What’s Your Theme for 2011?

By January 3, 2011General

There is something wonderfully fresh and inspiring about a new year isn’t there? 52 new weeks bursting with possibility and hope. It’s like a blank canvas ready for our masterpiece.

Every year I like to have a theme, last year it was faithfulness. This year I have a two pronged theme:


I’ve realized that I’m really capable of so much less than I think I am. It sounds awful, I know, but I think its true.

To do something really well takes infinitely more time, effort and concentration than it does to do a mediocre job.
I’ve been able throw things together and have them work well enough, but I have a growing passion to be truly excellent in what I do. Excellence based not on anyone else’s opinion but just my effort. At the end of each day I want to know that I loved and served God and my family as well as I could have.


But I also know myself well enough to realize that I have a tendency to be too creative and make things much bigger and more complex than they need to be. So this year I also want to focus on keeping things simple.

It will certainly be a challenge. I’m a big picture, brainstorm, visionary kind of person. Details and simplicity haven’t historically been my strong points. But I’m excited about stretching myself through this confinement of sorts.

What about you?

Do you have a theme or goal for 2011?

(and are you calling it 2,011 or 20-11? Curious minds want to know…)

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  • Avatar kelli says:

    Hey Kat! Definitely 2,011! I thought about you this morning during my quiet time and said a prayer of thanksgiving for you and your ministry. Looking forward to meeting you at the mom heart conference. My theme for the year is “establish”. We’re moving to a new home and I want to put some rituals and things in place to help it be the most inviting place where people experience the love of Jesus. I also want to continue to establish practices that put my faith into action. Thanks for what you do!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      I’m SO excited to meet you too! It’s going to be such a fun conference.

      Establish – I love that!

      Thanks for your encouragement…

  • Love your idea for having a “theme.” After some thought, I decided on the theme “Good, better, best” in prioritizing my days. It’s easy to do things that are just good to do, like check my email or read blogs, but there are better things I can be doing like and of course there are the best things I can be doing like making memories with my son or reading the word of God. Also, adding on to that theme is “consecration” – more fully devoting myself to my God and my family.

    Oh, I’ll call it 20-11. Love this blog, by the way!

  • Avatar Rusheika says:

    Mine is being intentional about my spiritual walk and experiencing God fully! Happy New Year!

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    Hi Kat!

    Thanks for your post. In 2009, we had just completed our first adoption. God gave me the theme “Grace and Peace” for that year. It was PERFECT. Then last year, 2010, it was Live Well, Love Well. We adopted unexpectedly from Haiti and it was a perfect theme again! Now this year, the theme is Be Present, Connect, and Freedom. Really looking forward to what God has in store in 2011!

  • Avatar Jamee says:

    My word for this year is ‘treasure’

    What am I treasuring? Who do I treasure? What is my treasure?

    Both as a verb and a noun, I desire to treasure much in 2011~!

    Happy New Year!!

  • Avatar Amy says:

    This post made me laugh as I am doing the opposite. I strive for perfection too much and so am afraid to so anything in case I fail. So this year is about just doing things and not worrying if they aren’t perfect, good enough and done is better than not done at all.
    It is also about trying to get up early to find stillness before God before everything else in the day crowds in.


  • Avatar Shannon says:

    My personal focus for 2011 is “SURRENDER.” Kind of a scary one, but it’s what I need the most – to surrender EVERYTHING … my time, thoughts, actions, marriage, children, finances, desires, sin, anger, fear … CONTROL. I think I’m in for a tough year on a personal/spiritual level, but I’m READY to dig deep and more fully surrender each moment, each day, to Him.

    Still working on our family purpose/theme for the year, though it will be something surrounding living simply/creating a more peaceful home.

    Definitely looking forward to this year!

  • Avatar Julie Reynolds says:

    Good morning Kat!! My theme for this year is going to be “change” because I desire whatever change needs to take place for me to be used more fully by Him. I want Jesus to change in me those things that take away from my witness or prevent me from growing to be all that He wants me to be. I want to show the signs of a life lived for Him and I know that for this to happen it will require change.

  • Avatar Angelle says:

    Funny you should ask. I was just thinking about this last night:

  • Avatar Sarah C says:

    Joy. I choose joy in 2,011.

    This will be a big year for us, another kid on the way, moving into the house we’ve been building since before we were married (almost 5 years), a 5 year anniversary, and who knows what else, but through it all, JOY will be my choice.

  • Avatar jaime says:

    I chose a word for the year instead of making resolutions. My word is intentional. I plan to be more intentional in how I spend my time, my money, and how I parent my kids.

  • Avatar Beth West says:

    The themes and words everyone is sharing are inspiring. For this year I have 2 major themes. The most important is to be real with our Father, to truly know Him and to be willing to be truly known BY Him. Funny how you can be aware that He knows your every thought, but still harbor the illusion that somehow He sees us more as we’d like to be than the way we really are. I’d like to let go of that and just be genuine and real with Him.

    My second theme is to go professional with my art. Paint is so expensive that I figure if I’d like to continue painting it would be a good idea if I could sell some work instead of decorating my walls with it 🙂 We’ll see how it goes.

    I pray everyone’s 2011 is blessed and full of joy.

  • Avatar Karin says:

    Thanks Kat! I hadn’t found or formulated my motto for this year until you asked. I guess mine is two-pronged as well: Focus & Faithfulness (the latter referring to your insightful saying that anything done faithfully will grow). Today I underlined “The goal is progress, not perfection” in Sally Clarkson’s “Mission of Motherhood” – that sentence along with “crawl if you have to (but keep going)” is tattooed on my brain for this year. The focus part is meant to be a more inward-turned focus on our family & household as opposed to all the running around I do to help my husband in ministry (he’s a pastor). Bless you richly!

