It’s Not a Poem. It’s a Group of Words Without Punctuation.

By November 16, 2010Get Inspired

(This is my passionate one. She does amazing things. Like this. She inspires me.)

May It Be, May It Be

You amaze me, did you know?
How your passion inspires
A gift from God
An ear to His heart

May it be, may it be

A need for worship
A longing for His Word
Maybe you’ll change our city
Maybe you’ll change our world

May it be, may it be

There is wisdom inside
Older than you
There is a fire
Lit to burn wildly

May it be, may it be

What a joy
What a journey
I’m the one chosen
To teach you to
Run back to Him

Oh, may it be, may it be


As mothers, there are many things we could do, should do and want to do. But only one thing is needful – to teach our children to run to Him.

May it be, my friends. May it be.

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