The Secret To Being Perfectly Confident At Any Social Event

By October 17, 2011Get Inspired

I’ve noticed something horrible lately.

I’ve been looking into the mirror too much. Is my hair ok? I’ve been looking at my wardrobe too much. Are my clothes ok? I’ve fluctuated between feeling less than and not so less than but rarely just right.

Next week, I’m headed to a blog conference in Pennsylvania called Relevant Allume. I’m super excited to see old friends, meet new ones and transform online relationships into real life ones.

But my perspective has been off. I’ve been focused on impressing people; trying to make them remember me, and that will ALWAYS result in insecurity and vanity, two faces of the same monster – selfishness.

So I’ve been unpacking, polishing and practicing the secret weapon that allows us to walk into any occasion in complete confidence.

My secret weapon? Prayer.

“Um, wow, Kat. A bit cliche today, are we?”

Well, if the cliche fits, wear it…

And with holiday parties approaching, I thought there might be others who could use the reminder that when our hearts and minds are turned toward loving Jesus and loving others, there is no room left for insecurity or comparison.

Fighting Insecurity…

When I pull up to a perfect event filled with perfect people and I’m feeling horribly less than, I think of all the people that intimidate me. And then I pray for them.

Something Like This…

God, thank you for Kelly! Thank you that she challenges me and inspires me to be more than I am. I pray that you would bless her home. Make it a place of peace, comfort and security; rich with stories of Your faithfulness.

I pray that she would find all her confidence and hope in you.

Tonight, I ask that the words that come from my mouth would be ones not intended to draw attention to myself but ones that give you fame. I can’t bring joy, heal hurts or restore like you can. Do those things through me tonight in the heart of each person I talk to.

Give me the words to speak and ears to listen
. To listen well. Thank you for the privilege of being with these people, Your children. May my thoughts, actions and words bring only life.

You are good. What an honor and privilege to walk into that room with Your name, my definition.”

Can I Get an Amen?

Dear Insecurity,

You just got the smackdown.


There goes the Enemy’s failed attempt to make me take my eyes off of Jesus; his backfired strategy to get me to draw attention to myself. Instead he got served a crazy dose of in-your-face comparison crushing compassion.

Don’t just dress up, pray up. And I daresay it will be an event to remember.

(…adapted from this post.)

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