Kat’s Weekly Round Up – April 9, 2011

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When You’re feeling a bit Broken  {free weekly gratitude journal} – Ann Voskamp

In Search of Compelling Goals – SmallNotebook.org

I have to say that Rachel from SmallNotebook.org is such a inspiration of mine. She makes crazy-sounding things seem doable. And she brings such common sense to so many things that tend to overwhelm us.

She and her family were recently looking to move from their apartment in Texas and as she was apartment hunting she decided to look at apartments in Italy. Guess where they picked up and moved to a few months ago? Yep. Italy.


They’re not crazy rich or vagabonds – just a family whose focus on living simply and living well has allowed them to do things many dream of. 

Here are some of my favorite recent posts of hers: 

It’s Not You, It’s Me – How To Break Up With Old Hobbies

Daily Grocery Shopping in Florence

How To Add Classic Style To A Small Wardrobe

Happy reading and happy weekend!

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  • Rachel says:

    Oh Kat! You know the only way I learned how to reach my real goals was by looking up to cool seniors like you in school and watching how you did it.

  • Courtney says:

    I have to say I’m right there with you – totally admire Rachel! Her last post about the clothes she brought to Italy made me want to seriously clean out my closet.

  • I love Rachel at Small Notbook too! And I am so happy to follow on her journey to Italy!

  • Jane says:

    I like Rachel also and am ready to add some style to my small wardrobe.

  • Cynthia says:

    I admire Rachel too.. I visit her blog more often.. And too looking forward for her new updates.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about her..

  • Jackelyn says:

    Honestly this is the first time i heard the post and i am so glad that i found it seems very useful blog that i can use in future.