How to Start Maximizing Your Mornings

By January 29, 2011Create A Morning Routine

Well, wow! I’m so excited about the wonderful response to the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge!

I can’t help but think that all the worn Bibles, knees and early morning lamp lights will make God smile.

And I love what @melissahandal said on Twitter:

My heart is overflowing with joy, as I pray about this group of strangers that God has transformed to sisters. #hellomornings

It’s so wonderful to see everyone greeting, encouraging and inspiring one another.

If you haven’t joined us, it’s not too late! Get the info here.

A Little Inspiration

I’ve shared this video before, but I thought I’d post it again in the hope that it will encourage and inspire you as you journey toward faithful daily time with God.

FYI – Accountability Captains

This week, we will assign each of you on Twitter to an accountability captain. Once you have been assigned, each morning you’ll simply write your morning greeting with both the #hellomornings hashtag AND your AC’s Twitter name. If you go AWOL for a couple days, they’ll send you a friendly twitter message to make sure you’re doing ok and see if we can help in anyway.

How to Start Maximizing Your Mornings

Start small. I don’t recommend changing your schedule by more than 30 minutes at a time. One reason that we extended the challenge to cover a couple months is so that we can change more slowly.

Our goal is to create a lifelong habit. Our goal is not to force our way through and survive until March 25th.

A Few Keys to Success

1. Focus on your time with God first. Wake up 15 minutes earlier for a few weeks and just develop the habit of prayer and Bible study. Everything else pales in comparison.

2. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re getting up earlier, you MUST go to bed earlier too. That’s why adjust your schedule by only a few minutes a week is vital.

3. Remember that the habit is the goal. Don’t worry about praying for every person you’ve ever known or reading every book of the Bible. The habit is the goal.

Do whatever it takes to be faithful.

That might mean writing one verse on a notecard and reading it as you walk to get your early risers.

That might mean listening to an audio version of the Bible while you lay in bed.

Faithful things ALWAYS grow. Be faithful, no matter how unimpressive it looks.

My prayer is that when you are 93 years old, you’ll tell your great grandchildren that 2011 is the year God changed your life forever. And they will nod their heads because they are living your legacy of faithfulness.


What prayer, Bible study, waking up resources/ideas can you share to help us all on this journey? (Blogs, books, tips, encouragements, quotes etc.)

Please share them in the comments. Or if you have questions, share those as well and we’ll all do our best to help!

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  • Maggie says:

    I always have notecards with me when I have my quiet time. That way I can write down verses that stick out to me right then, instead of trying to remember to do it later!

  • Rusheika says:

    currently doing the Bible in 90 days program. It is great!

  • Katie says:

    I’ve started using Youversion, both online and the iPhone app, and for the first time EVER I’ve managed to read scripture on a daily basis. The read plans they have are great!

    • Sara says:

      I love using Youversion, too! It’s so easy to click on the devotion plan and it magically takes you to the passage. So good for when I’m half asleep!

  • Jeanne in Texas says:

    I am using Cerulean Sanctum’s Bible reading program which has been wonderful. There is no set schedule of readings, just reading through a book of the Bible seven times, each time focusing on a different aspect, such as narrative themes, how the Lord is portrayed, relationships (God to Man, man to man, etc…) It has been a wonderful way to read God’s Word.
    Here is the link . . .

  • Chelsey says:

    Thanks for reposting your video. I am so encouraged by your blog, ever since I found it, it has encouraged me to be so much more for God and for my children. I am looking forward to what God is going to do with my life as a result of this challenge. Getting up early to spend time with the Lord will be difficult for me, and likely for many others too, but I know that God has a rich reward for our endurance (Hebrews 10-35-36).

  • Chelsey says:

    PS – I also plan to use YouVersion on my iPhone. I am currently doing the Living Beyond Yourself Beth Moore study and it is amazing, but I think I will save that homework for my quiet time during baby’s nap.

  • Bethany says:

    Thanks for the video and encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚ Amen! I’ve found myself, in addition to my scheduled morning prayer, finding times throughout the day to prayer for my children and my husband. It helps to keep me focused, to say just one little prayer, and find things that I may need to pray about more in the morning.

    The Lord is good. So thankful for you and this community. Bless you all!

