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By October 31, 2011General

What a joy to finally meet my HelloMornings cohorts at the Relevant Blog Conference this past week: Michelle, Lara and Katie. They are just as lovely and amazing as I’d imagined.

And they’re also very goofy. Like me.

Hellomornings Meet Up

We also had the opportunity to do a Hellomornings meet up and were crazy blessed to have Christa Wells and Nicole Witt lead us in worship. What a sweet time it was to see so many faces in 3D and not just as a little box on Facebook or Twitter!

photo courtesy of Michelle

You Were There…

You might be thinking, “Um…no, Kat, I wasn’t.” But you were. You are part of this community and I hope you’ll look at this photo knowing that you were wanted. We wish all of you could have been there to worship with us. And every morning, all over the world…we do that. We worship together…songs, prayers soaring into the ears of God.

Join us tomorrow morning?

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  • Kat. That 1/2 hour (or however long it was) was the best part of my weekend. I felt flattened to the floor with God’s extreme love and attention to me. Spending time with Him in the morning has changed my life. And how apropos that he really did meet-up with us! 🙂

    Thank you, God for meeting with us!

  • Kristi says:

    I agree with oooohamanda :). Such a blessing to meet up with like minded women…and the worship was amazing!!! thank you Kat and crew for leading us down the hellomornings path!!

  • Heather says:

    For all those who were not there…please read “Jesus Calling” for Oct 29th (the day of our #hellomornings meetup)… includes words like “beginning your day alone with me is essential preparation for success”, an athlete analogy (for coach Kat) and ends with these words: “Relax with me while I ready you for action”…seriously?

    I was determined not to cry that day (enough tears were shed the day before) but when Christa Wells started playing “Amazing Grace”…the tears welled up and spilled over. Thank you to all involved. wonderful to worship together in(RL) and to be thinking of the great #hellomornings group there with us.

  • michelle says:

    Yes, you were all wanted there! We missed you. 🙂

  • Stacey says:

    I have to tell you, I did not make to the sweet time of fellowship. But I was waiting outside to meet a friend for breakfast listening to the worship rising up to meet the Lord. The most precious family walked by – and stopped. They looked in. Looked at each other. Looked in again. Paused, and went on.

    Your worship moved them. And me.

    Truly blessed!

  • Liberty says:

    what an endearing post for those of us who missed it! thank you for including me in your hearts…

    • Kat says:

      Oh, I so wish you could have been there! Perhaps next year we’ll try to live stream it so everyone can worship together…

  • I was so blessed by the morning worship meet up. You girls have truly been a blessing in my life!

  • Erika says:

    You guys make me want to start blogging just so I can hang out with you at the Relevant conference!

  • Kat, thanks for welcoming me into your worship time. I’m so glad I stayed. I hope to join into your beautiful community here.

    • Kat says:

      I’m so glad you stayed too! It was such a joy to meet you and hear a bit of your story. You are always welcome here!

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  • I absolutely loved our meet-up. In my mind’s eye, it was exactly what I imagined. Quiet worship. Sitting still before Him with sisters whom I love and adore.
    You did it RIGHT!
    Thank you!

  • Rachel says:

    Sadly, I am not of the morning persuasion- BUT, one of the sweetest moments I encountered at Relevant was peeking in on the most lovely worship a morning ever beheld. Sweet sisters voices- rising up to Him. I was in awe just listening in….

  • sandi says:

    i adore christa’s music. so fun to click on a wide-reaching blog and have her music highlighted. she certainly sings from the heart.

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