What Do You Do When You Can’t Do Anything?

By June 2, 2011Compassion

Sometimes I feel inspired and it’s easy to take action. This isn’t one of those times.

Right now I’m supposed to be writing a deep, inspiring blog post. Words should be flowing from me like a fountain.

Instead, I’ve been wandering the halls of the hotel, desperate for focus. Desperate to know how to remove even a drop from the Niagra Falls of experience and emotion that are raging inside me.

But they all seem to be dammed up at my keyboard.

I want to write. I want to inspire, but I am spent and like the sand just beyond the churning sea, I am dry.

So what do when you don’t feel like you can move?

You pray and you crawl until you can run.

I’ve been praying. Reminding God that He organized all the logistics to make my presence on this trip a reality and so, can He PLEASE give me a post to write….now? And soon my pleas turned to thank you’s and my thank you’s turned to worship and my worship turned to writing.

At first my writing more closely resembled staring at a blank screen, but soon I decided to just begin typing.

Because when you’re trying to get water from a dam you simply drill a hole and let it come.

So, even though I’m tired and spent, I’m putting one finger in front of the other. Why?

Because they are worth it.

You may feel like you can’t move. Perhaps all the Compassion posts have left you feeling overwhelmed. So what do you do?

You Pray

Ask God what He wants your next step to be. Ask He how He wants you to respond.

Sometimes You Crawl

  • Share the Compassion Bloggers posts on Twitter and Facebook like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Print out this page and put it on your fridge. Pray for their food each time you get yours.
  • Take 5 minutes to look at your budget. Find the extra $38 hiding in there.
  • As a reader mentioned she’s doing with her family, read through some of the Compassion Bloggers posts as a devotion time or at bedtime. Let it stir your children’s hearts.
  • If you are a sponsor, print a picture to send to your child today.

Sometimes You Leap

Sometimes when you don’t know what to do, you just leap.

Here’s the Key

If these faces stir your heart. If these stories inspire you. Do something. Now. Maybe you need to crawl. Maybe you need to leap.

But do something. Because doing nothing accomplishes nothing.

But action begets action. What’s the point of being inspired if it doesn’t change us?

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  • Ruth Abel says:

    We sponsor 3 children, and I often feel like I understand what “poverty” really is. Your posts have been a blessing. A gut wrenching reality check, but a blessing. Every glimpse into the reality that these children live in is so humbling. Thank you.

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  • Laura says:

    Kat, I have totally been hanging on every word of your posts. I look forward to your blogs. Today the pictures touched my heart. The little boy at the top is adorable. I pray for him as I pray for all of the children to have better lives. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for your bravery and love.

  • I can only imagine how your emotions and nerves must be on edge today. You’ve taken in so much in the last few days. Your words still inspire.

    Praying for you.

  • michelle says:

    Kat, thanks for being our eyes this week. I can’t imagine what it’s like being there personally, adding in the other senses, jet-lag, homesickness, and meeting everyone face-to-face. I appreciate you immensely.

    So, for my action, I will send our Compassion child photos, pictures and a birthday card. (We share the same birthday!) I’m giving myself a deadline of next Thursday. I’ll keep brainstorming creative financing ideas. Blows my mind that sponsored children have sponsor kids of their own. So humbling.

    Praying strength for the next few days. I was recently encouraged by someone: “You are doing His work- He won’t let you fail! “

  • Anna says:

    I’ll be praying for you. 🙂 I find that I need to be out of a situation to have time to really process it. When I’m in the middle, I can’t think things through as well.

    Thanks for your availability to God’s leading.

