Tips on Daily Planning from Hello Mornings! {Summer 11 :: Week 4} & a Giveaway!!

Project 50 - Day #1 (Moleskine)

(Note: This is a guest post from Michelle and is part of the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge.)

Are you a planner?

Do you do schedules? Routines?

Or are you freeform? Organic? Unscheduled?

This week, we are talking about Part 4 of Maximizing Your Mornings: the Planning.

But I’m Not A Planner!

I used to have an aversion to planning; possibly from the relentless scheduling required of teachers. Somewhere between 1 kid and 1 new baby, I accepted the fact I needed some structure in life again; for my family, if not for myself.

It turns out, planning can be really fun! It provides a lot of freedom and control, because everything is up to you. If you leave things to the last minute, you become a slave to what needs to be done right now.

Even if you’re not a “planner” per se, you can benefit from taking time to decide what’s important each morning.

How To Plan

There are all sorts of ways to plan, and none are more right than the other.

You could plan:

  • on paper
  • electronically
  • using lists
  • using mind maps
  • using brain dumps
  • using planners
  • using post-its
  • using calendars
  • using chalkboards

Simply give your day some forethought.

As Kat put it, don’t let your day happen to you. Pick it up, dust off it’s behind and point it in the right direction. (Okay, she didn’t exactly say that.)

Step 4: Create a Planning Routine

Read pages 16-17 of the eBook. The 3 planning areas are:

  • Calendar
  • To-Do List
  • Dinner

Action Steps

Found on page 25 of the eBook.

  1. Create a Master Calendar with all your events and responsibilities.
  2. Make a Master To Do List รขโ‚ฌ” get your to do list out of your brain and onto paper (or pixel). Separate your tasks into Active and Someday lists.
  3. Select 3-5 recipes to make each week.
  4. Print out the Daily Overview (or make your own) and fill it out each day.


As a little incentive for you all to press on, we are doing weekly giveaways.

It’s time for Veggie Tales!

Actually, any time is a good time for Veggie Tales, and our good Veggie friends have put together a fun prize pack to give away to one of you! The prize pack includes:

The new Veggie Tales Live DVD just came out June 4th, so you’ll be among the first to experience all the fun! And Veggie Tales is always a great way to entertain those kiddos who get up in the middle of your early morning routine, right?!

How To Enter

There are four ways to enter the giveaway.

1. Leave a comment here and share an planning tip or challenge you face. Extra entry if you give a tip to someone who shared a challenge.
2. Tweet this week in the main #hellomornings stream on Twitter.
3. Share an encouragement this week on Facebook.
4. MYM Challenge participants can also enter by interacting with your MYM Accountability Group (via Twitter or Facebook.

(FYI – Last week’s winner was Sarah S.)

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  • Lollie says:

    Eww, I am not a planner. Well I do write stuff on the calendar. and I have printed of some cleaning instructions, does that count?
    My biggest challenge is….they are all big! I just gotta pick one and sort it out. I really should just start with getting up earlier and use that morning time to plan the day. And read my bible and pray of course;)

    • Amber says:

      I have recently started setting my alarm every day with the plan to get up and read the Bible before I ever get out of bed. Then, I set a timer for 10 minutes to read from another book.

      I try to give myself enough time to do those things and get dressed for the day. With any extra time I do a few things I would like to do that seem impossible when my son wakes up.

  • JennJenn says:

    Yay… we love veggie tales.. but we’re probably too far.
    Tip: I find that if I take a little time out on a Sunday and prepare a meal plan for the week, writing down the ingredients I don’t have, so I can do a full weekly shop on Monday, my life is a WHOLE lot better in that week. I have more time with my family because I’m spending less time staring at the fridge in angst.

  • Juliann says:

    Love the veggie tales! My planning challenge right now is that my husband works a job where he arrives every morning at 6:45 and THEN knows what his schedule is for that day. So each day has a plan A to carry out with Dad around or a Plan B we carry out without him. I have discovered the secret to success for this crazy time in our lives is f-l-e-x-i-b-i-l-i-t-y and realizing that even though my planning organized brain would like to do 1, 2, 3 in order sometimes the relationships in my family are better served if we scrap that and spend some unexpected time with the man in our life who provides to make it all possible!

