We complicate parenting.

We try 10,000 different methods and look for the perfect solution to help us to be more patient with our children.

When really?
A large portion of our frustration can be avoided with a few simple steps.

I want to challenge you to do a 1 day experiment.

The 5 steps listed below might make you roll your eyes. You’ve heard them before. But how often do we actually do them?


Try these 5 things for 1 day and you’ll be amazed at the impact they have!

1. Sleep 7-8 Hours

Have you ever had a child MELT DOWN when they were over tired? Yeah, me too.

Sleep is absolutely VITAL to both our emotional and physical well being. Do you get enough of it? Why or why not?

Many of us don’t get enough sleep for unnecessary reasons. Like Facebook. Like the reading blogs. Like TV. Like Twitter.

We say that we NEED time to relax.. Then in the name of “relaxation”, we stay up late, only to be exhausted and grumpy the next day.

When we stay up late, we rob ourselves of tomorrow’s energy, patience and joy.

In reality, the only reason we need so much time to relax is because we’re not truly well rested.

2. Drink 6-8 Glasses of Water

Being dehydrated can be a huge factor in our grumpiness level.

3. Be Like a Wall of Jello

Being a grown up with emotional kids is tough. So imagine what it’s like for our kids to have emotional parents.

When we respond poorly to our children’s emotions (with anger, frustration, rudeness, annoyance) it truly rocks their world. Our children need stability. They need to be able to process their vast emotions and NOT have us acting like a ping pong ball responding uncontrolled.

I love James 1:19-20:

19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.

When we are frustrated and angry, our responses are not going to bring about righteousness in our children. Being mad doesn’t teach our children anything except that “if Mom can fly off the handle, so can I.”

Be like Jello, absorb their emotions and frustrations, filtering them through prayer. If we can’t respond in LOVE, tell them we need to calm down and postpone response.

4. Be All There. Don’t Multitask.

Often times the root of our impatience is because we’re not “all there.” We are distracted, trying to do too much.

Today, be focused. Be “all there” with your children.

5. Start 15 Minutes Early

Possibly the most patience testing time for moms is when we are trying to transition our kids.

Out of bed. To school. Get homework done. To the car. To bed.

They always seem to move in slow motion. They forget things like – pants. It’s truly stunning the crazy things that cause friction during transition times.

Today, start extra early.

The Challenge

My challenge to you is to try these 5 steps for just 1 day.

Don’t try to make a permanent life change, yet. That would be overwhelming.

Make it a simple experiment to see how big of a difference these small things make.

You might find you’re an incredibly patient mom after all.

Do you struggle with patience like I do? What are some things you do to keep calm and carry on?

This has been key in my progress towards slowly becoming a more patient mom. (And it’s free.)

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll enjoy my podcast on peaceful parenting as well.

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