The Day I Broke Up With Fear…

By November 3, 2010Get Inspired

I was scared.

The certified letter had brought the news that I needed to get a biopsy.

So I went. Five days, they said. I waited.

And waited.

Few things are as eternal as waiting to find out whether or not you have cancer.

Read the rest of my guest post at (In)courage.

The MYM Challenge: November

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  • Hi Kat…I read the post on (in)courage before it came to my inbox. Thank you. The 1 John 4:18 verse has long been a comfort to me, a reminder that we have a choice when fear comes toward us (if we can recognize what’s coming) to call out for Jesus’ (perfect) love.

    But I’m writing to confess. I can’t do mornings! Well, perhaps I’m in process. The things you wrote and the forms to print out were great, I love the check off boxes. I even renamed it: Memorize, Exercise, Strategize. For me, it’s a checklist at night to see if I’ve done those things during the day. I try to plan ahead for the next day the night before, pray it over, and go to sleep. In the morning I reach for my (brand new, gift) ipad and read the inspirational email subscribed stuff: (in)courage, aholyexperience, scripture a day and encouragement from Zondervan, stuff like that. Then I stretch before getting out of bed. But the day’s schedule is far from perfect and I’m not a very good director/controller of my family and home. I think God’s at work though, and I try to “delight myself in the Lord and he will give me the desires of my heart.”

    Thanks for your inspiration to action…God’s grace to me. (By the way, last month I totally failed on getting up early and reading through Colossians. This month I am reviewing old memory work on 1 John, a verse a day…I’d gotten through chapter 2 years ago. Perhaps a more do-able goal!)