My Bathroom Is a Portal To the 1980’s

By May 31, 2011Compassion

Decorating was not among the skill set God gave me. So I avoid it for as long as possible until talented decorator friends beg me to let them work their magic.

Our guest bathroom is one of the things I’ve been avoiding. I call it our portal to the 1980’s.

It has wall paper that even Laura Ashley would call “busy”. The window valance evokes thoughts of Mrs. Garrett, tight rolled jeans and Richard Simmons.

People actually laugh when they see it. And cringe.

I’ve long thought I needed to update it.

I need to remove the valance. I need to tear down the wall paper. I need to update the faucet.

I “needed” to do a lot of things…until today.

Today I stood in a home smaller than my 1980’s half bathroom.

If I stretched out my arms and held a cooking spoon in each hand, I could touch two walls of the home at once.

This is the point at which those of you interested in social causes will keep reading, and everyone else will probably click away or gloss over my words.

So I just want to take a moment to double dog dare you to read this entire post.

Ok, fine. I triple dog dare you.


Are you ready?

A Rose By Any Other Name

The home belonged to a spunky young mother named Rose Ann.

When Shaun asked her what she hoped her small 1 year old son would grow up to be, she replied, “Tall.” The room erupted in laughter at her unexpected and witty reply.

But the humor seemed out of place amidst her circumstances.

Her small home housed her family of four.

Instead of a carpet, we stood on contact paper.

Instead of climbing up stairs to their second story home, we climbed up old pieces of wood haphazardly nailed together that lifted us off the wet, slimey floor covered in trash.

Instead of another “home” beneath hers on the first floor, there was a bathroom. The bathroom everyone in the building used. Instead of a toilet, there was just trash and welll, …you know.

Instead of….

Instead of me telling you about Rose Ann’s home, let me show you. (And, yes, since you’ve been triple dog dared, you do have to watch the video. That’s the rule.)

It was so hard for me to fathom that we were not pretending…that this was Rose Ann’s daily life. It was her future as far as she could see.

It was just one day for me. Only about 25 minutes actually. But everyday she wakes up in that room. A room she could cross in a single step.

I met myself today

A few small changes in my story and I could be Rose Ann.

Why then? Why does she have to live like that?

Why do I have plenty while she has little?

How do I fix it all?

I don’t have all the answers.

But I do have this one.


And Now….A Throwdown with Kat

“She lived a small but comfortable life.”

I pray desperate prayers that no one ever says that about my life after I’m gone.

I want to live all out, full on, wholehearted and passionate.

When my time here is done, I don’t want to have anything left. Nothing held back.

That doesn’t mean I need to go be a missionary in the remotest parts of Africa. That doesn’t mean I need to sell all I have and live amongst the poorest of the poor.

No it requires something harder, something more.

It means listening to God and taking measured steps.

I was going to leave this as a nice little post about Rose Ann. I was simply going to gently, in passing, offer that link to the list of children who are awaiting sponsors, but instead I’m going to give you a throw down…

Because my blog isn’t called Inspired to Think About It.

I Dare You To Move…

I dare you to accept the fact that in light of Rose Ann’s situation, if you’re reading this post on a computer, you have resources to help others. Either time or money.

I dare you to believe that God wants to use you in powerful ways. We are not limited by small resources, we are only limited by small faith.

I dare you to trust that God can do more with a willing heart and empty hands than He can with a ambivalent heart and a million dollars.

And now I dare you to click here and pray for the first 5 children you see.

Pray for their health.

Pray for their faith.

Pray for a sponsor.

Pray and ask God if that might be you.

I triple dog dare you to move from “inspired” to “action.”

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