The Power of Being Known…

By June 3, 2011Compassion

I hadn’t been forgotten. I was treasured. That is what meant the most about meeting my Filipino family this week.

They didn’t just remember me when I told them I was coming, they had always remembered me.

On the other side of the world, even when I was a little girl, I had been talked about, known, wanted.

I can’t even write that without crying.

The Power of a Name

Each day, as I played with the kids, I did my best to remember their names. And when I did, a simple, “Hi Lourdes!” was followed by brilliant smiles and squeals of laughter.

There are children here waiting to be known. Waiting to be remembered.

Today we visited the home of a little 12 year old girl named Margie. She was gorgeous. I’d played with her earlier at the center and loved her smile.

While we sat in that little home where she lived with her father and 2 siblings, we learned that her mother had left them just a year before.

It broke my heart and as Patricia spoke encouragement to her, you could tell it broke Margie’s heart too. To be abandoned, to be forgotten.

The Power of You

But then we asked her about her sponsor, and she beamed again. She proudly said yes when we asked if she received letters from her sponsor (many children don’t).

They remembered her. People she’d never met on the other side of the world cared. She was known. And despite poverty in her home and poverty in her family, she shone.

Inspired to Action?

As Shaun asked us in our debriefing tonight, now that you know, what will you do?

I desperately pray that the stories from this trip have changed you in some way. That you’ll live differently now that you know.

The children we’ve met don’t need pity. Pity is worthless and doesn’t accomplish anything.

People in need…need people of action.

Maybe you’ll write a letter.
Maybe you’ll look at your budget.
Maybe you’ll download the Compassion Magazine and look at it with your family.
Maybe you’ll commit to pray for 5 minutes every day this week for the children.
Maybe you’ll eat rice one night a month and talk about those in need.

Maybe you’ll choose to sponsor a child.

Whatever you do, I challenge you to do something.

We have shared the stories. We’ve taken you to their homes…

So tell me, now that you know…what will you do?

And that’s not a rhetorical question. I’m feeling all in-your-face today (like that’s unusual) and I’m asking you to share in the comments what you hope to do differently. May your actions inspire others.

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