  • Ananda says:

    I used to be a planner but since I am home, it feels chaotic! I have however started getting back into the swing of things although specific things like consistent quiet times, exercising and blogging is a bit out of place! It works for me to do a weeks planning for the children’s school, meals (all 3 big ones a day) and cleaning schedule. It works for me to do the laundry every day with ironing one fixed day a week. Unpacking of the dishwasher usually happens before lunch/dinner depending when I switched it on. I bought this cute magnetic fridge calendar to remind me of children’s activities, cleaning schedule and maybe meals (depending on me remembering to update it weekly!) All at a glance! Flylady, Martha Stewart and Vintage Springcleaning were 3 tools that help me get back into things! In South Africa our time difference makes it difficult to keep to the Twitter party times but I am encouraged by everybody’s tweets! Vegietales are the best. We loooovvvveeee them! Blessings from afar.

  • Leslie says:

    I’m definitely a planner! I have a huge white board calendar, and I write everything out for the month, including what day bills are due, and my cleaning schedule. I cannot possible get my entire house cleaned in one day with two small kids so I break up the task throughout the week and follow my schedule. It definitely makes my day more manageable as I can just glance at the calendar and know whatvi have to get done that day.

  • Sonya B says:

    I have the best intentions when it comes to planning and something seems to always pull me away from the plan or I am easily distracted from it.

    • Courtney says:

      Sonya – I’ve had the same problem and some great advice I got was to keep the plan for my day simple. If I put too much detail into it, I’m bound to get off track and then feel discouraged. I have the whole week on one piece of paper, with 3 or 4 items for each day. Of course I do more than 3 or 4 things a day, but I only write down the essentials. If those get done, then I feel successful. Some things get carried over to the next week if I don’t get them done – and that is okay! Good luck.

  • Rebecca says:

    I am a planner and have a binder that helps me plan and stay on track…one of my 3 in 30 goals that I accomplished. I was Project Manager for a wireless company for 7 years. I generally had about 30 projects at a time…that took a lot of planning and organizing….which, I love!!! It has def helped with Homeschool. This would be great to win for my children and as a gift!

  • Raquel says:

    I like having a plan and make lists, but if I get too many interruptions, I feel like I have to keep starting over and cannot move forward.

    • Jill G says:

      I’ve recently found that grouping my to do’s into categories helps me stay on task, even during interruptions. I make groups like: computer tasks, housework to be done, phone calls. Then I designate a certain time of day to do those things. For instance when my kids are playing on their own I do my computer tasks, because I don’t mind being interrupted while I’m emailing or checking blogs. Then after the interruption I know it’s back to my computer time. I do all my phone calls while the kids are napping or having tv time.

  • Lisa H says:

    My biggest challenge is varying schedules…my husband and kids all have schedules that are not quite ‘set’ and it’s hard for me to keep things consistent!

  • The past couple of months I’ve been challenged in planning family meals. I do best by printing out a calendar and writing down the meals for the month. It can flex, but at least I have a starting point instead of looking in the fridge each mid-afternoon in confusion and stress!

    • Amy C says:

      After I figured out my kids most favorite meals and side dishes, I made a list of daily dinner menus and rotate them throughout the weeks. A great place to start is with whatever is on sale at the grocery store or with what’s in the freezer. When meals start to feel mundane I look back at my dinner menus and get fresh ideas again. 2 or 3 dinners a week are always the same, like Spaghetti Mondays. It’s easy because the kids know what to expect I always keep those items on hand, and they help prepare the foods.

  • Jennie W says:

    I use to be a good planner but with two young children and a husband who works on call has made it difficult. I use to enjoy it, this is great maybe it will motivate me.

  • Aimee says:

    I have a small white board that sits on my kitchen counter, each evening before going to bed I check to see what tomorrows meals are (Sunday I write on it each days meals) and take something out of the freezer if needed. Then I make a new list for things needed to be done tomorrow, because somtimes when I roll out of bed and had my quiet time, I am really befuddled and need some direction to my day

  • Beth West says:

    My 2 and 5 year olds would LOVE the Veggie Tales prizes!
    Yes, I am a planner. I love to plan. Generally speaking, I much prefer planning over doing anything I plan ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve often thought it’s a shame I can’t just bring in an income making plans and lists.
    The past few years however, I’ve taken myself in hand and put action to my words. I’ve lost 34 pounds, brought my blood pressure and cholesterol down to the low normal range (from very high normal 6 years ago) and have begun seriously learning how to paint. That’s in addition to graduating 2 of my homeschooled children and continuing on with schooling the younger children. Just don’t look under my furniture!

