Cooler Than McGyver: A Post About Hope

By November 30, 2010Get Inspired

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Did you ever watch the show McGyver?

The basic premise was that McGyver was a cool, regular guy who also happened to be a science, math, engineering, all-around genius and went on missions to rescue people.

In every show you could always count on the fact that the person he was rescuing would do something dumb, think they knew better than Mac and forge out on their own. Then they’d get trapped with nothing to rescue them.

But McGyver always figured a way out
. Even if he only had a stick of chewing gum, a pop tart, a ziploc bag and his trusty Swiss Army knife, he made a cell phone, a car or a boat out of it. Somehow.

I remember thinking, as a kid, that if I was ever in a crazy situation with McGyver, I’d just stick close to him. Clearly these other goofballs didn’t know who he was and the incredible things he has done.


Thanks for the trip to the 1980’s, Kat, but what does that have to do with me?

I don’t know where you are in your life. Maybe you’re exhausted and overwhelmed. Or maybe you’re sad. Maybe you’re disappointed. Or maybe you’re living with the remnants of a broken life.

If you feel trapped, if you feel like you have nothing to offer and no hope…

God is way cooler than McGyver.

You are never too far gone for Him. You never have too little to offer.

He can take the smallest scraps of your life and create something more amazing than you could ever ask or imagine.

He’s done it before.

He took a little boys’ measly lunch and fed 5,000. He turned a corpse into a living, breathing miracle. He molded nothing into a incomprehensible universe.

He is the Master of creating beauty from ashes.

You don’t just have Hope. He has you…

Take Action

If you haven’t given Him 5 minutes of your attention today, will you do that right now? Thank Him. Read His words. (Maybe these?) Ask to be a part of the wondrous things He wants to do today in the lives of those you love.

Just 5 minutes. You’ll be amazed at the big things He can do with something so small.

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