Grab Your Passports…I’m Taking You on a Trip Today!!!

By June 1, 2011Compassion

Normally, you and I travel by planes, trains and automobiles.

Today, we’re traveling via Pedicab, a styrofoam raft, rickety wooden planks and rubber boots.

Are you ready? Let’s go to Emily’s house!

(Song: “I Saw What I Saw” by Sara Groves)

Don’t you just love Emily’s smile?

Do you know what it’s filled with? Hope.

Did you know hope only costs $38 a month. I know, GASP!, I’m talking about money. That’s right I am…. I was at her house, I watched lizards crawl up her walls as we talked, I listened as her mom told me how they used to make soup from the leaves of the trees outside their home…I waded past dozens of children surrounded by trash.

For 10 years Jimmy and I have sponsored children through Compassion. For 3 days I’ve looked at accounting records and asked hard questions. I listened and learned. I witnessed children worship like I’ve never seen before right in the midst of poverty like I’ve never seen before.

I can say without a doubt that Compassion brings hope in Jesus name. And they do it with more integrity and laser focused love for children than I could ever have imagined.

So you might need to get used to me asking.

Because I saw what I saw and I’m not going back…

Go give a child hope.

Emily and I traveled together today. Here’s her perspective.

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