Kat’s Weekly Roundup: 3/12

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Read the whole post and then watch the really cute video of my kids. 🙂

Why I Love March Madness

His dad was his coach. The game was in his hands. He blew the shot on their last possession with 4 seconds to go. Would they get another chance?

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Can you imagine how his dad felt when the buzzer sounded?

So awesome.

Speaking of Awesome

You all are awesome!

In just a few hours you completely covered the cost for Michelle to attend the Relevant Conference in October. She wrote a little thank you post this week. I can’t wait to brainstorm with her on your behalf at the conference. Thank you!

Weekly Link Round Up

Round up. Get it? I’m from Texas…and we have round ups…? Get it? Huh? Isn’t that….clever? Huh? Get it?

There’s more where that comes from, friends.

1. Emily – I am so excited to get to know Emily when we go to the Philippines together. She has a new book coming out in September that I CANNOT wait to get my hands on. Check out her amazing blog and her new book trailer.

2. Mandi – I ran across a podcast I did with Mandi a few months ago and thought you might enjoy it. (Check out all her FREE printables while you’re at her site. I love them!)

3. Rachel – I just love this post from Rachel at small notebook: How To Protect Your Time From Too Many Good Ideas

4. Amanda – I just adore Amanda’s heart, creativity and passion for instilling her children with God’s love and truth. Here’s her latest brilliant post: Self-Parenting and Seeing Jesus In Our Kids

5. My Post At Mandi’s Blog – Here is a post I wrote for Life Your Way. I really like it and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it – 5 Critical Social Media Sharing Guidelines for Moms

We Ain’t Playin’

We take March Madness pretty seriously ’round these parts. I’ve loved it since jr high.

We’re so hard core, our kids have had their own self picked brackets every year of their lives. We used some crazy convoluted systems to get them to pick teams when they were newborns.

Join Me?

Two years ago, BooMama started her annual March Madness Bracket Tourney.

I’ll be joining in again with BooMama this year, I think it would be fun if you joined us!

Getting To Know You

Have you ever watched March Madness games?

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  • Becca says:

    Yes, we’re definitely a March Madness watching family! Every year my husband takes off the first two days of the tournament and watches the games with his buddies (he has a blast and it is something especially for him)! For the rest of it, we invite anyone over who wants to come, cook up some food, the kids play, we all watch and it is a blast.

  • Meagan says:

    I am not much of a basketball fan, but I look forward to March Madness every year! Big Gonzaga fan! I don’t do brackets or anything, but enjoy watching the games.

    By the way, I did notice that your daughter did NOT pick Gonzaga when she picked her brackets. She is such a cutie though, I guess I won’t hold it against her! 😉

    Go Zags!!

  • April says:

    LOVE that video!! What year was it? I’ve somehow never seen it. I played b-ball all through high school and always look fwd to March Madness each year! My husband and I are making out our brackets this week!

  • Stacey says:

    My favorite brackets memory is from a few years ago. I worked for a small company and they were doing a pool. I joined even though I hadn’t really followed who should win, etc. They wanted more people and so my brother joined too. By sheer luck of picking Big 10 teams (my dad went to Indiana University), I came in 2nd place…to my brother. I was a little bitter that I would have beat all of colleagues had I not invited my brother to play. 🙂

  • oh amanda says:

    You are SO fun, Kat. THanks for including my post among so many great ones!

  • Lisa Legaspi says:

    Six years ago when we lived in Japan on an Army base, I was homeschooling our youngest son through his third grade year. March Madness games came on during the day, so it was big motivation to get his school work done. When his siblings got home from school, little brother had the upper hand, telling them the game highlights from that day.

  • michelle says:

    March what?! (Can we still be friends?)

    Thanks again for “inspiring” the group gift to me! I’m so blessed by you all!