating with my kids.

  • Avatar Margaret says:

    I know I already commented but wanted to chime in on someone’s suggestion of co-leaders. I lost track of my group early on in the session, and didn’t feel like I should “nag” the leader – I’m sure it’s a bit of work and I have no idea what her life is like, right? So, having a backup leader might be a good idea.

    • I like the idea of co-leaders too. That way there is not too much pressure on any one person. Even if we don’t have enough AC’s to go around, maybe once the groups are up and going, someone in each group could volunteer to be the “assistant AC”

  • Avatar Corrie-Lyn says:

    1. Exercise and planning

    2. time management

    3. Getting more sleep

    4. more accountability.

  • Avatar Tressey says:

    Awesome time of meeting new people, bonding and lifting ech other up. My most difficult challenge was consistency when many restless nights occurred due to kids illness, my own illness and/or hormonal fluctuations. Having the group did help me stay committed to having quiet time and excerise more often, mostly do to the accountability factor.

  • Avatar Marcia says:

    1. Exercise
    2. A miracle
    3. Lifting my eyelids
    4. Pray for me.
    In the meantime, encouragement such as this is great.
    I look forward to the new session. Thank you for hosting.

  • Avatar Esperanza says:

    1. Quiet time.
    2. Someone to blow a bugle at my bedside in the morning ;).
    3. Staying up too late.
    4. The program is great! I just need to be better at working it.

  • Avatar Angie J. says:

    1. Exercise
    2. Fitting it in with homeschooling, nursing a baby, housework, potty training toddlers, etc.
    3. Getting up isn’t the problem; it’s actually being active and doing something with the extra time. I tend to get on the computer and waste time in the early morning.
    4. I’ve never been a part of this challenge, so I’m very interested in signing up and getting started!

  • Avatar Nycole says:

    1. My hardest area to work on is am exercise. I would love to work out at 7:00pm everyday, but with a husband & 4 kids, it is not an ideal time.

    2. I am not sure what resources I need. But I do believe that accountability is crucial.

    3. Besides the fact that I love my bed, I struggle with getting awake and focused in a quiet, darkish house.

    4. I missed the opportunity to be involved last session. I thought I had applied, but could not find myself on any list. However God knew that I wasn’t prepared to give Him my mornings yet. My discipline in the Fall was not there. But as my family grows, my time diminishes. I fully believe that mornings could be my spot tomovey body and focus myself on the Lord. Nowore than ever I know I need to be praying for my kids and being “there” for them when they are home. But I also know I can’t do it alone. Thanks for this opportunity,

  • Avatar Kimberly says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Exercise
    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? Encouragement, accountability, belief that it will get easier!
    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? The Night Before. It seems if I I manage to go to bed early enough, all 3 of my children (4 and under) will wake up during the night crying, puking, or something, and I am exhausted with a headache when the alarm sounds.
    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? No, I’ve been following the blog for a year now and I’m excited to start this winter!

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    1. Planning is the area hardest for you. I started out just focusing on Quiet Time and have added a small amount of exercise, but then my time “runs out” before I get to do any planning.

    2. I could use a simple planning resources — like a list of what things I should be planning (daily, weekly, monthly). Just a starting point would help.

    3. My biggest challenges to getting up in the morning is wanting more time to myself in the evening so I go to bed too late.

    4. Idea to consider – grouping folks by state instead of just by time zone. Sounds like you’ve got enough folks to break up into fifty groups! (well, plus your international participants)

  • Avatar Heather says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise?
    Depends on the day, really. All three some days, none on others

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.) Accountability

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning?
    Knowing I have to go to work!

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better?
    I’m not sure if I have any suggestions. Perhaps more structure? Like many others, our group fizzled out within a month, and there are four of us who actively participate. Our “leader” hasn’t been around for weeks. I do enjoy the bible study, but I like meditating on the verses, since the questions are so general and don’t necessarily apply. I learned more out of the first few weeks than I did in the subsequent weeks.

  • Avatar Clara says:

    1. Exercise.
    2. Workout ideas.
    3. Knowing I have to go to work, but would rather stay at home.
    4. Encouragement.

  • My biggest challenge is exercise and finding the time. I often struggle to get up late too mainly due to coming home and trying to work on my business after working at my day job all day. Honestly, I can’t say what would help me because if I knew I’d create it myself!