  • Kelli says:

    My daughter would love the Veggie Tales prizes. She is nine but still loves them. We could also share with my little 2 yr old niece ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much!

  • Kari says:

    I’ve been using Kat’s week-at-glace/daily overview page from her e-book. I also loosely do a weekly menu plan using some planning pages from

    What I like about the worksheet from Kat is that I am starting to see more clearly how to break my big to-dos down into smaller goals (incidentally, that is also something I am trying to help my 3 1/2 year old learn!). I like picking just a few things and trying to think “what is manageable” that isn’t “just” keeping up with laundry, dishes, meals. I also like picking a prayer focus for the day and giving myself a nice big “check mark” for accomplishing the things I’m trying to do daily.

    I struggle with getting distracted checking Facebook or email. I’ll be on task and then, slip over just to check, and 20-30 minutes later, I’ve suddenly used all the time I had! Any suggestion?

  • MomPlusKid says:

    My biggest challenge is dealing with stuff when I use it…. putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher right away, putting my clothes away when I get ready for bed at night, sorting mail when I open it, etc. Also, I *might* be addicted to Facebook…

  • Cindy says:

    This week’s focus on planning is good for me! Being intentional with my days is something God is really pointing out to me that needs to be done.

    I hate meal planning: trying to figure out what to have for dinner every day (on top of what the kids and I are going to eat for lunch) is a major drag for me, so I put it off. I’ve started to try to tackle this earlier in the day (by the kids’ naps, at the latest ideally) so that I have that monkey off my back before the witching hour and can focus more on the kids then.

    Housekeeping has never been my strength but I’m starting to develop a routine of sorts to keep things more or less under control. I set a goal of doing 1 house-related item (folding & putting away laundry, chopping vegetables for dinner, emptying dishwasher or cleaning bathroom, etc.) during the kids’ naps. I used save this for evening but then I just wanted to be “off duty” or something else came up so things didn’t get done. I’m slowly seeing a change. Each day I make a list (written is best but sometimes it’s mental) of the house tasks I want to get done that day.

    We have various planning tools on our computer and iPods since my husband is a planner. It is fun to plan: I just need to do it on tedious things like meals and house cleaning!

  • Ruth says:

    My kids love veggie tales. They never fight over watching them so it is a great thing when I have to get the kids ready on a Sunday to throw one on while doing hair for three girls. My planning has changed with each kid. I use to be very regimented in what I did each day but that was because my work schedual called for it. Now I plan my meals for the week when the flyers come on THurdays night. I try and get a good look at what is on sale so that I can meal plan for the next week. Most of the time I plan for things too that reheat well and I can take to work with me too. That makes one less thing to worry about. Also i try for one thing a day. Today is laundry day so that I am not bogged down with doing everything at once and if I get that done I feel good.

  • Andrea says:

    I love to plan, but haven’t been able to get motivated. I do think planning would help! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • jamie says:

    i’ve gathered so much inspiration from the blogs i visit daily. they’ve become my inspiration friends and i knock on their doors often. this summer i want it to be the best. and to make it the best i am going to use all the inspiration i’ve gathered over the year. i can’t wait!

  • Teddi says:

    I struggle with consistency in my planning, but I love to think about something to accomplish the night (or a couple nights) before, so that I don’t just waste my day. I recently put pen to paper to make painting my back room happen! I mapped out the steps (clean the room, prep the walls, prime, paint) and assigned them to different days in manageable chunks and today I’m priming (better get off the computer!)

  • Alison Hoyle says:

    I am not a planner, I just go along with the flow and i find it very hard to get myself going some days. I would really like to be more of a planner but i find if i write long lists i get overwhelmed by the list and i don’t get much of it done. I definately need to become more of a planner as i have two boys with autism and it would definately help them with lots of things.


  • kort says:

    “don’t let your day happen to you!” that is so good.

    the biggest shift at our place has come with making sure i know what’s for dinner (and what needs to be prepped or purchased) by 9 am. then i start my day already feeling successful because i know the hardest part–late afternoon, tired, hungry–is somewhat under control.

    it’s a work in progress!

  • Aldara says:

    I recently purchased a planner for the new school year. Though it does not start until August, I am excited to use it. My problem is I start all organized and then it tapers off. I need be consistent with my planning. I am definately a paper person when it comes to planning.

