The Other Purpose of Motherhood

By January 14, 2011General

Sometimes I Wonder…

Sometimes I wonder if the purpose of motherhood isn’t just for the teaching and training of our children but also (and perhaps even more so) the teaching and training of us.

I have never changed so much in my life.

I have never wanted to change so much in my life.

Nothing has pushed me closer to God than those three little people in that picture.

I’m thinking He knew that when He gave them to me.

What is one way motherhood has changed you?

This post was inspired by the ever amazing gypsymama.

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  • Loni says:

    Ohhhh yes . . . . God has taught me so much through my children . . . and He continues to do so . . . I wonder if the same will be with our grandchildren someday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Renee says:

    Love the picture, Kat! What beautiful children ๐Ÿ™‚ Motherhood pushed my focus to the eternal. Suddenly I cared a lot more about my children’s eternity than whatever right-now stuff I might have been distracted by.

    And Loni, with grandchildren I have now found that to be even more true. I am even more anxious to pray and be proactive…I guess that comes with an increasing awareness of how quickly time marches on.

  • Not a mom yet ๐Ÿ™‚ But so excited to see how the Lord will use it to draw me closer to His heart! wow…what an experience!

  • oh amanda says:

    Oh, I think about this every day. I think parenting (and also marriage) is MORE about my heart, my mind, my attitude and my actions than it is about the other person. Which is heartbreaking when I look into my own heart and attitudes. It’s the idea of “You can only take your kids as far as you’ve gone”. If I’m not patient, they won’t be. If I’m not reading my Bible, they won’t. And I know *I* won’t unless it’s in my heart. Not just as an action.

    Good stuff, Kat!

  • Yes, yes yes – what Amanda said. And I’d add, some days I’ve never felt more inadequate at the rate at which I try to change.

    Slower than molasses some days.

    But always hoping to change and always having bits and pieces chipped off me by these wild boys I call my own.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful word picture!


    • Kat says:

      Even you comments are eloquent! Thanks for the 5 minute challenge. I might need to do that more often.

      You are a blessing!

  • Lara says:

    I totally agree! I say that all the time. I also pray that they forget those moments that reveal how desperate I am for Him. Well, second thought, maybe they need to see that all of us are needy and thirsty for Him. Thanks for your heart, my friend.

  • Melissa says:


    I couldn’t agree more. I have seen more sin revealed in my life since becoming a mom. Tons more desire to live a holy life for the benefit of my children. Becoming a mom has ‘grown me up’ much more than I ever imagined!!

  • Mela Kamin says:

    Wow – you walked right into my life and wrote that – beautiful truth. I hope through it all, my kids see and hear grace from me – that the condition of their hearts is more important than a grade or a behavior. I’m changing – just wish for a lot of do-overs sometimes.

    • Kat says:

      Grace definitely a weak point for me. Yet ironically more important than anything. Thank you for the timely reminder.

  • Kat!! At first glance, I thought this was a picture of your FOUR kids! Haha! You are stinkin’ ADORABLE! (o: You and your kids are BEAUTIFUL! (I love your daughter’s “thumbs up”!)

    And, YES. I am with you all the way! In a nutshell, parenting has shattered my SELFISHNESS and PRIDE! (well, I should say that in the present tense… I’m still a major work-in-process.) And, related… my mysterious secondary infertility is pointing me toward God more and more! I can do nothing, I am nothing, I would have nothing if not for HIM! Over the years, my prayers have changed from “God, please give me a baby” to “God, please just give me MORE OF YOU!!” Don’t you just LOVE how He works in us?

    • Kat says:

      Um. You’re my favorite commenter ever. Honestly, though, there’s a lot of help from the magic of the favorite, old, cool, hat and some helpful lighting. ๐Ÿ™‚

      He knows just what we need, doesn’t He?

  • JessieLeigh says:

    Oh, this is so very true for me too: “Nothing has pushed me closer to God than those three little people…” Nothing has challenged me so much, either. The huge import of this calling can be overwhelming and awe-inspiring simultaneously.

  • Leigh says:

    Oh my goodness! I would say after becoming a believer, becoming a mother has been the biggest change in my life – and also necessitated the biggest changes, even when I didn’t want to change. Nothing is worse than hearing your children yell at each other the same words that were coming out of your mouth 10 minutes before… What a refining process – and I am so glad that God chooses to refine me in this way! What a mess I would be if I were still stuck in my old ways!?!

  • I agree, Kat~

    Children are such a gift for us to be able to grasp more tangibly how God views us. Only, he doesn’t want us to grow up and be independant – rather grow more INTO Him.

  • OH YEAH. I have thought this several times – I learn more than I could ever teach her!

  • Anna says:

    This has been my first year of motherhood and it has been a year of revealing my selfishness but also my capacity for love… what a blessing.

  • Melissa says:

    I thought motherhood would immediately change me. Buf for many years I still did what I wanted to do…..and now, oh now, God has taught me how to surrender…totally surrender it all to him. I left my career in the music industry and we lost a lot – but gained so. much. more.

    I am learning how to listen and love harder. And it is such a blessing to be a mom. A holy calling, yes?

  • Selena says:

    I COMPLETELY agree! I became a Christian almost a year ago and my children had EVERYTHING to do with it.
    Now I am teaching them verses and prayer and LIFE has finally started!
    It’s funny you wrote this post. I just wrote one for next week that talks about God working through our kiddos to send US a message. You might like it! It will be up by Monday at

    Thanks for your amazing writing! Interested in a guest poster? PS – I have a link to your free ebook on my site…b/c I LOVE this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ummm, can I just tell you when I first saw that picture, I thought all FOUR people in the pics were your kiddos? Then I realized the big “kiddo” was YOU. You look a-maz-ing!!