    As for the challenge itself, I do find it difficult to connect on Twitter. I think Facebook may be easier. I feel like it’s more communal.

  • Avatar Andrea says:

    I’m excited – this will be my first go-round!

    Getting up early is a routine for me, but my challenge is hitting the snooze button one too many times, not leaving enough time for both exercise and time with God. So I usually sacrifice exercise. I really need to accountability to stick to my wake-up time!

  • Avatar Kristi says:

    All 3. :(.
    I’d love printables. I’m a sucker for those!!!

    Like tracking for exercise, weekly docket for planning! And please continue do no depart!! I love having a study plan!! I just need to stick with it!!!

  • Avatar Andrea Stricklen says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise? Exercise and Planning

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.) Workout ideas and planning help LOL maybe a lesson in creativity πŸ™‚

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? Desire to. I have been struggling with overall desire to get up, to have quiet time ect. Sad thing is I know that I know if I allow my quiet time to lag it all seems worse, still.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better?

  • Avatar Sue says:

    1. Exercise

    2. Workout ideas that include my grandson (1) who lives with us.

    3. I have no difficulty getting up in the morning. It’s getting into bed at a reasonable time that escapes me.

    4. I can’t think of anything that I’d change. I had an excellent Challenge.

  • Avatar Tiffany says:

    1. Planning & committing to goals/tasks at hand
    2. Organization & encouragement
    3. Lack of motivation & never truly feeling rested
    4. I’m so happy I found this website, this is a huge help to me. I just need to stick to it πŸ™‚

  • Avatar jennifer says:

    1. Planning
    2. Accountability partner, a devotional/thoughts/notebook to mull over what I am reading, reinforcements
    3. Staying up too late
    4. Never did the Challenge before, so not sure yet.

  • I just can’t seem to get up early enough to do quiet time AND exercise before the kids get up.
    Great questions! You are so awesome to help!
    If you decide to do any calendars or more mugs that is what I do! I am a mom working from home selling promotional items nationwide. πŸ™‚

  • I need help with excersize. I need motivation/accountablity/ideas.
    I find that with Fibromyalgia I struggle with consistantcy. Some mornings I wake up ready and others I can’t even read first thing. I have loved the accountablity partners. A tip (encourager) post about a different area of focus.

  • Avatar Eva Patterson says:

    I would really like to have a wake up text in the morning… With maybe an inspirational verse to help me get out of bed in the morning lol!

  • Avatar Janet says:

    1. Exercise. Did great for awhile but now need to get back on track!
    2. Resources: You gals are great with that already! Feature your planners and online features more for others to see.
    3. Remembering to check in. Seriously!
    4. I know this is normal, but at the beginning of the challenge, everyone is gung ho and excited. By the end, I hardly know what is going on anymore. I think part of this is normalcy with dropouts and such but another part is that the blog Inspired to Action or elsewhere needs to do MYM posts regularly (once a week or MORE) reminding people where we are in the session and to keep it up!

    Thanks for getting me motivated! I now love my morning time (most days… haha) and never thought I’d say that!

  • Avatar Prerna says:

    I’d have to say exercise. I do get up early (4:30-5AM) most days but I just can’t get myself to exercise. I also have a fitness trainer friend who trains me for 2 days but that’s it. The other days, I just enjoy my quiet time, planning time but nothing for exercise. So, yes, I need encouragement, motivation and accountability to exercise.

  • Avatar Olivia Lopez says:

    1. Exercise

    2. Just keep encouraging me!

    3. Staying up too late

    4. Come to my house and tell me to get in bed. πŸ™‚

  • 1. Exercise
    2. Planning help – getting family to support me
    3. Waking up tired
    4. Not sure

  • Avatar Jill says:

    Getting up is hard for me because I stay up late after everyone else goes to bed to get everything done. Exercise is challenging because I have three kids and two dogs that want to “exercise” with me. I spend more time taming a circus act than getting my heart rate up. Also, I have medical issues that are a struggle. These are all my own problems, though. Your emails have helped tremendously. Thank you

  • Avatar Katie says:

    1. exercise, for sure
    2. motivation and a set plan for exercise…it’s easy for me to just not do it
    3. having a consistent bedtime; sometimes I get enough sleep, sometimes not
    4. maybe some more tools/ideas/help for exercise stuff; the abiding fruit study has been a great tool for bible study and I’ve really gotten in a groove with that and planning, I’m just lacking in the exercise department

  • Avatar Becca says:

    1. Definitely exercise! I just can’t seem to get up early enough.

    2. A baby that sleeps in past 6am! Haha. Actually, knowing that this is just a season and not a forever wake-up time has been helpful. Someday he’ll be a surly teenager and I’ll have soooooo much time to do quiet time, plan, and exercise before he stumbles out of his room at noon.

