Twitter Tips For The Maximize Your Mornings Challenge

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(This post was written by wonderful Katie Orr, one of our MYMC Twitter Accountability Captains (MYMCTAC?). Ah, acronyms are so fun. I digress. Without further ado, here is Katie with a great intro to Twitter.)

Twitter Overview

Twitter is a great tool to help Maximize Your Mornings. Although, it is a bit overwhelming at first! Here are a few tips to help you find your wings as you delve into Twitterland.

At the top left, there is a text box, where you can write a short message to the world, also known as a “tweet”.

In the left column is a timeline. This is a stream of all the recent tweets of the people you follow. Only the tweets of the people you follow will show up here.
You can “mention” a person in your tweet, by using their twitter “handle” (their Twitter name) with an @ symbol at the front of the handle. This is how you have a conversation with someone over Twitter. Remember, even though you are mentioning someone, everyone else who follows you will see it!
To see if you have any mentions, click on the @Mentions tab, on the left column, to change the timeline that you see.

Writing Tweets

You must keep your tweets under 140 characters. So, this is not the place for a wordy message to a friend. There is a character count at the bottom right of the tweet box. If you do get a bit long winded, it will let you know.

If you see something you like, you can Re-Tweet it! When you Re-Tweet, Twitter automatically adds a RT at the beginning of the tweet, and will give a mention for the original tweeter.

Following the #hellomornings “Stream”

There are all sorts of twitter “streams” out there. In order for your tweet to make it into a certain stream, you must use a “hashtag”. The hashtag for Maximize Your Mornings is #hellomornings.

You can do a search for a certain hashtags to see the latest tweets, from that stream.

To save time, you can save searches for hashtags that you commonly use.

Important Notes

Tweets are public. If you use a hashtag or get RTed, others will see your tweet even if they are not following you and vice versa, so tweet with care!
If you would like to privately tweet to someone, you can send them a Direct Message (a DM).
There are lots of great apps out there, that helps you easily view different Twitter streams, as well as see if you have any mentions. I use HootSuite, on my computer, as well as on my phone.
Twitter can become a distraction, just like anything. So be sure to set your limits!

Learn More

Want to learn more about Twitter? Here is an in-depth collection of tutorials (thanks for the link Michelle).

Join Us!

Twitter is a great resource to find communities of others who are striving for the same thing you are. There are #hellomornings ladies all over the world tweeting in the early morning hours. We would love to have you join us!

See you in the #hellomornings!

(And for those of you who don’t plan to use Twitter, you can also check in on the Inspired To Action Facebook page.)

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(Thanks again Katieย  for the great post.)

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