  • Ashley F says:

    I am a big time planner. I love it! But, one of the hardest things with a family of 7 is planning. The thing that helps is to always know what is going on. To do that, I have 3 calendars I use. One is my personal calendar that I write everything into and I always carry with me. The other is our Cozi calendar that my husband and I both keep updated. He puts in his work stuff and I put in my stuff and the kids stuff. That way if he needs to schedule something for work he knows what we have going on. We also have a calendar that hangs by the back door (which also places it in our kitchen). This calendar is right by the phone and is big enough to write everybody’s stuff on. The kids use this calendar (so do the adults). The kids like seeing what is coming up and since it a monthly view they can see the whole month. I love month at a glance calendars it makes planning so easy. I know it seems like a lot, but it has helped us out tremendously. It did take a while to get my husband on board with Cozi, but now that he is it makes things 10x easier for me. I was having to re-schedule tons of stuff b/c I didn’t know his screening schedules. You can also color code each family member and get alerts sent to your phone. I would definitely recommend it even if it is your only calendar, it would help a lot.

  • Marcie says:

    I love planning and organizing, but I live with someone who is the complete opposite – that’s my challenge! I write out lists, plan ahead, and try to organize cupboards and spaces in our homes. My husband is fly by the seat of his pants, spontaneous, doesn’t care about clutter or putting things away.

  • The whole idea of planning is a challenge. I don’t think I’m totally hopeless however. I currently put an event calendar on the refrigerator, so we can see at a glance what’s coming up. I leave room to write down things I may have left out.

    As for meal planning, I’m not good at it. So, I definitely need help in that area.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    Holly in Kentucky (Stay-at-home, homeschooling mom)

  • Kim says:

    Consistency….I start out with good plans and organization but then it falls apart after a few weeks.

  • Sarah says:

    I LOVE to plan! My biggest challenge has been accepting how not-in-control I am of circumstances – with 5 kids! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Becca says:

    I do like a plan, my challenge is sticking to it. I love the daily overview worksheet and fill like I get a lot more done in the day if I have dinner etched out first.

  • Courtney says:

    My kids love Veggie Tales! Thanks for the chance at such a great prize pack.

    I am a natural planner, but lacked direction until I started reading all the good tips here. Now my husband and I keep a family/joint calendar on our phones and I also maintain a “mom notebook” here at home that allows me to see the week at a glance. I’m the sort of person who cannot go totally paperless. I need something to hold and this system works for us.

    • Kat says:

      You won the VeggieTales prize pack. Email me with your address and I’ll have it sent out to you asap!



  • Nikki D C. says:

    I used to think I was pretty much organized until my kids got a little older. Well, what we do now is to create checklists for morning, afternoon or night for anything that needs to get done. This helps us plan the next day better or just to remember what we need to accomplish. I have also been giving them time limits so that they can be more efficient and I can be less stressed!! When things begin to slip or slide we have a meeting and try to get back on track.

  • Wanda says:

    I put WAY too much on my list then feel defeated when I didn’t get it all done…I know I shouldn’t make the list so long, but even when I start with a smaller list I seem to add to it all day and I’m right back with the same problem…ugh!

    • This poem my Mom had hung up when I was a child helps me keep my lists in perspective today:
      Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow,
      for babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow,
      So quiet down cobwebs, and dust go to sleep.
      I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.

      May you have a blessed summer!

  • Deana says:

    I make a menu every week and a general daily routine (which needs to be redone for summer time), but I desperately need to sit down and make a plan each morning – just to help keep me on track. My daughter just finished school for the summer this week so we have been just rolling with it and I felt so scatterbrained. Planning session tomorrow to get a summer routine going and daily planning to follow ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amy says:

    I also, cannot go totally paperless. I have a paper planner for our homeschool, notecards for ideas that I’m not ready to put in the calendar and then my Google calendar for actual scheduling of appts., playdates, church commitments, etc.
    I used to NOT be a planner, always flying by the seat of my pants, but having 6 kids and homeschooling and having a husband who wants to know every plan at least a day ahead, I’ve finally come around. I’m really looking forward to this summer when I can “plan” ahead for our summer and schoolyear, a little every day. Hooray for summer vacation!

  • Charlene says:

    What a fantastic give away! For those mornings when our children wake up at the crack of dawn with us ๐Ÿ™ Maybe Larry and Bob can help us have our mom time anyway!

    I really like the idea of not letting our day happen to us. I look forward to trying some of these new tools!