    3. I stay up too late

    4. I think it would be good to have more facilitation in our Hello Mornings accountability groups. Ours checks in rarely now. I’d love for our leader to challenge and push us to keep getting up early.

  • Avatar Dena says:

    My greatest challenge is exercise. If SOMEONE would help me make my exercising fun somehow maybe I’d actually do it but there are so many other things in life that need to be done that if this particular thing is not fun it’s not gonna get done! πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Azucena says:

    1. Exercise

    2.workout ideas

    3. Steying up too late

    4. I like how the group work, I want to be with the same people.

  • Avatar Kris M. says:

    1. Excercise
    2. Workout ideas – ones that are quick (less than 30 mins) and don’t require any equipment…and are quiet!
    3. Staying up too late…and pushing the snooze button too many times!
    4. Suggestions for group accountability leaders to motivate groups.

  • Avatar Kirsten says:

    1. Exercise. Struggling to fit it in.

    2. Work-out ideas – preferably short, effective and that can be performed indoors with little to no equipment!

    3. Getting to bed too late.

    4. A set plan for exercise or somewhere to check in and be held accountable. The Bible study is great and the group support for that is wonderful (even though, sadly, we seem to have lost a couple of members along the way). It would be good if there was an additional/separate form of exercise support, so that it doesn’t detract from time with God, which is the most important out of quiet time, planning and exercise.

    Thank you so much for this challenge and for preparing another one (I was praying about what I should do next just the other day!). I have been up at 5.30am every day for the past 12 weeks (in the past I have never made it past 4 weeks) and can’t imagine not starting my day with quiet time now. I tend to do my planning in the evenings, so I now need need to try and fit some exercise in!

    • Avatar Dasha Estalilla says:

      I am beyond excited about this next session. Many years ago our church in Anchorage, AK has started a “Moms’ club”, a discussion group for moms with young children that meets once a week with for a leader-facilitated discussion with free childcare and coffee (!). I have been part of it for 5 years now, even co-leading it for a year and a half. I have discovered MYM last spring and this fall I have actually signed up to do the challenge and it literally changed my life! I have been sharing about I2A and MYM with my girlfriends and a few of them want to get on board. I want to do an official plug in at our Mom’s Club. I believe God is challenging me to become one of the group captains for Alaska for this next session! So count me in!

      as far as the questions that you ask:
      1.I get my exercise in almost every am, it is the planning and the quiet time i have trouble with.
      2. thanks to “Do Not Depart” and BSF I get plenty of Bible studying resources, and thanks to Jillian Michaels I get my butt kicked every morning. But I lack planning resources (or motivation lol)
      3. going to bed late
      4. this cannot get any better! you are a God-send!

      • Avatar Dasha Estalilla says:

        oops, this was not meant as a reply to your comment, but since I am writing, I wanted to mention pinterest.com, the virtual pinboard, where you can find all kinds of awesome links. search for “tone it up girls lean abs/legs/arms pyramid”. these are amazingly simple workout instructions that will actually give a great workout.

  • Avatar Dayna Nickle says:

    I have been doing afternoon quiet times, because I desperately need Scripture, study and prayer. It is the inspiration and light to my path to keep going forward. I guess just know that I can do it even if it isnÒ€ℒt perfect is good enough.

  • Avatar Leigh says:

    1. Exercise
    2. Encouragement and accountability
    3. none. πŸ˜‰ I feel like I’ve gotten into a great routine and I really count on that time in the morning.
    4. I have no idea how you can improve! it was fabulous!

  • Avatar Steph says:

    My biggest challenge – Anytime that I set an alarm, at least 1 of my three boys will wake up – no matter if it is 3:00, 5:00, 7:00. I have just not been able to do this time alone. And when I try and it backfires, I am grumpier than I might have been on an average morning. I really want to make this work.

