A Little Backwards Today: Action to Inspiration

By August 30, 2011General

Shaun Groves – Third World Symphony (Ethiopia Story) from Shaun Groves on Vimeo.

If you’ve read this blog for long, you might know I’m a little obsessed with music. There was the time I listened to Brooke Fraser’s album Albertine for an entire 27 hour road trip. Or my entire childhood listening to Amy Grant.

Well, on my flight home from the Philippines I had one album on repeat. Shaun had handed it to me on a USB flash drive in the Tokyo airport. As I stood in line to board my flight to Seattle with Stephanie and Ryan, I held my laptop and my iphone, cables everywhere trying to transfer it to my phone before we got on the 10 hour flight. I succeeded and listened to it the rest of the trip home and much of the time since then. It’s that good.

It’s been so powerful to have a soundtrack for that life changing trip. Though the days move me farther and farther away from those experiences, Shaun’s album continues to bring my heart right back to the homes of the children we visited.

Today, Shaun’s album, Third World Symphony, releases on iTunes and on his website. Take the simple action of getting his album and you’ll be inspired…

Three of my favorites from the album are All Is Grace, Awake My Soul and Downhere. If you’ve heard the album, what are your favorites?

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