  • heather c says:

    I am a planner at heart. I have a bazillion calendars and love lists and plans, etc… However, during the summer it can be difficult to plan things, afterall these are called the “lazy days of summer”!!

  • I am teaching my neighbor’s boys summer school and didn’t get all my prep done before vacation and now that we’re back have had to dive right in. I’ve barely kept my head above water this week between the jet lag and keeping them challenged! I have yet to finish unpacking! I have high hopes for lesson planning this weekend though… One day at a time, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’ve tweeted this week in the main stream!

  • I’ve shared an encouragement on FB too!

  • Raechelle says:

    So excited about the new Veggie Tales.
    I’m very much a planner…i have notebooks and lists galore. My problem is the follow through. Something that I’ve started is my daily board that has my calendar including the day’s appointments & meetings, curriculum, and menu, as well as an area for my running list so when I go to the store I can just rip it off and bring it with me. It’s been really helpful. I get to make my daily list and it’s pretty to look at.

  • Natasha d says:

    I love using the Polestar Family Calendar — it has lots of space to write!! Space for meal plans, daily to-do lists and other space for longer to-do lists and other info. Including space a the back for important telephone numbers, wish lists for birthdays etc. and space to write in appointments for the upcoming year!! It is always open on my counter!!

  • my challenge is losing all my momentum if I don’t get out the door for errands before lunchtime. Next week we start swim lessons at 9am M-Th – maybe this will help!

  • Jill G says:

    My tip is to create a cycle menu! I recently created a 3 week menu for spring that I cycle through over and over. It has changed my entire attitude toward meal planning and we don’t feel like we’re having the same meals all the time. You can create a cycle menu that cycles every week or two, or every 4 or 5 weeks, whatever works for you and your family.

  • Heather says:

    Planning. Hmmm. I would say I have routines. I plan my meals for the week and go to the grocery every Sunday during naptime. I always do laundry on Monday. Then I have my 2 least favorite “chores” completed early in the week when I still have energy. I also have a routine for our mornings so they run smoothly and we are free to either do something that comes up spontaneously or to go on a field trip of some kind that day.

  • Joyce says:

    I am huge on checklists, so they are helpful in my planning. But I am flexible that if something is not done (if it’s not high priority), I’m okay with it. Breaking things down into smaller tasks helps me a lot too. My challenge organizing everything into one place. We have a calendar, and I keep a notebook of stuff that comes to mind at random times, and I have lists on my phone’s Springpad app.

  • Jennifer (@radiantmornings) says:

    I am a dork and I love Excel. I have a worksheet tab for all different kind of lists (i.e. To-do list for the Month, Master To-do list, my Weekly Retreat schedule, Compassion letter topics..and the list goes on (pun intended)) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Since I have a Mac, I use the iCal function – I am able to color code the things I want to get done for the day and it is so helpful!
    Trying to build up my baby’s “media library” as she only has one Praise Baby dvd and two Seeds of Worship cd’s. I know she would enjoy Veggie Tales (and I have always been a big fan of VT) as I put on our instant Netflix the Veggie Tales Easter one and she gave me a bunch of big smiles and squeals when watching it!

  • Kari says:

    Jill G. I like the menu cycle idea and task grouping. Other good ideas too. I’m appreciating this thread!

    I thought of a tip for the organization problem I mentioned a while back. Set a timer for how much time you have to spend on the computer (facebook, blogs, email). When it goes off, get up. I do this with my kids. Why not for me too?!

  • Dawn says:

    I have ADD and know that I function so much better with a plan. However, I’m horrible at starting a plan and sticking to it. Add to that a four year old and one year old. And my one year old is king of the power nap. I really need a routine for all of us but just feel overwhelmed by where to start.

    My daughter has discovered Veggie Tales in the last few months and loves them!

    • Nicki says:

      Star small. The kiddos can do their part too, they like to be included. Check out it’s likely that her babysteps are something you could work with. :0) Good luck!!

  • Sarah says:

    The hardest part for me is follow through. I seem to know what to do, but then life happens and all my plans go out the window?! :}

  • Andrea Halstead says:

    I am a planner but sometimes my days do get the best of me. In the past I have made lists, lists, and more list, and lost lists. Kat has motivated me to make smaller lists but things that actually get done. I made myself a “new” planning page for me to fill out each day when I do my planning that has a place for my lists (but only about 4 lines so the lists are not neverending) So far, it has been helping me get done the things that really need to get done and even some of what isn’t quite as pressing.