    • Steph, Keep at it. I only have 1 boy (now 4 yrs old), so it is not as challenging for me. This will be my 3rd session. It took quite a bit of my first session to “train” my son that he can get up with me, but that he has to be quiet and let me study. But he has gotten used to it now and I think it is good that he sees me making time with the Lord a priority. If he was asleep, he would not even know that I study every day.

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    1. Exercise
    3. I had a little bit of insomnia for a few weeks of the challenge, as well as being sick for 2 weeks. Kids waking me in the middle of night is a toughie too.
    4. I know it was hard enough to put the groups together as it was with so many people signing up, but it would be nice to get a few “veterans” in the groups so that they can help with the flow of checking in, etc. Every person in my group was a first-timer, and it was pretty quiet on days when I was sick and couldn’t get to commenting in our group page. I think everyone had super high expectations at the beginning (most were to wake by 6am which was earlier than my time 6:30am, so that was already tough for me as an AC to be waking later than everyone else), and when they couldn’t be met, they kind of dropped out. I think, in general, I saw this happening in many groups from the looks of the AC FB page.

    Anyhow, I’m still convinced that if we get a good start in the morning with our God time, exercise, and planning, that everyone is generally happier, and our day is more productive, so here’s to another round of MYM!! Thank you for doing all of this Kat, Katie, Lara, Michelle and Kellye. I haven’t been able to get to the Bible Study as much this time around, but love the days when I can, and also loving memorizing Romans 8 over at Do Not Depart.

  • Avatar HeatherB says:

    1. Planning and Exercise
    2. Work out ideas would be great. Also planning tips…that don’t require a lot of time or planning πŸ˜‰ I’m still trying to find a binder/book that helps me get through my week. Can’t seem to pull it together on my own.
    3. My 4 month old. Not going to bed early enough. General lack of self discipline πŸ™
    4. My group started strong…but kind of lost momentum. I’m not sure what would be a good solution…

  • Avatar Karla says:

    1. Exercise- not enough
    2. Energy and workout ideas for an old flabby lady
    3. I work at night and sleep during day so inspiration for doing my housework at night while everyone else is sleeping would be great

  • Avatar Emma says:

    1. All three
    2. More sleep and self discipline. (thanks for all your encouragement)
    3. I have 3 small children and am always woken in the night at least once often several times. I also tend to go to bed late (11pm) this is because by the time I have got them all to bed it’s often 8.30 if not later and I just feel I need some wind down time myself, and time with my husband.
    4.I guess work on my kids bedtime routine. and get to bed earlier, but just don’t know what to do about them waking in the night.
    Thanks for everything.

  • Avatar Margaret D says:

    1. Exercise! It is cold here and the sun does rise until almost 8 AM. By the time it does I am well into my day’s schedule.
    2. I need workout plans that can be done inside during the early morning hours.
    3. I am a morning person. I have no trouble getting up early.
    4. Our email group started out strong and then has fizzled the last few weeks. Everyone is really busy with the upcoming holidays, so that could be a factor. I also think that a daily check-in of “I am up” gets a little boring. It might be better to have check-ins 2-3 times a week. I do not want to add any extras to a group leader, but maybe a beginning of the week post with thought for the week/Bible verse that could be a starting place for daily quiet time. At the end of the week everyone could post their comments.

  • Avatar Jill says:

    1. I have the hardest time with exercise, it is cold, and I don’t want to sweat when it’s cold!
    2. I’m not sure that you can help with tools for that. It is a mind over matter thing!
    3.Distractions with small kids makes it hardest to get up or at least always get through my morning me time.
    4. The accountability was good to begin with, but I found that if I checked in on FB before doing my morning study I would waste time, then by the time I was done I would forget to check in. I guess what I am saying is I didn’t really need that part of it, but others may…

  • Avatar Jodi says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, exercise will eventually happen but that’s honestly not a priority for me right now. I get a lot of movement from cleaning and chasing after my kids.

