Let The Revolution Begin

By September 9, 2010Get Inspired

A few weeks ago we talked about revolution. Sounds like such a grand thing doesn’t it?

REVOLUTION!!! It makes us want to pump our fists, let out a war cry and change the world.

But that’s not how revolutions start.
They start with discontent. They start with hope for something better. They start with quiet whispers in back rooms. They start with one person. Then two. Then three…

Revolutions don’t start with our fists, they start with our hearts and minds. They don’t start with war, they start with words of wisdom and truth.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing a few simple things that I hope will help you start a revolution in your life.

The first item is something I’m calling, “Mom-iversity” – because nothing screams Revolution like a really cheesy name. But it’s catchy, expresses the concept succinctly and I’m sticking with it.

What is Mom-iversity

But, really, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Mom-iversity? A place where we could learn the art of mothering from experienced professors? We could study for hours about things like**:

1. How to turn correction times into learning experiences.
2. How to equip your children to accept responsibility for their mistakes.
3. How to look for ways to meet with your children through love and emotional connectedness.
4. What discipline strategies work best for my child’s temperament?
5. Mastering leadership skills for mothers.

**Topics taken directly from the backs of several of the parenting books on my desk.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to study with a class full of other moms who are in the same season and striving to be excellent mothers as well? To bounce ideas off each other and share useful advice?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an organized plan of learning? To proactively pursue excellence in motherhood instead of reactively trying to find solutions to problems and pitfalls?

I Need A Plan…Do You?

Honestly, I think the best part would just be the accountability of HAVING to consistently work at being a better mother. Its just so easy for me to put down the parenting book and check Twitter instead. My kids aren’t going to ask. They’re not going to check up on my progress.

I’m a terrible book reader. I’ve started a million and finished 7. Ok. Maybe 8. Perhaps it’s a residual effect of my college world history class, but whenever I read a paper book, my eyes glaze over and I slowly nod off.

I need help. I need a plan. I thought maybe you might too.

Mom-iversity Schedule

It all happens next week. Here’s the schedule:
Tuesday – My brilliant friend Christa Wells will be sharing her thoughts on wisdom and bringing some inspiration your way.
Wednesday – I’ll share some tools and practical tips on creating your own Mom-iversity course.
Thursday – Giving away a free form. I know, get excited, right? Who doesn’t love forms? Thursday, we’ll each create a “syllabus” of the things we’d want to learn and develop a simple plan to reach those goals.


Starting in October, we’ll get a little more official and I’ll ask you to:
1. Register for classes – which is really just a fancy way to say that you want to officially participate in Mom-iversity for the month.
2. Break down your syllabus – into something you can accomplish that month
3. Check in – weekly on Facebook.
4. Recap – at the end of the month on the blog.

Everyone who successfully completes their Mom-iversity goals for the month will be awarded a prize (tba).

Oh, and as an added incentive, next week’s Motivation Monday giveaway will be MASSIVE. It’s worth over $200! Be sure to check back on Monday (or just subscribe) to learn more about Mom-iversity and find out what the incredible giveaway is…

(If you’re interested in Mom-iversity, please leave a shout out in the comments. Having a general number will help me secure a great prize for all you “graduates.”)

Let the revolution begin.

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