Mom-iversity Syllabus and Course Instructions – or something like that.

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Giant AtriumRandom side note:

Have you ever said/written a word so much, that it it doesn’t sound/look right anymore?

Syllabus. Syllabus. Syllabus.

Looks weird, doesn’t it? Or maybe I’m just weird?

Don’t answer that.

Moving On

Here’s the syllabus for Mom-iversity. Now to clarify what Mom-iversity (click here for the first post about Mom-iversity) is all about here are a couple notes:

1. Mom-iversity is all about you. You’ll pick the topic you want to study. You’ll pick the book, blog series, audio series or whatever resource you think will be helpful for you. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this list of resources.

Use the syllabus to identify your topic, schedule your “class” times, pick your resource, select a mentor and keep track of your progress.

(Just to make it clear, I’m not “teaching” anything. I’m just coordinating it and leading us all through the process.)

2. Mom-iversity is all about us. Each Saturday, I’ll post a Mom-iversity entry. I’ll share the BEST nugget of wisdom that I learned that week and I’ll invite you to do the same.

Just one nugget. One simple truth. We will all be able learn from one another. I’m SO excited to read all the comments. What a wonderful resource we’ll have!

Also, I think I’ll be using Blog Frog (widget over there on the right sidebar) to facilitate any extra discussion, encouragement, questions and just have a place for us all to chat and get to know each other. I’m using BlogFrog instead of Facebook because several readers mentioned that do not want Facebook accounts but would like to participate. Starting a BlogFrog account is much more simple and less addicting than FB, so unless there are massive protests, go sign up for your BlogFrog account and introduce yourself.

I may throw in some goodies, like giveaways or class “socials”, guest lecturers and other fun stuff.

2. Mom-iversity is all about them. More than visitors need a clean home or a nice dinner, more than bosses need good work, more than we need to watch our favorite show, our children need our best effort.

Maybe our best effort right now is reading for 5 minutes a week. AWESOME! That’s progress.

3. Mom-iversity is about Him. Before each of your study sessions, I encourage you to spend a few minutes praying that He’d give you wisdom from what you study and insight into your children. What do they need? What does He want you to do, teach, say or pray?

I Challenge You To Be Rebellious

We naturally want to consume things in nice tidy portions. Read a chapter a day. Finish a book this month. Listen to a teaching CD each week.

As you plan your Mom-iversity course, I challenge you to rebel against that tendency. Don’t let some author you’ve never met determine your level of stress for the month. Don’t let a speaker keep you up late with their long winded explanations.

You decide how much time you have to study.

It might be each day. It might be once a week. It might be 5 hours. It might be 5 minutes.

Anything done faithfully will grow.

As you fill out your syllabus, keep it simple, keep it realistic and keep it doable.

It won’t do you any good if you end up feeling overwhelmed and quit.


This is where you groan and say, “Homework? Already? Class hasn’t even started yet? Doooo I haaaave to?” Go ahead, say it. It’s kinda fun.

Ok. Now that that’s out of your system, here’s what you need to do before class starts on Saturday.

1. Download and print the syllabus.
2. Fill out the syllabus.
3. (Optional – but I’d LOVE to chat with you.) Sign up for BlogFrog so you can join in the extra discussions.

Got it? Good. Class dismissed.

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