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? I’m not sure… Still trying to figure out my mornings, my oldest started school this year so our mornings are a little crazier, even if I didn’t wake up on time, I would still try to get it quiet time before taking him to school which rarely worked but then I would have a hard time getting it done later in the day.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? The snooze button, I go to bed at a decent time, it took a long time but I finally learned that the hard way when nursing and having little babies that staying up late was never a good idea.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? Honestly, my FB group totally fell apart 4-5 weeks ago. There were maybe 4-5 of us posting regularly then down to 2-3 and now some have even removed themselves from the group. It seems like maybe some more direction for the leaders would be helpful, I thought grouping based on time zones so everyone is roughly aiming for the same time was great. I liked the study but often felt like some of the questions weren’t applicable at all to the verses and having virtually no discussion going on in the group didn’t help me stay motivated.

  • Avatar Alison says:

    1. I have my a slightly different agenda in the mornings and don’t usually do my planning and exercise at that time. I do that at other times of day. My morning plan is to journal and have quiet time first thing. I struggle with both b/c I tend to get distracted, but I think I just need more discipline.
    2. I would love to have more planning help, even though that’s not my morning routine.
    3. I need to get to bed earlier.
    4. Someone mentioned “make it more personal”. If possible, that would be great, but you are doing a wonderful job, Kat.

    • Yep, I agree with Alison. Kat, you (all) are doing a WONDERFUL job. As much as we can come up with things that would make this experience more personal for each of us, YOU are the one who came up with the idea and have encouraged all of us to even get started getting up and saying #hellomornings with you πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work.

  • Avatar JB says:

    1.Exercise is hardest for me when I’m not able to go to the gym.

    2.Nothing, really. Just encouragement.

    3. Husband’s schedule of traveling and working late, so our routine gets thrown off when he’s home. I end up staying up late with him because of his schedule, sick kids keeping me up, etc.

    4. More encouragement from the individual group. The lack of interaction between my group was hard for me. I tried to be encouraging to others and check in regularly, but lost interest of checking in with no interaction or encouragement beyond the first 2 weeks of the challenge from my particular group. It’s hard to be accountable with no accountability- no one notices or responds to one another when posting. Fostering personal interaction and interest in each individual would improve the experience, I think and encourage real accountability. Love the challenge and will do it again, though. Not everything can be perfect and that’s okay! Discipline is ultimately each person’s journey with God, anyhow.

  • Avatar Alissa says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? None – Usually I sit down to read my Bible and then realize I could empty the dish drainer “real quick” and then I sit back down read 5 words and realize that I could blah, blah, blah….and then my house is clean and my heart is not. I just need to sit down and stayed seated until I am done with my quiet time!

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? Staying consistent – if I get into the routine of going to bed early, my body will wake up early on its own. But as soon as sleep in a few days or stay up late a few nights, we are back to square one, it seems

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? I love your encouragement! It is great! I love my the other women in my group. I think we are probably the most international group – and it is great to be connected to women all over the world!

  • Avatar JennJenn says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise?
    Exercise – Seriously… who has time for that?

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.)
    I would do a double flip for a 15 minute yoga workout.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning?
    Besides getting out of bed? Keeping my family in bed. It’s summer here so everyone thinks it’s a fantastic idea to leap out of bed half way through my bible reading.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better?
    I think, that while the positive input is vital, we neglect the warnings in our studies – I think the warnings are so very important because the blessings and promises are linked to them so closely. Like this week we should be reading through to verse 10, instead of stopping at vs8. Just a thought. I do it anyway, so it doesn’t really matter if you’d prefer to keep it only on the positives.

    I love this challenge and wouldn’t miss it for the world. The prayer chain is amazing and the women are absolutely fantastic. Thank you for opening this door for me.

  • Avatar Emily B says:

    Quiet time is hardest for me.
    Resources…not sure. Mainly I need to develop my own discipline (see below).
    Biggest challenges-going to bd at a decent time (she types at 12:46 a.m.) and getting motivated to jump out of bed in the morning. The dark and cold in Boise doesn’t help.
    Ideas or suggestions-I’m not a twitter person (though I do have an account) and I don’t plan or want to be. So an email or online forum option would be much better for me.

  • Avatar Janie says:

    1. Exercise
    2. Basically just encouragement to do it!
    3. Going to bed too late the night before.
    4. Encouragement and more accountability within the groups. My group also fizzled out about a month ago, but even then, there were only about 6 of us who would regularly check in. More discussion about what we’re reading in our devotions would be helpful too.

