Hello Mornings! {Winter ’11} Week 4

By February 18, 2011Create A Morning Routine

The following guest post is from the lovely Stacey of 29lincolnavenue.com.


How in the world can this little symbol (#) change your life? Well, it can’t really.  But the reason behind it can. The Person behind it can.  He is The Word Himself.  He has a special invitation for you each morning.  But, it will cost you something. Something that took me years to let go of.  But today, I can honestly say, I really don’t miss it at all.  What will it cost you?


Hitting the snooze button 10x’s.

A little morning television.

Whatever way you used to start your day.

For me, it was sneaking in a few more minutes of sleep when the kids slept late.  See, I am by nature a night owl. Which also means I do not do mornings – well.  So the thought of getting up before everyone else was about as appealing as going to the dentist.

I had time in the Word most days. For years, I enjoyed reading and praying before I went to bed.  But, I found myself slipping in that area. By the time I got to bed at night, I was too tired.  I would read a quick verse and drift off to sleep instead of really spending time with Him.  It was more like a bedtime snack, than a feast at the table.

Many years ago, my heart was greatly challenged in this area by Kay Arthur. She said it was vital to start your day and set your attitude with The Word of God.  “Start,” she said, “by setting your alarm 15 minutes early.  Grow it from there.  I promise it will change your life.  Can you give Him 15 minutes of your morning?”  I started that week.  *That was 10 years ago, and now I gladly get up at least 1 hour before my kids to sit in my chair and study God’s Word.  And she was right.  It has changed my life!

So, how does # come into play? This # is all about the love of sweet sisters who are doing the same thing you are.  This # is accountability.  This # is a high five for setting a goal and following through.  This # is we’re all in this together.  This # is hello mornings. I love this amazing group of Word girls.  You will too!  Won’t you join us?

The next best thing to a challenge by Kay Arthur is an ebook by Kat and constant encouragement from Michelle! You can download the ebook, Maximize Your Mornings right here.

*{I want to speak very gently here to moms of little ones.  I understand sleepless nights, as a mother of 4.  My youngest is 16 months old and did not sleep much for the first 7 months of her life.  Certainly, early mornings can be a challenge when you have been up in the night.  My times with the Lord sometimes are about me getting 3 cups of coffee in me and begging Him for strength to get through the day.  He has always honored whatever effort I given Him.  He is always there waiting for me with a grace filled loving heart.}

Stacey is wife to Mike and the mother of 4 vibrant girls.
You can find her blogging at 29lincolnavenue.com and tweeting @stacey29lincoln.

She is super excited to be the AC for #mym6!

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  • Avatar Bec Touzel says:

    Thanks Stacey!
    #hellomornings makes such a difference for me too! before, I was getting so cranky at being woken up anytime before 7! even the dog got yelled at!
    does anyone know if there’s other girls doing #hellomornings in australia? its a bit sad that when i’m going to bed, you’re all getting up together!

    • Avatar stacey says:

      Bec I would totally say #hellomornings to you before I go to bed! But lets pray for some other Aussies to join you as well! That would be awesome!

    • Avatar Sarah says:

      You won’t believe this Bec, but I’m in Australia! I’m a bit rubbish at Twitter, but maybe we could #hellomornings another way?

      • Avatar Bec Touzel says:

        Hi Sarah! How exciting! I’m in Cobbitty – just outside campbelltown!
        We live (wait for it) at work (yes, really)…at a wonderful place called Teen Ranch (have you heard of us?)
        I’m new and inexperienced at Twitter
        And I would like to be a better knitter
        But most of all, I want to be
        The best mummy and wifey to my familee (does that count as a rhyme?)

    • Avatar Sarah says:

      Good morning Bec! – I’m in Ballina, up the coast a ways from you!
      I’ll count that as a rhyme, and for the record being able to rhyme at this time of day is amazing! Would you exchange email addresses with me and be my #hellomornings buddy?

      • Avatar Bec Touzel says:

        Afternoon Sarah! I would love to be your #hellomornings buddy!
        My email is bec (dot) touzel (at) gmail (dot) com
        Yay! Not sure what was in my tea the other morning because that post looks seriously hyper for 6am….

      • Avatar Stacey says:

        This chat between you Aussie girls is making me smile!
        “Where 2 or more are gathered in His name, there He is also…”
        Matthew 18:20

  • Avatar Katie Orr says:

    “*That was 10 years ago, and now I gladly get up at least 1 hour before my kids to sit in my chair and study God’s Word. And she was right. It has changed my life!”

    I love that you have the perspective of 10 years! I can already see the fruit of getting up (consistently) and it has only been about 7 months. After years and years of trying (and three babies), I love that the Lord has been gracious to finally give me this morning time. Like you, I had been getting the Word in most days, but there is such a difference in my days when I get it in the morning!

    Thankful for this amazing community!

    • Avatar Stacey says:

      10 years…makes me sound really old!

      You know – it has only grown sweeter! I am grateful for this community too Katie!

      Thanks Kat & Michelle for the chance to share my heart today!

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  • Avatar Rusheika says:

    Awesome post! I am so happy I have found a community… no wait… FRIENDS and SISTERS who “get it”! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Gotta love the #. It’s made all the difference to me.

    Thanks for the great post Stacey.