  • Adrienne says:

    Dear Kat,
    Your writings throughout your trip have been so moving to me. My husband and I have wanted to, meant to, felt a strong desire to sponsor a child for years and years now. Somehow our own selfish concerns often pushed the notion aside as other financial demands crowded it out. I appreciate how you’ve taken us along on your journey. I can only imagine how incredibly emotionally taxing the whole experience has been, but thank you for sharing your time with us. I went to the Compassion site as you suggested and began praying for the children I saw. I kept scrolling and scrolling and I happened upon a little girl whose smile nailed me to the wall. When I clicked on her picture and her information popped up, I felt like the Holy Spirit said, “It’s time.” Tears streamed down my face as I noticed her birthday is the exact same date as my daughter’s. We are now humbled and honored to be the sponsor for this precious little girl. Thank you for encouraging and challenging us to take a leap. We took it and we pray the Lord will be delighted in this and that He will do great things through this. Love and gratitude,
    Adrienne Rogowski

    • Kat says:

      That is SO wonderful Adrienne!!!! Thank you for taking the time to share such an encouraging story. I love the details God seems to enjoy throwing in!

  • Heather says:

    Praying for you Kat! What an awesome journey you have been on. Thank you for your vulnerability. It is when we come to the ends of ourselves that God shows Himself in a BIG way. Your humble words inspire and move people to action. Thank you for being you!

  • Cheri says:

    Sometime when the Holy Spirit pours out of us as it has been doing with your writings it leaves you exhausted. Praying for the Holy Spirit to wash over you and renew you as you remain faithful.

  • Cherie says:

    Kat, I can’t imagine the emotions stirring through your soul, but I am so thankful that you are there, and God will use you in mighty ways to change lives for HIS Kingdom!

  • Jacki says:

    I got on the Compassion site this morning and came to a sweet little girl named Mercy Grace…the 2 things the Lord pours out on me daily!! I know she is the child the Lord has chosen for me and my family to sponsor! As hard as it may be to read them…thank you for the posts!

  • lusiana158 says:

    I’ll be praying for you.Thank for sharing

  • Roberta says:

    I’ve commented to many of the other bloggers to let them know that all of their stories and photos have been a blessing and an inspiration. I’m not feeling guilty (only about not writing to my sponsored children as often as I should 😉 about having more than these children. I’m feeling inspiration in all of their smiles and their ability to find joy in their lives no matter what conditions they are living in. AND I have been inspired to action by blogging and sharing all of your stories and by finding some extra funds this month to send $100.00 to Unsponsored Children Fund through my own Love Shack Giving GiveBack foundation. And we are going to sponsor a child in the Philippines because of this trip. As soon as I can make my choice…not easy with all those lovely faces.

  • I’m an action gal myself, so I relate to the empty feeling of not having a PLAN of attack to set everything right.

    Still. Every Compassion trip, I am more and more encouraged to see how God is using this organization to equip His body around the world to fight the evil of poverty. I try to rest in that.

  • Isn’t it amazing how kids can find joy and jokes among their own poverty? That little boy in the first picture looks like an American kid. Typical boy, mugging for a camera. Thanks for showing us and telling his story. I know the Lord will use your words to bring glory to Him (and help to that little guy.)

  • You’re right, God put you there (and here) to show us something HE wants us to know. Thank you for following him, obeying him and speaking to us! I love the picture of your pleas turning into thankyou’s turning to worship which turns to writing. Thank you for sending us your words.

    I’ve been sharing your posts with my kids, too. They saw the video from yesterday on the boat Asa (2yo) said, “Mommy, did you go there?” I said, no. But really, I have. Thank you for bringing us with you.

    Love to all of you. And praying that today is a day full of strength and soaring on wings like eagles! xo

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks for being generous with your vulnerability. I am following and praying. Have shared on my blog and will on FB too.

  • I LOVED that last statement, Kat. It is a perfect reminder that “feeling sorry” for kids doesn’t amount to much if there aren’s some practical steps in a direction that helps or serves or loves or prays or gives. Thanks for sharing their stories and their pictures. I totally relate to the feeling of being helpless– feeling so small in the enormous scope of need in the world.

  • steph says:

    Thank you for all your work- love this post and love love love these pictures. Blessings to you friend.

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  • Joyce boxx says:

    I commit to praying every night for the children, father god I pray that you provide the needs of these children help them through poverty to plenty through unrest to rest through sorrow to joy through weakness to power.

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