Giveaway!! Motivation Monday – Lisa Leonard Jewelry $50 Gift Certificate

By October 31, 2010General
Today is Motivation Monday! Tell us in the comments if you’ve taken action and get a chance to win today’s giveaway which is a $50 Lisa Leonard Gift Certificate!

I love Lisa’s jewelry. And if you know me, that says a whole lot about the little pieces of art she creates. Because I’m not a jewelry person. At all.

In fact, I’ve told my husband that if he ever succumbs to the jewelry commercials at Valentine’s Day and buys me a ring or something, I love him dearly, but I’m heading to the pawn shop. And then the Apple store.

I wear the same earrings and (usually) the same necklace. Every. Single. Day.

But Lisa’s jewelry? I love it.
The words, the names, the art. Now that’s my kind of jewelry.

Get all the details on how to enter at the end of the post and find out who won last week’s prize.

Back to Blogging: 8 Weeks of Insanity

Thanks for your patience with my sporadic posting the last couple of weeks. It’s been a pretty crazy 2 months. I went from never doing a speaking event in my life to doing 5 in 8 weeks. Two different states, three cities. I also went to my first blog conference, celebrated my sweet husband’s birthday, took a a couple spontaneous trips out of town and watched this blog have it’s biggest month ever.

While it was all fun and exciting, I’m even more excited to slow down, catch up and…breathe.

And to balance out whatever coolness may (or may not) be associated with all the excitement of the past few weeks, here is a picture of my laundry pile and my minivan floor.

You know it’s time to clean out the minivan when your son finds “snacks” in his carseat. Classy.

Just keepin’ it real, my sweet and amazing friends

Motivation Monday Details

For those of you who are new, here’s how Motivation Monday works:
Anyone who takes some sort of action can enter to win. Your action might be:

  • getting up early, reading your Bible
  • going on a date with your kids
  • creating a mission statement
  • exercising
  • creating a meal plan
  • Writing a goal

It can be any action that improves who you are as a believer or a mother.

How To Enter

To enter the giveaway, first:
Click here to follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter.

Then do one (or all) of these:
1. Leave a comment and say, “I took action this week!”
2. Leave another comment telling us what action you took.
3. Follow @Inspired2Action on Twitter or Facebook and tell us there about the action you took.
4. Blog about your action and share the link below.

Catching Up on All the Winners…
According to, the winners of the last few giveaways are:

33 Miles CDsBritiney (Comment #23) and Lisa (Comment #30)! Congratulations!

The winner of the Sally Clarkson book is Natalie (Comment #143).

The winner of the JJ Heller CD is Emily (comment #103).

Action Begets Action

Why do I want you to Twitter, Facebook, Blog or Comment about the actions you taken in the past couple of weeks? …because action begets action. The things you’ve done WILL inspire others. And, well, that’s kind of what this blog is all about.

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