Weekend Reading and The Best Post on Motherhood I’ve Read All Year

By March 6, 2011General

Two weekends ago my friend Kellye and I attended Sally Clarkson’s MomHeart conference. It was an incredibly refreshing and inspiring weekend.

I had the honor of sharing a few thoughts with the amazing women there and my sweet new friend Patti took these great pics. I’m so thankful for her thoughtfulness.

Hellomornings Meet Up

It was fun to learn that several #hellomornings ladies were going to be there also. So we had a fun little #HelloMornings meet up. I can’t tell you what a joy it was to see these lovely faces in 3d.

An Amazing Post

Speaking of Sally Clarkson, she recently wrote the best post on motherhood that I’ve read in a long, long time.

I encourage you to read it, print it, and reread it often.

And if you haven’t read her book Mission of Motherhood. Put that on your to-do list. Now.

Around the Web

Here are a few guest posts I’ve had the honor of writing on some of my favorite blogs. I hope you enjoy them.

Why THEIR Methods Won’t Work For YOU – Motherhood You Way

Automating Motherhood – Steady Mom

How to Get Free Babysitting and a Mom’s Night Out – Passionate Homemaking

Must Have Blogging eBook

If you’re a blogger, my friend Rachel from SmallNotebook.org is doing a giveaway of 6 copies of her ebook – Simple Blogging.

It’s the best ebook on blogging I’ve read and I’m honored to have a tiny one page bit of advice in the bonus section.

That’s it for today.

Have a lovely Sunday!!

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  • Courtney says:

    Thanks for the link to Sally Clarkson’s post. It was fantastic, especially with all the comments. I will be getting her book. . .

  • monica says:

    Wow–just visited your site for the first time. It is PACKED full of great stuff. Thank you!!
    I’m a new blogger–in Hawaii– and trying to navigate my way around. Happy to find a good blog to follow. I’ll be back for sure! 🙂