  • Avatar Megan says:

    1. exercise
    2. daily workout routines/goals
    3. tearing off those covers!
    4. more encouragement/accountablility within our groups. LOVE the daily email/blogs.
    Keep doing what you do. Thank you so much for this blessing in my life!

  • Avatar Michelle Darden says:

    1. Planning (time management) because when planning is a problem, exercise and quiet time become a problem.

    2. ideas from people who have that area down. (LOVE the worship music and exercise music posts) that really helped get me motivated!

    3. This isn’t the problem for me.

    4. YES. I’m writing big so you notice my comment. πŸ™‚ PLEASE make groups for people with just older kiddos. I’m homeschooling teenagers and have been put into groups with moms with babies. I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN A GROUP WITH OTHER MOM’S WITH CHILDREN IN MY AGE GROUP. (not writing angry, just writing so I get noticed in all the comments) lol!!

  • Avatar Cee says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: Quiet Time, Planning, or Exercise? Exercise because I have back pain.

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? (workout ideas, planning help, etc.) Anything.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? Lack of sleep due to pain.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? Pray please?

  • Avatar Donna says:

    Quiet time (bible study) is the hardest of all. It’s my selfishness that’s the root of the problem. I want to please myself by staying up late at night and staying in bed as late as possible in the mornings. The thing that would help me the most is to have a real, live person there each morning pulling me out of bed, reminding me that I wanted to get up, and sitting by me as I do my bible study and then going out for exercise with me. I need to grow up!

  • Avatar Christin says:

    1. Quiet Time

    2. A plan for study/reading the Bible

    3. Getting out of bed — not really making it a priority πŸ™

    4. I think you all are doing great, really. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Jill Garcia says:

    Hey Kat! Thanks for organizing all of this! The Lord has really gifted you and I’m so thankful that you are putting those gifts to good use!!! Keep up the good work!

    1. Planning seems to be my biggest challenge right now. I’m such a list maker, but the follow through is something I really struggle with (cleaning, organizing, meal planning, etc…)

    3. The habit of hitting the snooze button, knowing that my boys will likely sleep in.

    4. Encouragement. FB has been great, but I’ve noticed (and I’m sure I”m not the only one) that about half way through it’s very normal for people to drop out/drop off, and there are definintely days that I’m the only one checking in at all. I honestly couldn’t even tell you who our group leader is because it just seems like no one is really involved anymore. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but the accountability piece that I know is the purpose of a lot of the challenge has completely faded away. I’m not really sure how that can change since I know things come up and people’s schedules change. Just wanted to be honest πŸ˜‰

  • Avatar Amy says:

    1. Exercise is not even on my radar. Yet. Maybe next challenge! I would like a more in depth quiet time
    2. Maybe a Bible study with more interactive questions.
    3. My biggest struggle is that I can’t seem to get out of bed- literally. I cosleep with my baby, and it is hard for me to get her back to sleep without falling asleep myself. I am not ready for her to stay awake as early as I want to get out of bed.
    4. My email group fizzled out. Our leader was good about posting most days, and maybe two or three other people. I am sorry I just quit checking in because it was just a “I got up and did my study. Have a great day.” I never got to know anyone or even got to put a name with a certain situation or “person”. It would be nice to have more interaction. I am a stay at home mom, though, so I understand moms at work may not be able to post as much in the morning.
    I noticed that one other comment said she was in a group of all moms with little ones. I should have been in her group!

    • Amy, check out http://www.goodmorningirls.org. They have in depth/interactive bible studies and their session correspond with the MYM challenges (the winter session, a 12 week study of Ephesians, also starts on Jan 15)

      After you check into it, if you are interested, you can email me at jlpgunter (at) gmail (dot) com, and I can add you to our group or you can go out to the GMG registration and request to be added to a group. You might be able to find/start one with people who live in your area so that you can plan to meet for coffee or something like that.

  • Avatar Gerri says:

    1. Which area is the hardest for you to work on: All of the above!

    2. What resources do you need that would help you in any of those areas? I think it is just my own follow through.

    3. What are your biggest challenges to getting up in the morning? I work nights, so my schedule is funky. When I get a chance to sleep in, I don’t want to get up.

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better? I think you do a great job!!

