A Few Laughs In Honor Of Mother’s Day

By May 5, 2011General

We’re currently working hard on all the logistics involved in helping 600+ women “Maximize Their Mornings.” Major props to Michelle for taking on the gargantuan task of assigning everyone to groups. The response has been amazing!

If you’ve already registered, you’ll get an email from us early next week with more details on how it will all work.

In Tha Muthahood

The Motherhood Experience

(If you’re reading this via email or rss and don’t see the videos, click through to the blog to enjoy them.)

Confession Time

What part of either video do you most identify with?

Check out the comments for my confession…

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  • Kat says:

    Sadly, The inside of my minivan often looks like the one on The Motherhood Experience. EXCEPT, before trips. If we go on any sort of road trip I get all manic and clean the car with q-tip precision. #weirdquirk

  • Elizabeth says:

    the first one was much funnier but yes the cookies in the car and the goat in the grocery store from the second describes my life to a T!
    (and my morning will be hard as I am on your blog at 11:20pm 😛

  • Kj says:

    Taking a goat to the grocery store accurately describes my 3 year old right now. Thanks for these 😀

  • KC says:

    In Tha Muthahood was so funny that I was laughing, crying and had to watch it twice. Thank for posting that! I sent an email to all the moms I know to check it out on your blog. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for sharing both of those videos – I was laughing so hard my eyes began to water!

  • Lezli says:

    “Throw OJ and Fruit Loops in their general direction…” She has been spying on me in the mornings!! 🙂

  • daniella says:

    Favorite part, handsdown, is how Anita (mothahood) was trying to use Cinderella band-aids to try and wax her upper lip. Yes ma’am, I admit to trying it.

    Happy Mother’s Day, dear momma! You inspire me to be a better one each day. I pray God blesses this ministry He ignited in your heart and give you all that you need down the road to accomplish in inspiring mommas all over the world daily.

  • Sherri says:

    I haven’t laughed quite so hard in a long time. Feeding the melon and taking the goat to the grocery store was HILARIOUS – and sadly oh so true.

    Thanks for the good laugh and happy mother’s day to you!
    Sherri 🙂

  • Natalie says:

    Hey how’d they get that shot of the inside of MY van in that video?!?

  • Alle says:

    Okay, new mama here – my little one is only 7 weeks old, so I’m pretty stoked about my first Mother’s Day this weekend. But oh, boy – what have I gotten myself into?! 🙂 Seriously, the melon thing – is it that hard? I guess I’m still in the sleep-deprived, stars-in-the-eyes stage of new motherhood! Still, so excited to see what God is gonna teach me through this ride!

  • abby says:

    Uh the first one is so funny! I love the bit about the stretch marks. I don’t have a minivan, but my car often looks that messy.

  • Valerie says:

    Maybe that’s the secret to having a peaceful grocery store experience with little ones – bring a cute goat to keep them occupied!! You know that little goat was SO CUTE!! My 17 month old would be trembling and squealing with glee and echoing through the whole store. 🙂

  • “A full-grown goat is an excellent choice.” LOL 🙂

    And I love Anita Renfroe too…so funny!

  • The stretch marks killed me. I can imagine doing that to my daughter in 10 years or so …

    Also, the goat and feeding a cantaloupe!! The cantaloupe made me laugh so hard I cried. Only because it’s true.

  • Lara says:

    I’m late to the conversation, but I really identify with the rapping. I mean. L-Dubya in the hizouse.