I’m Not In The Mood To Mince Words

I just received a tragic, heartbreaking, yet hopeful email from a reader.

It was one of those moments that reveals all that is counterfeit.

The music I was listening to became vapid. The blog post I was writing… lame. The Twitter and Facebook conversations… empty.

I was at Starbucks and it just made me want to go home and be with my family.

After the truth in the email blew away the fluff in my life, it left me thinking this…

Every Building Needs A Foundation

It is our job as believers to lay a foundation in our lives on which God can build a place of hope for others. We are the church. He wants to love through us; live through us. 

The first level of that foundation is simply His presence.

We NEED Him to love like Him.

In light of all the New Year’s resolutions we’ve set, I posted this question on Twitter and Facebook earlier:

If we haven’t developed the habit of spending time with God daily, what’s the point of all our other resolutions?

A little too blunt? Maybe. But I’m feeling blunt this morning. Because sometimes life (or death) demands it.

So, whatever plans you have this week, add 5 minutes with God. Say thanks to Him, read a Psalm, pray for your kids, listen to what He has to say.

Because He loves you. Because you need Him. Because they need Him.

Build a foundation, my friends. All else is sinking sand.

An email reminded me of that today…

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  • What a great post, and reminder!

  • I love blunt.Proverbs 27:6 reminds us that the wounds of a sincere friend are faithful.

    Thank you for the honesty this morning!

  • oh amanda says:

    Thank you, Kat. Great reminder–and worthy of a little bluntness!


  • That must have been some email…but an excellent truth that you arrived at. Amen, and amen.

  • “If we haven’t developed the habit of spending time with God daily, what’s the point of all our other resolutions?”

    Love this, Kat.

    I don’t want to be guilty of all my efforts going towards the imperishable. As much as I would like to loose weight, start running, have a perfect house…etc, I want MORE to have the internal beauty, that comes alone from deep, consistent time with Him.

    All other resolutions ARE pointless, without this foundation!

    Great post, Kat.

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  • Christy says:

    Blunt is good.

    I’m going to add 5 more minutes into that God time.

  • ok, so in my quick typing, I spelt lose wrong. #oops #cantblamethisoneonautocorrect

  • I just wrote about the same thing. It took me like a week to edit the post becaues I didn’t know how to say it but it’s so true! The church is the people not the building. Thank you for your great words!

  • Meagan says:

    We all need to hear some bluntness to remind and/or reveal to us what we should be pursuing. Thank you, Kat, for caring enough to remind us all of what is of first importance…pursuing Christ in order to know Him, serve Him (and others through Him), and bring glory to HIS name.

  • Aly says:

    thank you for blunt. “If we haven’t developed the habit of spending time with God daily, what’s the point of all our other resolutions?” this is straight to the heart of it all. you are so right. i love that you say “It is our job as believers to lay a foundation in our lives on which God can build a place of hope for others.” i’ve never thought of “the foundation” quite that way. you’ve given us a lot to think about…

  • Nicole says:

    I have been working the blunt out in my heart and trying to be true to what God is wanting me to say to people – believers mostly – and I just thank you for the bluntness and your heart for God!! I have lots of phone calls and emails ove the past few years that bring reality back to the front of my path, thanks for sharing.

  • Melissa says:

    thanks for this post inspired by my sweet friend. i miss her so much, and long to just sit and chat like we did, or text about crazy things, or talk forever on the phone. i miss her. but there is such joy knowing she is seeing the face of her Jesus. seeing his face!!
    thank you for helping her and inspiring her, and for honoring her today.
    (brie would feel so honored!)

    • Kat says:

      Oh Melissa,
      I’m so sorry. My heart has been hurting for you and Carrie and Brie’s sweet family all day. I have and will be praying for her husband and precious children and for you, her dear friends…

      I’ve lived my life differently today because of her.

  • A great reminder, Kat! It is easy to get so caught up in all of the busyness of life that we forget the purpose of our lives: To bring Glory to Him and spend eternity enjoy being with Him!!! And in doing that…drawing others closer to Him as well…you live your purpose so well, dear lady!!!

    As the others are saying…sometimes blunt is just the way we need to say it! 😀

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  • Lynda says:

    What a wonderful way to have a smoother life than when we reach those “blunt” moments. God bless you for writing from the heart, and how much you have blessed us with a pure truth from God.

  • Oh Kat, his truth is so good, so true! Thanks for your continual encouragement to spend time with God, daily. I wake and read, I tuck daughter into bed reading his word. I now post it on my wall, just a printed out passage put on red construction paper underneath the white. Read the word, pray, sing, and live. Today I received correction of heart, and then grace of forgiveness and joy and now free time. Praising God this afternoon while I write and read. Here with you from a distance!

  • Thank you for your bluntness today. Even as I try to live the balanced life, it is easy to forget the most important things.

  • Angelle says:

    Very true. Thanks for the reminder. I will keep your friend in my heart and prayers.

  • Patti says:

    Yes! Just so.

    And bless you for all you have done to encourage women around the world to do that very thing through your Maximize Your Mornings book and #hellomornings on Twitter.

    Spending time with God changes hearts, and changed hearts change the world. Thank you, Kat.

  • Haidy says:

    I need it that !
    I rather a bluntness that helps me get to heaven, then a overlooking what is important to just make us feel nice, which could drive us to hell!

    Love how you love him!