  • Avatar Lauren says:

    1. Exercise is the hardest area for me.
    2. Workout ideas, time management ideas.
    3. My biggest challenges are staying up too late the night before and not hearing my alarm in the morning (I can’t turn it up too loud without waking up the rest of the house)
    4. I’m looking forward to my first HelloMornings challenge!

  • This will be my 3rd MYM session. I have gotten pretty good about dedicating the first minutes of my day to bible study, however, I rarely get up before my son. He has just gotten used to the fact that Momma is going to do bible study and he has to be patient and let me. So for me I guess my list would be:

    1. Encouragement (thankfully we get that in our groups)…Maybe some mini-challenges to keep us from dropping off during the course of the challenge? Example: Weeks 1-4 could be planning/getting to bed earlier (maybe check in at night to say it’s 10 pm and I’m going to bed now), weeks 5-8 waking earlier, weeks 9 – 12 adding exercise. Where we would be accountable to each other for specific things?
    2. Planning, planning, planning (so that I get to bed earlier and can rise earlier and then my bible study would automatically become quiet time, too)
    3. Exercise (I have yet to add that to my morning routine)

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Karen says:

    1. Exercise.
    2. Not sure, I do better when I workout in the evening after my son’s in bed, so fitting it in in the morning has been especially difficultÒ€¦
    3. Going to bed at a reasonable time in the eveningÒ€¦My husband is a night owl and that’s about the only time we get together. Cutting that short is extremely difficult.
    4. This challenge is amazingly great. The one thing that was difficult was that our group stopped checking in after awhileÒ€¦don’t know how exactly to counterract that. Mini-challenges, one of the other commenters suggested, sounds great, and might help.

  • Avatar sarah says:

    1. Exercise

    2. a partner!ha I don’t know. I have stuff at home but it is hard to find the time to get it done.

    3. tired

    4. I can’t seem to think of anything. I like having the accountability but am a little sad that out of ten in a group only one or two actually participate. I know that is nothing you can help with but it does make it a little sad.

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    1. Exercise!! Painful to try to fit in! Yesterday my gym installed treadmills with facebook and web access on the screen….. Can you have quiet time on the treadmill while facebooking your MYM group? This could TOTALLY revolutionize my mornings! πŸ™‚

    2. The Bible study was a big help. Simple to pick up at any time – my group loved it!!

    3. My husband has been working late. I stay up and wait for him.

    4. Loved my group! They were very transparent and supportive! Would love to keep same ladies. Is it possible to get with people in your geographic area? The downside is that people may not be as transparent knowing you live in the next town. You all are rock stars!! Loved being a leader.

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  • 1. Exercise: When I run out of time this is the first thing I don’t do.
    2. Planning: Feel like if I planned for exercise better I would get it done.
    3. Going to bed on time: If I don’t get to bed on time, I don’t get up on time.
    4. The challenge was great and I got a lot out of my group. Keeping consistent with check in was hard, but I am wondering if it is the time I chose to check in. Maybe if I chose a first thing in the morning group it would be better.

  • Avatar MemeGRL says:

    1. Exercise. Hate it, and if I’m behind, the need-to-shower-immediately thing becomes a problem.

    2. I’m not sure what resources would help.

    3. I’ve always been a night owl, so going to bed early is the real kicker for me. And if I think, Oh, how awesome, I got 8 hours, a loud voice cheers: Go for nine!

    4. Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it better?
    No, but I have to say my group leader, Niki G., was AWESOME. Her encouragement and thoughtful emails were a real blessing to me and our whole group.

  • Avatar katie says:

    1) Quiet time & planning.
    2) Planning help and encouragement!
    3) Biggest challenge for getting up in the AM is being too tired from going to bed late.
    4) Honestly just “checking” in was not enough for me. I would have liked my group leader to maybe post some inspiration, some quotes, some realness, something other than “good morning, have a good day”. Something to let me kno how hard it was for her to mke it a habit and how she pushed through and what helped her ect.

  • Avatar Michelle says:

    1. Planning is my hardest challenge
    2. Resource that would help – other than someone writing out my plan for me, seeing other examples of plans to jump start me
    3. Biggest challenge for getting up in the morning – I’m a night owl by nature and it’s hard to go to sleep early.
    4. This will be my first challenge so in my opinion, you all are doing great! πŸ™‚