  • Avatar Diana says:

    my hubby and I just spoke about this very thing! My search and need for excellence has kept me down so many times. I am so disappointed when I don’t meet goals and when my task list isn’t done. The problem is that I know how to do it, but it would require lowering my standard, which, to my inner person, is unacceptable.
    So, my rough draft of goals is:
    To be purposeful in the things I do.
    The list that follows is one that has not yet fully solidified, again, due to my perfectionist ways. I’ll update you later.

  • Avatar Kelli says:

    Kat. It is so cool to read other’s themes. 2011 is my “Yes” year. I have just heard the Lord’s voice saying “say yes”. 2010 was my “seek Him” year and it was very fruitful. I am a bit apprehensive for this year but also very excited. I wrote all about it at my blog. Thank you for all your encouraging words.

  • Avatar reba says:

    I have named 2011 the year of “I Will”. Hop over to my blog and read about it if you like. I loved reading everyone’s comments. It’s so encouraging!

  • The two words that comes to mind for 20-11 are “balance and rest.” I need things in my life to have balance so I don’t feel overwhelmed all the time:) I need to take the time to rest and just be. I think because I always feel overwhelmed, I feel like I always need to be “doing” something. I want to get to the point where I can just sit and enjoy doing nothing every once in a while:) Balance and Rest for 2011!
    Thanks, for making me think about this, Kat!

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    My goals are similar to yours, except that I believe I am capable of so much MORE than I think I am. I tend to let myself slip into mediocrity; just doing the bare minimum and calling it good, when deep inside I know that I am really called to do everything with excellence. Also, another theme for this year for me could be the first two lines from the Mumford and Sons song, “Roll Away Your Stone”: “Roll away your stone, and I will roll away mine. Together we will see what we can find.” I believe–and hope–it will be a year of coming to life again after a long road of heartache and darkness.

  • I’m a “two-thousand eleven” girl, myself.

    I don’t have a yearly theme picked out, but my theme for this month is “priorities”.

  • Avatar Joyce says:

    Prepare is my word. Not sure why but it popped into my head. I feel like preparation makes everything go more smoothly for my day.

  • Avatar Sandra says:

    On New Year’s Eve I really felt God’s Holy Spirit giving me a new flowing of hope and courage in multiple areas of my life (raising three young children one of them special needs, starting a new business venture and taking a college course for personal development) I’m trusting in Him to give me the strength and discipline. I want it to be all for His glory! I know I’ll be stretched with everything that is on my plate and even more with what I want to achieve. So I guess my theme for 2011 is “Stepping out on faith and trusting God to provide”. So excited for 2011!

  • Avatar Katie says:

    My theme is “action”. I spend so much time admiring and reading about other people’s success and great ideas. Now I am challenging myself to create my own!

  • Avatar shorty says:

    I too have theme years. Last year it was The Year of Change. I wanted to change many things in my life. I think I did pretty good but as you know we ALWAYS have more to change. This year is The Year of the Gloves. I want to beat my flesh to a pulp MMA style! I have a hard time telling my flesh no so I want to learn to say no to the flesh. I know this sounds odd but it is what I really prayed on and the same thing kept coming to mind…tell your flesh no. Some things that will be said no to…food, over spending, starbucks, self indulgence outside of the planned stuff, etc. Thanks so much for your site. Super inspiring!!!

  • Avatar LaToya says:

    LOVE!! Love for GOD, myself and for the community.

  • Avatar Julianna says:

    Kat, your “12 Word” post actually inspired my theme for the year: awareness. (My thoughts on this are shared here: http://petuniajune.blogspot.com/2011/01/aware.html). Thank you for continuing to draw our eyes upward!

  • I have been stewing over the verse “Do not grow weary in doing good” So I think that is my theme for the year. How do I not grow weary? What are the “Good” things I need to be doing?

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    I just blogged about my themes for 2011 a few days ago…http://justamandaslife.blogspot.com/2010/12/my-dreams-for-2011.html. I’m looking forward to an exciting yearwith lots of changes, so I will definitely need peace this year.

  • Avatar Prerna says:

    Lovely! My theme is Health, Home and Happiness. I just shared my goals for 2011 which tie in perfectly with these themes.
    And yes, I agree there is something wonderful about the start of a New Year..

  • Our family theme for 2011 is less is more. As a family we are going to slow down and intentionally do things that really matter and weed out the things that aren’t really adding to our family. I actually just wrote a blog post about it yesterday ( http://wearethebruskis.blogspot.com/2011/01/less-is-more.html ) and then I noticed your post today. I told my hubby about our “theme” for the year and he jokingly said- that is just like you. I am looking forward to living this theme out for two thousand 11.

  • Avatar Kristi says:

    Well, in twenty-eleven 🙂 I’m using the theme of NO EXCUSES!!! I’ve used alot of excuses over the last few years for why I’m so tired, overweight, and lazy. Nope, no more. No excuses!!! I’m doing the B90 challenge (see momstoolbox.com), started weight watchers last month, and I can already see things coming together. My word for the year to focus on is BRAVE. I know I can do great things with God’s help…just have to be brave enough to let him use me!!!!

  • Avatar Traci Garber says:

    This year our family theme is discipline. We want our kids to see us living disciplined lives.

  • Avatar Lori Broach says:

    Jason Gray’s song “I Am New” sums it up quite well.
    You can get it free on KLOVE.com

  • Avatar selena says:

    JOY and BALANCE….which seem to contradict each other…so many things I do bring me joy that it can thwart my efforts in being balanced!

    As everyone else, I wrote about it on my blog 🙂 Resolution vs. Intention

    Love your work!

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