Great Words and Fried Worms

I think any good post should start off with a video of my friend Keely eating fried worms.

Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Keely is the (ah-mazing!) photographer for all the Compassion Blogger trips and this past week, Compassion took an incredible team of bloggers to Ecuador. You can read all the posts, see the pictures and watch the videos here.

This Week’s Must Read Posts

This post from Ann Voskamp, this one from Melanie and this one from Shaun Groves really inspired and challenged me. I dare you to read them and tell me they didn’t change you.

Watch With Your Kids

My kids enjoyed watching these two videos. They spurred great conversation about wealth, poverty and how we can impact the Compassion kids we sponsor.

Other Great Reads

Here are a couple other posts that I’ve been meaning to share with you:

Imperfection – by Tsh at

The Shopping Guide: Comfortably Dressy Style – The title of this post might sound off topic compared to the rest of the posts I’ve recommended today, but Rachel’s blog is SO inspiring and challenges me to live more simply and purposefully.

What great posts did you read this week?


  1. Thanks for sharing the posts from Shaun and Melanie. I would not have read them if you hadn’t shared, and they were very powerful.

  2. fried worms…so gross…not sure I could do it! My husband and I just saw Gabe Scott playing with Bebo Norman just outside of Buffalo last night!! What a great couple!

    Ann’s post was incredibly moving…off to read the others.

  3. Hey! Seeing the name of that video “Keely Eats A Worm” so makes me laugh!
    Thanks so much for following along and supporting the trip!

    You are Loved!

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