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By March 16, 2011General

*****This is a guest post from Christa Wells.*****

Hard Stops, New Starts

I’ve come to see things differently. I’ve started believing we are on more of a treadmill than we believed. Beginning to think real change is possible.

We’ve just returned from almost three months in a foreign country. Costa Rica. Why we chose Costa Rica is less important than why we chose to leave in the first place.

Hard stops.

That’s a phrase I lifted from my friend, Ann. She uses it to refer to the discipline of creating specific space in her daily life – pause for prayer. Setting the stopwatch and honoring the hourly reminder to stop and converse with the Creator. I began to use the phrase to refer to a significant pause in our life.

Kat —wonderful Kat – challenges us every day to act on inspiration. We can read all the books about every subject in the world – and believe me, I try — but if all we do is continuously fill our minds with new information, even knowledge of God…but fail to LIVE and LOVE differently in light of that knowledge…we tragically miss the opportunity to grow, to glorify Him, to bless our communities, our families, our friends…

So. We decided to act on the inspiration to walk into a different way of life for a few months.

We have our reasons for making the plans we make. And then God has His.

The trip to Central America, in our minds, was largely about an opportunity for our kids to experience a culture different from ours, for all of us to learn a language that is not only useful but is also the language of our son’s birth family. An adventure well-timed, as my husband was considering taking a drastic turn in his career path.

By the time we left, though, it was clear this trip would be more than all of that. We were doubled-over desperate for a hard stop in our hyperactive, exhausting , overcommitted life, and saw this would be “dream time” for Toby and revealing/healing time for me.

We needed to get off the treadmill and see firsthand that the world is much, much bigger than us, more diverse than our homeland, and more beautiful than we can imagine. That “normal” looks really different around the world, and that joy and contentment need not be dependent on even our most basic assumptions — hot water, separate bedrooms, abundant food options, dishwashers…

We Assume

The thing is, most of us make too many assumptions that squelch our ability to step outside the status quo, outside the box, outside our comfort zones, or even our city limits.

We assume we can’t afford it. Or that we don’t have enough talent. We assume it will be too risky or too difficult or too uncomfortable. We assume we already know what there is to know, or that there is no better way. We assume we need the things we want, and that we wouldn’t want what we don’t know.

We assume God is actually less capable than we say He is.

We think small and we make Him small and His world small, and He is anything but that.

So. I’m beginning to think all things are possible.

It’s possible He will fully release me from slavery to my desire for approval.

It’s possible He will use the music of a stay-home Mom of five in North Carolina.

It’s possible He will save a child through your work with Compassion International or allow you to participate in the liberation of slaves through International Justice Mission.

It’s possible He will restore Joy to the heart of the abandoned wife.

It’s possible you will add beauty to the lives of your neighbors with your fresh-baked bread and notes.

It’s possible you will empower your husband by becoming his biggest fan.

It’s possible that today you’ll get down on your knees and look your difficult 2-year-old in the eyes and show him what grace looks like.

It’s possible that we will be surprised and delighted by the Life He gives us.

Yes, it’s possible.

Action questions:
Do you need more “hard stops” in your life?
What do you need to believe is possible right now?

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  • Stacey says:

    He is just waiting to be “All things possible” in our lives, don’t you think? Oh how we box Him in when what He really wants to do is break through!

    Thanks Christa! I can’t wait to hear the new music. I am overwhelmed by how He writes through you on my heart!


  • Stacey says:

    He is just waiting to be “All things possible” in our lives, don’t you think? Oh how we box Him in when what He really wants to do is break through!

    Thanks Christa! I can’t wait to hear the new music. I am overwhelmed by how He writes through you on my heart!


  • Mariposa says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks for the reminders… 🙂

  • Bekki says:

    Thank you. I’m headed off to a 2 day “hard stop” of solitude next weekend. Your post has the wheels turning: What do I assume is impossible? What do I hope to accomplish during my time away? Am I willing for God to use next weekend in a different way than I anticipate?

  • Nancia says:

    Wow thanks for this post! I cannot explain how strongly the words touched me and instantly it changed my thinking.

  • Krissa says:

    Such an encouraging post…I would love to do what your family did one day. But for now, thanks for sharing all the other everyday possibilities I can make happen today!

  • Courtney says:

    Wow. Thank you for this!

  • Heidi says:

    Christa, this was a beautiful post, and well-timed. It follows right in line with what God has been speaking to me, as well as many others, I believe. This makes me want to break from our life here, and visit another place to serve as you did! By any chance, have you read the book by David Platt, “Radical”? Your story seems to mirror much of what he communicates through his book.

    Once again, thank you. I am inspired and encouraged! May God richly bless you in the new pace of life you find yourselves in.

  • Zeljka says:

    Hello, I just linked your post on my blog; it is in Croatian so I don’t think you’ll be able to read it, but I just wanted to know that we are following you here in Europe.
    Thank you!
    Love, Željka

  • We think small and we make Him small and His world small, and He is anything but that.
    (sorry i commented on the wrong post earlier) DUH 😉

  • everything about this, i love. thank you, christa, for sharing your beautiful heart, what god is making known to you!

  • Thank you for the reminder that…
    He is God who can move mountains.
    Loved the photos in this and the ones on your blog.

  • Beautiful post, sweet pictures! Can’t wait to hear your music!

  • Jessica says:

    This is making me think how I say “yes” to His possibilities, but rarely do.

  • Angela says:

    So glad to have met you Christa! I was introduced to you by Ann Voskamp’s blog. Loved the song, “How emptiness sing.”

    I’m empty and seem to have been for a long time. So long in fact that it has become “the norm.” That is until I met Ann, and began giving “thanks,” and participating in her Gratitude Community on Monday’s. And now I’ve found you and your songs. Songs that minister to the heart. Healing words. Thank you.

    So now, you’ve caused me to ponder on finding my own rhythm in emptiness. I do count gifts and see the fog lifting, but now I want to find the song…my song to go along with the lifting and the seeing. “Inspired to action” is exactly what God is doing in my life thanks to Ann and you. I’m awakening. Waking from my slumber.

    Thank you

    • Kat says:

      Aren’t Ann and Christa amazing? Thanks for sharing your story…praying that you’ll find your song…