128 Simple Family Activities: Be a Rockstar Today!

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Be A Rockstar…Today

A few weeks ago, I shared how a .99 pink tablecloth and 30 minutes of my time made me a rockstar. Many of you shared your ideas, so I’ve put them all together in one list to inspire us.

Here are some ways we can become rockstars in our kids eyes…

Kat’s suggestions:

1. Take one of your children on a walk.
2. Spend 30 minutes reading a book to one child.
3. Go for a drive and listen to Adventures in Odessey or an audiobook.
4. Have a foam sword fight with your son (or daughter!)
5. Write a note listing 5 things you’re proud of about your child.
6. Grab a copy of KidVentures and let the fun begin…

Mayhem Mama

6. Start a journal with your child where you write back and forth to each other.

7. Special dessert – bake with one child so that one child gets to do all the measuring and stirring, etc, without a sibling interrupting

8. Get fancy – Let your daughter do your make-up one evening (depending on the age, maybe right before your wash your face!) — let her take pictures of you all made up.

9. Paint nails – Let your daughter choose the color and then let her polish your toe nails while you polish hers.

10. Dollar shopping – Give your child $5 (or less) and turn them loose in Dollar Tree (or similar $1 store) and have them pick out a gift(s) for someone — we do this for Christmas. It is amazing what they find to give people and to hear why they made that choice

11. Play tic-tac-toe

12. Make music – Let your child pick out his/her favorite songs and burn a CD to play in the car while you are driving. Be sure to label it with his or her name.

Angie recommended:

13. Snuggle – This morning, we cuddled in bed reading for a good half hour before approaching the day…. books they picked.

14. Create for them – I sew and crochet/knit … my kids LOVE when I let them pick out material etc to make them something … like their pj’s.

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Kristin recommended:

15. Cuddle in bed or on the couch with all your kids and take turns telling a story about each child when they were a baby/toddler. Tell the stories with as much detail and drama as you possibly can.

16. Put them in charge – Put a blank menu in front of your kids and let them choose breakfast for the next week. Give them nutrition guidlines if you like (such as—there must be 1 serving of fruit each day, etc.) or put choices in a few groups and let them choose one from each group for each breakfast.

Karin @ madebyk suggested:

17. Fairy Feast – My young girls often ask for snacks or drinks after they’re in bed, and we usually say no.

But a while back, while they were getting ready for bed (perhaps they were already in bed) I brought in some treats. Some TINY bowls with yogurt and sprinkles and some TINY cups with water. (Actually the bowls and cups were little sauce dishes.) My old aerobic “step” was in their room, so I put it in the middle of the floor, put a dainty lacy handkerchief on top, and then then tiny bowls and baby spoons.

I might have called it a fairy feast — I forget. But OH how excited they were!!!

18. Tell stories of my brothers (their uncles) and me. They LOVE them. And now they tell them to each other too.

tacy said:

19. Fun with letters – When my mother-in-law was here she bought my daughter Molly some things at the dollar store- a pad of drawing paper, construction paper, crayons, and playdoh. She gave us this idea “Once I was an A, now I’m a swingset”— aka, turning a letter on a piece of paper into some kind of creative drawing. FUN!

Heather suggested:

20. Notes – My kids love it when they find “love notes’ that I’ve put into their lunch box, or even when I draw a happy face on an orange or banana.

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Kirsten said:

21. Nature walks with my oldest son always help us bond.

Danielle recommended:

22. Ice cream – My daughters love when I come to school to eat lunch with them! One thing I do that they love is stop at McDonald’s for an ice cream cone after school. They usually get a healthy snack, but every now and then we stop at the one by their school and get two cones! They cost $.99 each, so for $2 I become the coolest mom in the world! Total rock star!

And I love this simple yet powerful idea from Katrina:

23. Our attention – I know it sounds silly, but I tend to get caught up in my own agenda for each day, and say, “Just a minute! In a moment! In a little while.” an awful lot, without much follow through.

Today, when one of my sons wants to play a certain game, build a fort, read a book, whatever, and they ask me to help, I will choose to put aside my agenda of folding laundry, vacuuming, reading blogs (grin), and say YES!

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Christy’s idea:

24. Cowboy picnic – We had a “cowboy’ picnic for lunch yesterday. My girls, (3 and 17 months) wore their pink cowboy boots, I put bandanas around their necks instead of bibs, we spread out a picnic blanket on the floor, and ate lunch right there on the floor. I lit a candle to pretend we had a campfire, and the wooden rocking horse stood closeby, because “a cowboy is never far from his horse.” They LOVED it. So simple, but so fun!

Prerna suggested:

25. Baking and Crafts – I have a toddler and she loves it, really is delighted, when we spend lazy evenings baking -she helps carry the dry stuff to the counter and mixes the batter,before proceeding to lick the bowl clean:-) or when we do arts and crafts together.. Am not especially crafty, but making simple holiday cards is easy and when I see the joy on her face, it makes it all so worth it.

Lisa suggested:

26. Game Night Out – Tonight we took the kids to McDonald’s for ice cream cones and brought with Apples to Apples Jr. We spent the time playing and laughing instead of waiting for them to finish and jumping on spills. (“course some of that is probably helped by the youngest now being 4) Good change in focus, from just the treat to the fun time.

27 – 128. And finally, super reader, Heidi @ Wonder Woman Wannabe wrote a list of 101 things to do with your kids. How cool is that?! (Check it out and plan some fun…)

Time for Action!

Now pick one or come up with your own do something fun with your children!!! If you share it, you’re more likely to do it, so – what are you going to do today?

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