Inspiring Our Children: His Words Buried Deep

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(Today’s post is from my favorite new-to-me blogger. Her name is Lara Williams. If you’ve hung out at our little #hellomornings Twitter gathering at all, her smiling face is a familiar one. I love the depth and beauty of her writing. I hope you will too…)

His Words Buried Deep

I overheard her while I rushed around to beat the morning clock. My six-year-old getting ready for school while reciting Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” heard muffled and peaceful amidst the routine.

It blessed me deep.

She’s not a morning person. I typically have to ease her into the day to avoid meltdowns or explosions. She’s passionate and fiery. But this particular morning, she awoke so pleasant. And she spoke the Psalm.


I cannot take the credit. Her teacher from last year instigated the venture. Each week the students memorized a verse until the entire passage was buried into those little hearts. And it apparently stuck.

As the final words fell out of her mouth, she hollered out, “Mommy, I remembered Psalm 23! Wanna hear?!” I listened again while my heart choked my throat.

The clock demanded we move on with the schedule, but He spoke loud enough for me to hear. And by His grace I engaged the moment. I told her that life will not always be easy, but that she can always believe these words. 

The Lord is her Shepherd. He will always guide. She can trust that His goodness and mercy will follow her even when things get rough.

“Always believe Him, my child.” 

He has proven this in my own little life. Seasons where hopelessness creeps in or fear drives a wedge, I am tempted to set my eyes on circumstance. But His promises of Truth slowly rise to the surface, because they are buried deep.

Each moment we have choice. We choose to meditate on possibilities or marinate in His revelation. Believe what we see or stand firm on what He has declared.

But for our hours and days to be affected by His Word, we have to know His Word. We must be in His Word, soaking it up. Then it spills out onto those little ones that are watching our every move.

His Word is life to our weary bones. It will be life to theirs as well.

Bringing it home…

How can we practically encourage our kids to memorize and believe scripture?

And How do you purposefully bury His word deep in your own heart?


Speaker and writer, Lara lives in central North Carolina with her husband and three young children, ages 6, 4, and 2. “Life with little ones can get pretty crazy,” she admits, “but our home is a place where God has “shown off’ and redeemed the broken.”

You can find her online at and blogging at Unrehearsed Adventure.

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  • Avatar Kat says:

    We love listening to Seeds Family Worship and The Rizers. Both are artist who put the scripture to song. Not just a great message, but music so good that my music snob self likes listening to it even when the kids aren’t around. 🙂

    • Avatar Pamela says:

      I LOVE Seeds Family Worship and will be looking up The Rizers right now. I enjoy the music every bit as much as my 3 year old daughter. She has already memorized John 8:12, it is her favorite. God is good. I love your site and share it with everyone I know. THANK YOU!!

    • Avatar lara says:

      Oh we love Seeds Family Worship too! I listen to it too even without my kids in the car. You have mentioned the Rizers to me before. I still need to get something from them. Great way to get scripture buried deep.

  • Avatar oh amanda says:

    Beautiful post, Lara!

    I tend to only memorize what my kids learn–a verse at a time. We hang scripture up on our doors, the banisters and the windows. I love seeing them everywhere b/c it reminds me to say it and memorize it with them.

    Thank you!

    • Avatar lara says:

      Thanks Amanda. Learning the same verse together is great because it keeps us accountable. In fact, their little brains remember much easier than mine does. Blessings to you. 🙂

  • Avatar Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful way to start my day – my children memorized scripture when they were young, I should ask them what they still remember. Critical for survival these days!!

    • Avatar lara says:

      No joke! It is critical these days. Our world is so full of distortion. Without truth buried deep we can too easily fall for anything. Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar Kimberly says:

    Great post! We have been memorizing the scripture verses provided by BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) each week. Usually the verse is sung to a familiar tune. We sing each verse (and the previous ones) every morning! It is so cool to hear the kiddos singing the Words of God! We are also memorizing Isaiah 53 in our home school co-op this year… 😉

  • Avatar Courtney says:

    I was going to saw Family Seeds of Worship, too! I’ve learned so much scripture from listening to their music. I find music to be one of the keys for me – put something to a tune, and it sticks with me. I also write verses on index cards and tape them to my bathroom mirror. Pure repetition, and my husband appreciates me sharing verses this way, too.

    • Avatar lara says:

      Love the bathroom mirror idea. I used to put index cards in a plastic ziploc and hang them in the shower. (Maybe I should do that again!)

  • Avatar CindyC says:

    That is so sweet! I can’t wait for my little one to really start to absorb the Word.

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    Wonderful post Lara! My daughter memorizes a verse each week for Awana, and I’ve found that I memorize the verses right along with her. In helping my daughter with scripture memorization, I too have been encouraged to start memorizing at least 2 verses per month. Just listened to samples on Amazon from Seeds Family Worship songs. We’ll definitely look into that, as all of us are musical learners!

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    So sweet, friend! God etches His Word on the tablets of our hearts and when I reflect on the fact that the sword of the Spirit is our only offensive weapon, my heart is quickened to teach my girls scripture and to be consistent at it. And I’m not really consistent with many things!

    The very first thing I did with my husband when we began to teach our girls scripture was open to Deut. 6:1-9 and read to them God’s instructions for teaching His Word. I wanted them to first know, out of reverence and obedience, we are teaching them.

    So because things aren’t consistent around here, because I’m just a spazz, we miss a week or two, but they always have some scripture.

    First, I speak a lot of scripture to them. They don’t know it’s His Word, but that’s okay. I trust God to plant it in the soil of their hearts.

    I also sing. We make up songs to memorize and that gets in several verses at a time. Right now we are working on the Beattitudes. (Gonna have to check out the Seeds Worship.)

    LASTLY, we have one scripture for their school year and use it as a spring board for discussion of how “school life” intersects with “life in Christ.”

  • Lara love this! At our MOPS meeting last Friday we had a speaker who gave us great ideas on teaching our children scripture. Her name is Caroline Boykin. She has a book called “The Well Versed Family”. Her website is .

    I heard her speak a couple years ago and was given the great idea to teach my boys “A gentle word turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” It has come in handy multiple times to remind the boys to use gentle words. They have unfortunately also reminded me a few times that i’m using harsh words. =)

    Last week I wrote a posting on this very topic:

    One of the most important things we can give our kids that no one can take away!

  • Avatar Hope Coulter says:

    Here is a link to an awesome scripture memory verse system. We simply read a verse before we eat each meal. My kids 5 and 3 have learned over a dozen verses so far. We love this habit!

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  • Avatar staci says:

    WE have a a kids Pandora station “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and my two favorite records are from “Why not Sea Monsters” and they do bible story songs from the old and new testament.
    Max Lucado’s Hermie and Friends has a series of scripture memory verse songs on CD that are great. Similar to the Seeds Family Worship.
    Also, I randomly put verses on different toy boxes, like on Legos “The name of the Lord is a strong Tower. The righteous run into it and are safe.” So I say it when we are playing lego’s and I hope taht every time my kids play legos they will think of God being their tower.