Momiversity: Week Two Nuggets and Vision

By October 9, 2010General

Classroom Chairs 2Good morning, class! I hope your week has gone well and you’ve learned a few new things about this amazing job of Motherhood! (Learn more about “Momiversity” here.)

A Little Inspiration

Today I wanted to share a video that I’ve posted on the site before, but wanted to make sure you’ve all seen it because it’s been such an encouragement to me. Christy Nockels, an amazing singer whose music you really need to own (she sings the song Invade that I recommend constantly). In this inspiring video, she shares her heart for motherhood and moms. Enjoy!

Being A Mom {Part 1} from christy nockels on Vimeo.

Being A Mom {Part 2} from christy nockels on Vimeo.

Need More Inspiration?

And if you missed it earlier this week, I shared my motherhood story. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a minute to watch it. I hope it encourages and inspires you as you pursue wisdom.

What I’ve Been Learning

For Momiversity, I’ve been reading “The 5 Love Languages of Children” by Gary Smalley and Ross Campbell, M.D. and I’ve also been going through the Positive Parenting Solutions eCourse.

The best nuggets I’ve gained from both so far is the concept of our children having attention (or love) baskets that NEED to be filled daily, hourly….sometimes minutely.

I like to make words up.

If we don’t fill those baskets with positive attention, love and affection, they’ll seek to fill them anyway they know how – with negative attention or from other people.

Keeping those baskets full is foundational to what we do as mothers
. In the PPS course, Amy McCready recommends not just spending daily one on one time with our kids, but making a point to label it. That has been key for me. Even if I only have 5 minutes, I like to say to whichever child I’m about to spend time with, “Can we have some Mommy-(fill in the name) time?” We might just read a book or walk around the block, but labeling that time as being special to me makes it that much more significant to my children as well.

Share Your Nuggets of Wisdom

What nuggets have you learned this week?

Or if you’ve blogged about something you’ve learned, share it here:

(FYI – I’ve been a little quiet on the #momiversity Twitter stream and in the blog forums, but that’s gonna change this week. get ready to call me Chatty Katty. See you there!)

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  • Katie Orr says:

    My “nugget”:
    I am doing a Bible Study, Wisdom for Mothers. This week Denise Glenn did a great job teaching through the different “love is..” “love is not…”, and how it applies to our mothering.
    The biggest thing I am trying to work on is patience with my kids. The action for this is studying/memorizing I Corinthians 13.
    I want to be characterized as a momma who is “not easily angered”, “patient”, “kind”…can’t say that I am characterized by this things now.
    But, Christ can do this work in me!

  • Dara says:

    No nugget for this Saturday. 🙁 I had really busy last week that I didn’t expect so I am catching up this weekend. I am glad I planned weekends for catching up in my momiversity syllabus. So hopefully I have some nugget next week. I really like yours, Kat about attention (love) basket.

  • Amber says:

    I have only had a few minutes each day to read so haven’t gotten very far in my book (Parenting with Love and Logic). This isn’t really a nugget but, I have read about the different types of parents…helicopter parents who swoop in and rescue their children from everything, making their life as smooth and easy as possible; and drill sergeant parents who are constantly telling their kids what to do, never letting their kids make any decisions on their own. I tend to be more toward the drill sergeant side of the spectrum while my hubby is more of a helicopter parent. Praying we can somehow meet in the middle and get on the same page with our parenting. And praying my hubby would be receptive to doing some studying with me. He is very sensitive whenever I try to talk about child training/discipline with him and he thinks things are just fine the way they are.
    I am excited to keep reading and learning more so I can be the best mom I can be! Thanks, so much for all of your inspiration and encouragement, Kat! You have been a blessing in my life ever since I found your blog!

  • Joyce says:

    I am reading some posts over at MOD squad blog about character. I’m going through the posts from oldest to newest on the topic. The first one deals with empowering our daughters. Sometimes it seems that the “girl power” message has gone too extreme in that girls are not respectful of boys. I think we can empower them to be confident about who they are but also teach them how to relate well to boys, so that they will later on have a good relationship with their husbands.

    It’s so exciting to read what everyone is learning about. I look forward to some of the books that have been mentioned!

  • Anne says:

    I’ve been reading Bringing Up Boys, and so far what I’ve ready has been foundational rather than practical. I now have a better understanding, though, of what it is exactly that makes boys different from girls, and WHY they are so different. I guess the biggest “nugget” I have is the importance of a father in a boy’s life; realizing that made me appreciate how wonderful my husband is and what a great father he is to our son (and our coming son). It also makes me appreciate the wonderful job my IL’s did in raising my husband to make him such a great father! I want to continue the legacy so that my son will be like his dad:)

  • Stacey says:

    I am reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart and it has been great! I have been prompted to think about not just correcting my children’s outward behavior but to work back from their behavior to their hearts. My kids are young but I can see how this principle will be helpful throughout the teenage years.

  • Kristin says:

    I’m uploading the Watermark album with “Invade” on it right now! I’ve got some homeschool planning to do and I think I’ll enjoy that for my background more than TB beating the Rangers. 😉 Eager to come back and share my “nugget” after the work is done! ~K

  • I’m grateful for your encouragement which has led to some new discoveries for me this week. Thanks Kat!

    It is really fun to see everyone learning and striving to be the best mothers they can be. So very encouraging.

    My nugget goes along with yours Kat. I am amazed at how filling the attention bucket lays such a strong foundation for our relationships with our children!

  • Christin says:

    I loved this! She encouraged me so much. She gave something for my husband to discuss about that verse “God will give you the desires of your heart”…I never thought of it that way!
    Also, I love what her friend said (and I wrote it in my journal) “Invite the glorious into the mundane”. Love it. That’s what Ann Voskamp does. Ann captured my heart the very first time I read her blog.

    The nugget I learned this past week was to be intentional about spending 1-on-1 time with each child, and making it known to the child that it is special “mommy-child” time.

    So, on top of last week’s nugget to be intentional about reading the Bible to my kids (and encouraging my husband to in the evenings), I am going to work to be more intentional about spending 1-on-1 time with each child this week.

    I have been so blessed by everyone’s “nuggets”. I find myself nodding my head at all of them. Oh how much we fall short! Thank God for grace and His Holy Spirit to guide us!

    I’ll be joining you in the forum this week as well 🙂

  • AshleyF says:

    Stumbled across a great website They give great ideas to parents about ways to incorporate faith and prayer into kids lives. I think I am going to use this in our pre-k curriculum and/or use it as a tool for discipline. I have been wanting to incorporate prayer into my children’s lives when they misbehave and I think this gives some great ideas.
    I am learning that the more time I vest into my kids and into focusing my life on Christ the more that I feel is given back to me. The more I work to fill my kid’s love tanks and the more I work on filling my spiritual tank these make me feel like I am doing a better job of being the mom I hope to be.

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  • Rusheika says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have been getting down on myself when I “mess up” at being a mom, Thanks for th reminder that there will be good days and bad days but it is about the mom I am fighting to be. I fight on!