  • Nicki says:

    Well, I like to have a plan and I enjoy a house that’s put together, or at least that doesn’t leave us tripping on stuff everywhere we go.
    In a roundabout way that’s how I ended up with help from Flylady (she helped me establish routines and keep on top of the chaos), Saving Dinner (helps me plan my weeks worth of meals and keep my grocery spending under control), Cozi (my wonderful calendar at home can’t go everywhere with me, so I plug everything into my phon and no matter where I am I’ve got our schedules – linked with DH phone too)…and now I have MYM that helps me get rolling on a great note every morning!!
    Seems complicated but it has so simplified my life by using these resources and having a general plan each day, week, month. ;0)
    Thanks for the ideas everyone!!

  • Kim says:

    I have found it helpful to add an activity for the kids to do each day to my daily to-do-list, such as an art/craft/cooking/science project. We often don’t actually do them, but I feel much calmer and less stressed out if I have something written down that I can look at at those times when we are in the house and the kids are getting crazy. As I see ideas that I think my kids would like on blogs or in magazines or books, I write them on a master list. Then, each day, I choose one and write it on my daily list. That way, if we need an activity, I have an idea ready to go.

  • Amber says:

    I have many challenges, but one of them is being consistent in planning my blog schedule and to plan morning activities for son, so I am not overwhelmed when the day comes.

  • Christi says:

    I tweeted. twitter/christicolvin

  • Christi says:

    My biggest challenge is choosing where to start… I get overwhelmed by the HUGE list of things that needs to be done.

    • Megan says:

      I can sooo understand this mentality! I have been forcing myself to pick ONE task and set a timer so I am not easily side-tracked and I work until the timer goes off. It might sound crazy but it has been very helpful for me to stay focused. There is very few moments of my day-to-day chores that isn’t interrupted by little voices needing something from mommy… and the timer has helped me to return to what I was doing and complete it. Even my 3 year old has started asking for me to set the timer when he needs to pick up his toys:)

  • Christy says:

    I recently took Kat’s advice and divided my to-do list into ‘everydays’ (read Bible, pray, unload dishwasher, make dinner, etc,) ‘to-do this week’ (extra tasks such as making a batch of granola for my husband, working on a scrapbook page, writing thank-you notes,) and “to-do this month,” (paint a bedroom, etc.) That way each day I can cruise through my everyday list, and choose maybe 1 or 2 off of my ‘this week’ list. I keep it on a white board on my fridge, so anytime I have a spare minute (which isn’t often with a 2 year-old and 3 1/2 year old!) I can glance and the board and remember what needs to be done, or what could be done this week. Helpful to divide up the stuff in order of priority!

  • June says:

    one challenge I have is planning my laundry. Sadly, we have no laundry in our building, so I either have to go the laundromat or a friends’ house to do it. With a 20 month old, it’s certainly a challenge. We also only have one car, which my husband and I share. I really need to come up with a better schedule – a day of the week to go the laundromat and then an extra day to do leftovers at a friends (and rotating that too!) good thing the price is right on the apartment – believing for a new apartment next year after new baby comes! Can’t keep up with the laundry problem.

  • Heather says:

    my biggest challenge is meal planning, for certain. I cook the most boring, bland dinners sometimes. Tonight’s meal came out of the depths of my soul, and it was good, but for the most part, it’s chicken of some sort, a veggie and another veggie. BORING. We try to eat organic, and I’ve recently learned that I’m allergic to some of the artificial colorings in food, so the challenges are building. But, I’m doing my best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Megan says:

    I have been trying to get up earlier for about a year now. I have a 3 year old (who happens to LOVE veggie tales) and a 6 month old. Both of my boys are early risers, usually starting their days around 6 or 6:30 so for me to ‘beat them up’ is a real struggle. I have recently started walking in the mornings with a girlfriend before our hubbies leave for work. It is a great motivator knowing I have to get up to meet her!! Thanks for these ideas, I love trying anything new.

  • Lynn says:

    First of all, I just want to say, I love your blog and you have inspired me!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have always been a planner, however, my problem comes when it’s time to follow through with my plans. I can become easily discouraged when I fail to accomplish what I have planned. I have been encouraged by your blog-reminding me it’s not about perfection. Whatever I do accomplish is more then I would have- had I not a plan. Thank you for inspiring me to get the proper amount of sleep, wake up early and begin my day with Jesus!