The Maximize Your Mornings Groups Are Here!!!

My brain is about to give out on me so I’ll keep this short. We’ve finished assigning groups for everyone who registered for the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge.

To view the groups, visit the MYM Challenge Info Page and scroll down to where it says “Participant Information.”

If you registered for a Facebook group, to view the list, you’ll need to use the password that is located in the RESOURCES section at the bottom of this post either in your email or in your RSS reader.

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  • Joyce says:

    Hey Kat! Thanks for all your hard work. You are awesome! Just wanted to double check that I’m the AC for group 9a. It is a CST group but I’m in PST, and it was the only Joyce I found that didn’t have a last name attached. I am so excited for this! Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Praying for you, Kat! And your precious family!

  • Ashley Sauder says:

    Never mind…I think I need to go to bed b/c that was a silly mix up on my part.
    Thanks for all you work with this challenge!
    Ashley Sauder

  • dido says:

    what a grate idea ! i should really consider participating in one group . groups always helps!

  • mori says:

    i cant manege my time ….it drive me crazy…….. i am not from the us……. how can i prticipate i live in the middle east 7 hours earlier wont it disturb me?

  • sapir says:

    it is really great idea! sometimes (or maybe always) to groups there is a special power, which a single person hasn’t!

  • Is it too late to join? I just found it tonight.

    • Joyce says:

      I think there is an overflow group/topic at the discussion tab on Facebook. Those are the people who didn’t register before Wednesday. There is no accountability captain for the group but you can check in there with other participants.