    And YES…I love what you said about God using your babies to draw you closer to him. I feel that in my soul, too!


  • Amanda says:

    Motherhood has taught me more about God’s love for me than I could ever have imagined! If I can love my sons so much, how much more must God love me…and them? Its overwhelming.

  • Courtney says:

    Yes! Totally agree – motherhood has changed me and continues to do so. I would say that I am more insightful, and definitely more in touch with my faith and beliefs now that I am a mother. I am more sensitive to the needs of others, for sure. I learn something new every day and love being a mom.

  • Heidi says:

    Kat, I couldn’t agree more. I could have typed those same words! Amazing how God uses our most precious gifts to be the most powerful refining tools in our lives. And, as you said, they are the catalyst to make me WANT to change! I am so grateful for motherhood…for so many reasons!

  • Melissa says:

    I absolutely love this post! Becoming a mother has made me much more selfless (although I still have a long way to go) and so much more aware of needs beyond my own.

  • Tashena says:

    This was PERFECT!
    Though I know my job is wife – mother, I still struggle w/ balance.
    I am a blog junkie. I am subscribed to more of them than I can keep up with, but the yearning to make things w/ my hands, to do something and FINISH it, to make my home more of our HAVEN… That is another strong desire in my heart.

    What is balance anyway? Anyone have it?

  • Oh, yes! He has taught (and is still teaching seeing as how I am quite stubborn!) to be less selfish, and more selfless!
    I am new here and even though I am a mom of older kids, I still need what you are teaching on your blog!
    Talk to God and then listen

  • Marni says:

    Succinct…to the point…and

    It is amazing how God using the relationship(s) with our child(ren) to not only benefit them, but also us.

    One main way motherhood has prompted transformation in my life has been to trust that my faith in God is enough to get me through some tough moments with him. He can frustrate me to know end even at two and a half years old…but it is through those moments, I learn the most about not only him, but myself.

    I am simply learning to balance my life – and just when I think I am getting the swing of things…here comes our vivacious, rumbling, tumbling son doing anything and everything to stretch my patience and teach me to exercise that gift of mercy God honored me with not only with others, but namely with those in my own home first.

  • Zee says:

    God certainly knew ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s His way of showing that He’s got a sense of humor – by putting everything “upside down” (at least from our point of view)… yet, if we only learn to see life the way God does, then we’ll see that He actually put everything rightside up.

    God bless ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gina says:

    I completely agree. I always tells people that my children, especially my little Sofie, has thrust me to the feet of Jesus like nothing else in my life. And though it’s been the hardest job the hardest thing I have EVER done…I am soo thankful that the Lord counted me worthy to have them and that He gave them to me because He knew what was and is best for me.

  • sharee says:

    I love this post, it got me to thinking how my selfishness has never been more obvious in my life since I became a mother. It seems to be a daily struggle!

  • I absolutely 100% TOTALLY agree with that statement.

    It is through mothering that I have come to know my Father in a whole new way. Never did I truly understand His relentless love, His gentle discipline, His loving ways until I became a parent and experienced only a sliver of what His love must be for us.

    Truth, truth, TRUTH, sister!

  • Kelly says:

    I’m more fun!

  • patty says:

    Kat ~ i can so relate! God has used my kids to teach me so much about myself. i never considered myself selfish…until i had kids. never considered myself impatient…until i had kids. never considered myself quick to anger…until i had kids. you get the picture, right? God has used my kids to reveal more of Himself to me, more of my need for Him…daily, hourly, minute by minute. he has used them to show me where he wants to refine me in order to make me more like him. and he has used them to show me LOVE. no one, i repeat no one, can love like a child does. they see things through innocent eyes and they are quick to forgive and forget. thank God for the precious gift of our kids.
    love your blog!!

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  • Linny Best says:

    O yes! I am a mother of one 2 year old boy and a little girl on the way, so I’m still new at this parenting thing, but you’re right, I’ve never wanted to change more in my life. I have things that I struggle with that I don’t want to effect my kids, I don’t want them to get the crap that I’m dealing with. I pray everyday for patience and change and growth that I know only God can bring into my life. Thank you for being honest and inspiring me to be okay with striving towards those changes for my kids.

  • Therese says:

    I am the mother of 8 children ranging in age from 19 down to 1.

    When I first became a mother, I was sure I was going to do everything right, never do many things my mother in particular did and have a great great relationship with every one of my children.

    I think I have learnt just what a great job my mother did and I have had a glimpse of just what God’s love really is.

  • Bethany says:

    Beautiful! And very very true. The way my faith has bloomed in the past three years has been remarkable. Sure, it is a trying journey. But oh so worth it.

    Thanks for your encouragement and resources! Mornings are already much smoother at my house, thanks to you! Answer to my prayers!! Warmest wishes!

  • I think it has changed me to not be so selfish. It’s not all about me anymore. I have 2 other people whose needs come before mine, and many times their wants as well! It’s been good to put what I want on the back burner, and to focus on other people.

  • Tara says:

    I learned the faults I see in me -when I see them in my children, I see how they can be used as gifts. Oh yes, my children are teaching me.

  • Sandra says:

    I stumbled upon your blog this week because I was surfing the internet while pondering the connection between leadership and motherhood. Being a Mom has transformed me in a way no job or career ever could have…it was certainly a process (trying at times) and is still and never will be complete … it has built into me so many leadership qualities….persistence, commitment, integrity, resilience…the list goes on. So maybe motherhood is a disguise course in personal development! If I had to name one thing….the most rewarding change has been the growth in my relationship with God.

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  • Yes, yes, and YES! He absolutely knew that when He gave them to me, and I’m so thankful.