Summer of Purpose: A FREE Chart to Help You and Your Kids Set Summer Goals

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Ride the Goal Train to Go From Geek to Chic

The nerdy girl who loses her braces, gets contacts and comes back in the fall as the coolest girl on campus. The little freshman runt who grows a foot, works out and returns to school as the football hero.

Maybe it’s all the teeny bopper movies I watched when I was younger, but I always see summer as an amazing time for change and growth.

It’s wonderful what can be accomplished with a simple goal and 3 small months.

Set Summer Goals with Your Children

Summer vacation is the perfect time to help our children set a goal to learn a new skill or improve and old one. It’s amazing how just a little vision and direction can inspire children to work together and accomplish big things.

As moms, we need to lead the way. We need to set our own goals for the summer. The great thing about summer goals is that they are especially and uniquely fun. Because summer is (or should be) especially and uniquely fun.

How To Make Goals F-U-N

No one wants to feel overwhelmed by work in the summer so the key to setting a good summer goal(s) is to make sure the activity is something they love and are passionate about. (Grammar geeks: I formally apologize for ending that sentence in a preposition.)

Next, help them pick a goal that seems just out of reach and impressive to them. It needs to be a realistic goal, but one that will require a good bit of determination.

Passion and Perseverance

When we set out to accomplish something, we require two characteristics: Passion and Perseverance. At the beginning we’re very passionate, but soon it gets hard and that’s when we need to choose to develop our ability to persevere. This is where the real growth and character building happens.

Then comes the joy of accomplishing something that seemed out of reach. There are few things that can build confidence in a child like perseverance followed by victory.

Younger Children

Even very small children can set fun goals. For example:

  1. Learn all the letters in the alphabet.
  2. Learn to count to 5, 10, 20.
  3. Learn to ride a scooter.
  4. Learn to swing.
  5. Learn to swim.
  6. Learn to read.

The idea is to make sure they know that they’re working towards something so that when they accomplish it they can really value all the effort and relish the sense of accomplishment.

Trouble Shooting

If your child is having a hard time getting motivated, re-evaluate their goal. Is it truly in line with what they love to do. Is it too high of a goal? Do they have the proper tools, instruction, guidance?

How To Keep Them Motivated

It’s important to help them break down their goals into small, daily steps and individual milestones. Milestones will help keep your kids feel motivated rather than overwhelmed. When they are reached, reward them.

You can also motivate them by specifically working with them on their goal. They’ll cherish the opportunity for some special time with you.

Make It a Family Event and Make It Super Fun

Create a chart for the whole family. Each day or week have everyone log their goal progress. This is a great visual motivator.

Have an “awards ceremony” at the end of the summer where each person showcases their new or improved skill and receives a homemade certificate of accomplishment and a word of praise from mom and dad.

A Handy Dandy Form/Chart

Some people like to read, rock climb or spend the evening on the town. Me? I spend my Saturday nights making charts and forms. That’s right. You walk with me, you walk on the e-d-g-e.

So here’s a handy form that will help you create your goals and track your progress throughout the summer. Enjoy!

What goals would you like to make this summer? Tell us!

Summer Goal Setting Form

(This was an adapted re-post from 5/10. Three more days until I take you to the Philippines. Not that I’m counting down the seconds or anything…)

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