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  • KellySinging says:

    It’s awesome to see so many desiring to have a Daily Time with God! Looking forward to connecting with y’all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sarah says:

    So excited for this. About a month ago I spent time fasting and praying (fasting my computer as I’m expecting:)). As I waited for some HUGE revelation from the sky or some insight into the future, God spoke clearly to me that he wanted me to 1) go to bed earlier 2) wake up and start my day with Him. THIS was the big revelation I was waiting for????? But what a difference it has made! Looking forward to this group for accountability and encouragement!!! Thanks:)

    • Dawn says:

      Sarah – I had to laugh at “this was the big revelation?!?!” ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been staying in bed as long as possible in the mornings this last year, but now that the youngest is (sort of) sleeping through the night, I know that I need to work at getting up before the children and meeting with the Lord. Getting up earlier doesn’t sound super-spiritual or anything, but you’re right – it makes a BIG difference!

  • Kristy says:

    Keeping my routine simple is good for me. I add things slowly. I’ve been doing the One Year Bible plan and I love how the readings are grouped: I don’t do them according to the dates because of course I’m “behind.” I dog-ear every page that speaks to me so next year I can read through all of those pages for my Bible study plan.

  • Pam in Missouri says:

    I’m someone who doesn’t know what to read when I sit down for bible time. I’ve got the bible downloaded from YouVersion on my iTouch. They have built in reading plans that pull up the specific reading for the day and check off boxes when done. Those checkmarks are very motivating for me!

    I’ve also put together a notebook using Circa supplies from Levenger. In addition to the Max Mornings book, I have tabs for a prayer journal, my monthly calendar and my daily plans. It is still a work in progress but it gives me a place to gather all my thoughts.

    Thanks for all the motivation.
    Pam ( @qcaller

  • Hope Coulter says:

    Wow. Is God on the move at the foundation level of our families or what. Praise Him for whooing us.

  • Courtney says:

    I am reading Jesus Calling during my morning time and it is great for many reasons. Incredibly insightful and inspirational, but also short! Each day’s reading is not too long, and it always gives me something good to journal about and think about. I look forward to getting up and reading it.

  • Jenna says:

    These 2 Puritan Prayers (Morning Dedication and Morning Needs) found in Valley of Vision are excellent… may they be a blessing to you, too! Dedication

  • Tiany says:

    This is probably the area of my life that is most in need of change. Going to bed early and rising early is an area that I am least disciplined in and lacking consistency. Looking forward to taking the challenge with you all! This will be the perfect time for me to catch up with my current Bible Study!

  • Bec says:

    I got up this morning…at 5:15!!! Yay!
    Is there any ideas out there for how I can participate in the challenge proper?
    I’m in Sydney (Downunder!) so I’m half a world and a couple of timezones away (but not God…)

  • Nicole says:

    I am ready for this. I used to love my mornings, I also love how I felt before stopping exercising, and I know that my Bible readings are getting too far apart. I do enough to get by in my studies but to just sit and dwell in the word, I cannot wait. So I reread the book, and even though it is late tonight I will get up in the morning. Here we go! Thanks for Inspiring all of us.

  • Thanks, Kat! I have fallen off the wagon lately. But plan on getting back to it!

  • Ohmygoodness… you are AWESOME! I love your video. THANK YOU! It inspires me SO SO SO MUCH! Tomorrow… no matter WHAT, I’m busting out of bed at getting to it!

    …and, I’ve said this before… you are stinkin’ adorable! (o:

  • Lynsey says:

    I am so in. I know I said that before and didn’t stick with it; but I am really feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with my lack of routine. I need a change. I need TO change. Here’s to doing better in 2011…

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  • Michelle says:

    This challenge presented itself at the perfect time for me. I’ve been feeling tired of my lack of morning routine, and I’m ready to get into this challenge. Can a night-owl transform into a morning-person? I sure hope so. I’m off to bed, and my alarm is set.

  • dorothy says:

    Thank you for sharing your vision for your family. I’ve just recently started (trying) to get up earlier every day and it makes such a difference in our day! Thank you for your e-book and the inspiration.

  • Wonderful post! These tips on how to maximize your mornings should be put on a habit. Mainstay Ministries Just start slowly and you will just noticed it’s already your lifelong habit. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