  • Avatar Audrey says:

    I can definitely relate to this….. although I would rather go to the dentist than get up early!! I started getting up early 4 or 5 months ago, and I’m glad I did. Although I didn’t start slowly…. I had tried getting up 15 minutes early for 4 years, and it NEVER worked. I got up 15 minutes early maybe 3 times in that 4 years that I tried. For me, it HAD to be all or nothing. So a few months ago, I started getting up with my husband….. at 5 am. I used to sleep till 9 or 10 with my kids. So I don’t just get up 15 minutes early, I get up 4+ hours early! I don’t do twitter with all of you because it’s very distracting for me (just one of those sacrifices!), but God has made it worth it anyway! I get up at 6 now, and I go tidy up the living room, wash dishes, sweep the floor, make my tea, and then sit down to do my Bible studies and pray. After I’m done with that, I start on everything else on my to-do list, so I don’t get on my computer until at least 9 am, usually later. I have to cross at least 10 things off my list before I can turn on the computer. God has really honored me in that, even just in these past few months!

    This was what finally encouraged me to make the leap into getting up early: http://www.lainesletters.com/letters/arewebeingstretched.html

    • Avatar Stacey says:

      Audrey that sounds like a great routine! And what matters is that it is working for you! Thanks for sharing this encouragement!

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    As I sit here, in a pre-coffee state of wanting to be closer to God, yet tired from a middle-of-the-night party with my 5 month-old daughter, I am unequivocally challenged and simultaneously encouraged by this post. Our Daily Bread and your blog are some of the first things I look at in the morning!

    • Avatar Stacey says:

      Sarah – I have so been there! Was just there! In fact with all of us sick with a cold, I am there right now! I think God understands our tiredness, but I’ve found that nothing brings me strength like taking time to be quiet before the house is awake and in need.

      Another thing that really encouraged me, was a book by Sally Clarkson called “The Ministry of Motherhood”. In it she describes the tiredness Jesus must have felt the night before He was crucified. But yet, He served the 12, and went away to spend time with His Father. This is where we can draw our strength as well!

      Praying right now for you to be strongly supported by Him! (2 Chronicles 16:9a)

    • Avatar Kimberly says:

      I remember those days! Hang in there!
      I love this verse which speaks to moms:
      “He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart;
      (and the best part)
      He gently leads those that have young.” Isaiah 40:11
      I just prayed for you!

  • Avatar Krystal says:

    Thanks Stacey! I also really appreciate your note at the end as I have three under 5 (my youngest being 14 months) and the younger two are not the best of sleepers…yet (we’re working on it)! I am EXHAUSTED but I know God will pull me through if I can just give it over to Him.

    • Avatar Stacey says:

      Krystal I am praying for you now, that God will strengthen your heart and give you sweet rest – that when sleep comes it will be multiplied and feel twice as rich!

      He understands and I think it is in our extreme tiredness that we come to the end of ourselves, and really find our strength in HIm!

  • Avatar Ginny says:

    What an amazing picture of your journey, Stacey! It has stunned me how different our days can be when I’m up and ready for the day. We still have the 3-year-old meltdowns, 11-month-old neediness, etc., etc. But at least the meltdowns aren’t mine anymore!
    I love the mind-picture of God looking down at the world (even Australia! 🙂 and seeing our lamps lit early in the morning and smiling down on us! But the best part? I know he’s not looking at us from far away, he’s sitting right there in our living rooms and offices waiting for us to tiptoe in and snuggle up!

    • Avatar Stacey says:

      Wise words Ginny and yes – He sits with us and is a friend who is closer than a brother!

      May God bless you as you draw near to Him in the early morning and all throughout the day!

  • Avatar Meagan says:

    Stacey, I just now had a chance to read this post and I wanted to let you know how blessed I have been by your encouragement each morning!

    Up until this most recent challenge I stayed away from Twitter (just one more thing to keep up with), but decided to give it a try just for hello mornings…I’m so glad I did. It is so helpful having the accountability and the encouagement from other sweet sisters.

    There is no better way to start my day than in the quiet moments before the busyness of the day begins, spending time in the Word and with my Lord.

    So thankful for you (my great AC!), Kat, Michelle, and all the #hellomornings girls, especially my #mym6 friends!

  • Avatar Stacey says:

    Meagan – you are a delight and I am so glad you decided to join in for #hellomornings! I love that we can use something like Twitter to spur each other on to spend time at the feet of our Lord! I think this brings great joy to the Lord!

    My prayer for you is that your time with Him will be sweeter each day! I’ll be looking for you and all the #mym6 group! What a blessing you are to me!

  • Avatar Bec Touzel says:

    Thanks Stacey,
    Sorry for filling up everyone’s inbox with “reply notifications” hehehe
    How big our God is – that He is sovereign over every nation…even the ones that have mornings at different times of the day!!
    May your love abound more and more with knowledge and all discernment, sisters!

  • Avatar Angie says:

    Hi all – I am new to twitter 🙂 I signed up years ago and I think I have done one ‘tweet’ is that what it is called? Can you tell me about Hello Mornings. I just found this blog and LOVE IT 😉 My day goes so much better when I get up early to spend that time with the Lord before my day gets started but many days my cozy bed calls my name and when I do make it up I always regret not getting up when the house is quiet to spend that time with the one who loves me most.