Let’s Study the Bible Together: A New Resource for You!

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Note: This is a guest post by Katie from Living Devotionally.

A New Resource For You!

We are two days into the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge! You’ve set your alarm. You’ve dragged yourself out of bed. You’ve opened your Bible, caffeinated beverage of choice is in hand…now what?

Kat, Lara and I (Katie) thought it would be fun and encouraging to study something together over these next 13 weeks. If you already have something you are studying, feel free to stick with it. But, if you are looking for something to study, alongside the other Maximize Your Mornings women out there, we’ve got just the thing for you.

What will we be studying? Here’s the big reveal…(wait for it)…Philippians!

We have been busy preparing this study guide for you, and pray that it would help you in your efforts to Maximize Your Mornings.

The Plan

This is exciting! You are going to be studying Philippians on your own! Don’t worry, we will walk you through it.

There are five days of simple study questions for each week’s passage.

Begin each day with a short prayer, asking God to open your heart to His Word, then use the day’s questions to help you read and study the passage.

Have your journal open, ready to jot down what you discover through your time of study.

(A note from Kat: What I love most about this study that Katie and Lara have put together is that it is incredibly simple yet it allows us to dive deeply. It will also give you a plan you can use to study any scripture passage on your own.)

Bonus Study

There will also be weekly, supplemental posts on each week’s passage over at Do Not Depart (My (Katie Orr) other blog). Each week, we will take a deeper look at the passage and give you a chance to share what you are learning through your time in Philippians.

The Result

The point is to begin training yourself to look for truths, promises, commands and application points when you read the Bible.

After walking through the book of Philippians this way, you might just be ready for another book all on your own! You will certainly encounter Jesus in a deeper way. And that is what this is all about.

If you have any questions about the study guide, feel free to contact Katie or Lara.

Download The Bible Study Plan Here

Below is the download link for the Bible study instruction pages and also two cards you can print out to keep in your Bible. The cards contain the Weekly Readings and the Daily Questions.


Download the Bible Study Plan and Printable Cards here.

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  • Joyce says:

    Taking a look right now. =) Thanks ladies!

  • Ashley F says:

    Thanks for this! I wasn’t sure what to study. This will help a ton!! I do a lot better with something specific than just winging it.

  • Penny says:

    Super! I want to work on scripture memorization with Philippians once I’ve completed Colossians. It will be good to have some insight before I begin the next book.

    Are we beginning this study this week (today) or is this to begin next week?

  • Amanda says:

    Good stuff! I’m excited to look at Philippians with fresh eyes. Thanks for doing this!

  • Amy says:

    This is wonderful! I was just praying yesterday about finding a new “plan” for studying. I need a plan, or I tend to either not do it or I find myself reading the same parts of the bible over and over again. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. This was an answer to my prayer, and I’m excited to begin this afternoon.

  • Julie Reynolds says:

    So excited to do this with all the mym ladies!! What fun! Is there a hashtag for this?

    • Katie Orr says:

      There is not an extra hashtag, but we would love for you to tweet about your time in Philippians, when you do your #hellomornings check in! If the Lord showed you something, share it! It will be fun to learn from one another that way.

  • I’m in. This looks like a wonderful plan. I look forward to delving in with you all! May God bless our individual time in study as well as our thoughts we’ll share together.

  • Taylor says:

    Thank you Katie!!!! Love you!
    I’m excited about this session with MYM. Today started out great and I”m looking forward to tomorrow.

    And, by the way to all of you who worked SO HARD with the new MYM format…”BRAVO” as we would say over here in Bosnia. I love having a Facebook group in Europe so I feel like I have real accountability. You guys rock my mornings 🙂

  • PaigeSix says:

    I am so excited for this. I am new to this faith and have been told that I need to nuture myself w/ the Word daily. I am finding myself lost as to how to go about learning, and this came about!

    • Katie Orr says:

      I am so glad! You are exactly who we had in mind when we created this study. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you study!

  • Messy Wife says:

    I did not sign up because I will be traveling to the opposite time zone for 7 weeks. But this morning I was able to wake up early (not intentionally, to be honest) and I have found it a bit hard to choose my own Bible reading passage after haven’t done it for so long. Thank you very much for the timely material. I need to work on waking up early tomorrow now.

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  • Suzie (from Sydney) says:

    Thanks. You guys are an answer to prayer! My mornings needed a BIG shake up and I found your blog! My quiet times needed a pick-me-up and you post this Bible reading plan! THANK YOU! You’re all brilliant!

  • Eryn says:

    Thank you SO much for putting this study together! I am really enjoying it!! I hope in the future there will be more studies like this one. I appreciate having something simpland meaningful to study in the a.m. Oh, and just curious is it to late to join in on the MYM group?

  • […] you are just finding out about the study, you can read more about it here and here. Anyone is welcome to jump in any time! If you haven’t downloaded the study guide, go ahead […]

  • […] am thrilled that Katie and Lara chose Philippians for this summer’s Maximize Your Mornings bible study, and I am privileged to be able to share a few thoughts with you […]

  • […] far more than it’s little size. My friends Katie, Lara, and Kat have put together a fantastic study on this book to help us in our efforts to Maximize Our Mornings, and the weekly supplemental posts […]

  • better late than never 🙂 joining in

  • […] 3:1-11 yesterday.  I am seeking through the book of Philippians this summer with other ladies at Inspired by Action.  It actually is a 5 day week study, but I decided to peek into the next week. The Holy Spirit […]

  • Belinda says:

    Hi its me belinda , i hope you get this message ,its about 8pm sydney australia, its nice and cold here.i love the winter. iam in a small bible study , we are doing mathew . but i normally get up in the morning ,or stay up late reading or asking jesus what does he want me to learn. i would love to hang out with you guys and read our bibles together. i love the book jeremiah /philippians/ Revelations/the rest goes on .i thank jesus for you guys,i have to go my daughter is going to bed now wants a hug ,iam going have a cup of coffee. yum……………then do some reading ,luv bel