Stop! What You Need, You Already Have.

By June 19, 2011Get Inspired

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I’ve Been Thinking…

I’ve been thinking about how often we strive, manipulate, cry, fight and beg to get what we need, when, really, all we need is already ours.

The love we so desperately desire, it’s already here. Right now. We were loved before we even existed. Our performance has no bearing on His love. Never has. Never will.

Stop earning.

The grace you cannot live without, is watching and waiting for you to awaken each day.

Stop looking.

The forgiveness you dream of and feel paralyzed without, has already been given. Forgiveness waited with open arms as you fell.

Stop despairing.

The direction you desire, is spoken in a still small voice. Quiet yourself and listen.

Stop talking.

Everything you need, you already have. His name is Jesus.

It’s not as complicated as we often make it. Maybe we just complicate it because it’s easier than doing the one thing that is needed.


Stop. Set your alarm. Sit with Him. Pray, listen for 10 minutes. Go.

Question: Some people pray/listen best during a designated quiet time, others while they do dishes or run. What about you? When is your best prayer/listening time?

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